Modern, High Velocity Application Delivery

Today’s organizations are challenged to be the first to market with ‘The Next Big Thing’. They must innovate with new and unique services to satisfy customer demands and differentiate themselves in the marketplace. Software drives that innovation and has turned every organization into a software organization.

This Executive Brief describes how the efficient collaboration between the development and IT operations teams can bring high-quality applications to market as quickly as possible.

The CA Application Delivery suite helps organizations achieve collaborative DevOps through innovative technology tools used to:

Accelerate application development by removing constraints with CA LISA® Service Virtualization. Expedite release time with CA LISA® Release Automation. Improve application testing and quality with CA LISA® Pathfinder.

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DevOps: The Worst-Kept Secret to Winning in the Application Economy

The application economy is motivating leaders to make critical changes across IT and the business, one of the most significant being the adoption of DevOps. For enterprise IT organizations hoping to drive the technology strategy across the business and provide customers with higher-quality software, faster, DevOps—with its focus on collaboration across IT domains from development to delivery—is increasingly the answer.
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DevOps: Enterprise Organizations Newest Best Practices

DevOps practices are expanding beyond the realm of unicorn start-ups, making their way into the enterprise as large organizations look for faster, more efficient and reliable ways to get code from commit to customer. We recently sponsored a research study surveying 1,425 enterprise IT and business executives from around the world to learn more about their DevOps plans, practices and expectations. Register now to read the report.
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Common Pitfalls in Process Optimization

Process optimization is “the discipline of adjusting a process so as to optimize some specified set of parameters without violating some constraint” and should always links back to the heart of the business strategy. The optimization efforts should strengthen the reason of existence of a company, and lead to cost minimization, output maximization, or both.

There are 5 common pitfalls to avoid when engaging in process optimization:

1. Unclear start and finish of the process optimization project

2. Using the wrong key performance indicators

3. Lack of ownership and support throughout the organization

4. Not embedding process changes

5. Lack of execution Edition.

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Mobility in Financial Services: A Checklist Towards Regulatory Compliance

Like business leaders in every industry, decision makers in Financial Services (FS) organizations are increasingly turning to mobility to deliver on strategic objectives. They understand that mobilizing business processes can help improve customer satisfaction and response times; boost employee productivity; increase competitive advantage, and much more.

Most CIOs in these industries want nothing more than to help their line-of-business colleagues uncover new opportunities for growth.

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Best Practices in Cross-Platform MAM

As the idea of comprehensive Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) has taken shape, organizations are increasingly enabling the kind of true mobility their employees have been clamoring for – and apps are a driving force.

For businesses, the ability to make this sort of mobility a reality for users has a lot to do with new developments in technology: advances not just in Mobile Device Management (MDM), but in Mobile App Management (MAM), Mobile Content Management (MCM) and security. MDM systems manage the basic configuration of device settings, access parameters, and policies/controls. MAM and MCM are software and services that can control how apps and content are accessed and used inside and outside of the office.

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DevOps Webinar Series: Operate with Efficiency

Date/Time: March 3rd, 3pm AEDT | 5pm NZDT

In this session, we will look at how you can achieve service levels with better visibility and continuous feedback across the entire software lifecycle. Gather visual evidence to understand the full context of your web or mobile users' experience, and then analyse their behaviour and pinpoint their struggles so you can prioritize improvements.

We will further examine how your organisation can manage and optimise application and infrastructure performance in traditional IT, virtualized, cloud, and hybrid environments while having the visibility, control, and automation you need to manage complex and interdependent applications.

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DevOps Webinar Series: Release and Deployment Solutions

Date/Time: February 17th, 3pm AEDT | 5pm NZDT

In this session of our Devops Webcast Series we will cover how our Release and Deployment Solutions enable greater speed and frequency for the delivery of complex mobile, cloud, web-based and traditional applications with reduced cost and risk and increased quality.

See how these solutions can drive down costs and eliminate waste while increasing speed to market through repeatable deployment processes. In addition we will show how we can reduce risk by delivering higher quality application releases with increased compliance and transparent end-to-end processes.

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Mobile App Agility: What Matters Most to Today’s Development and Operations Teams

What’s the biggest challenge that mobility presents to development teams? What’s the biggest focus? This Slashdot Pulse paper presents the results of a recent Pulse poll that looks into what’s top of mind for today’s mobile app development teams, such as the categories of apps that are gaining popularity, how to get feedback that speeds fixes and improvements to the field and the “next big thing” in mobile development.
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Development in Motion: Wrangling the Moving Targets of Hybrid Cloud and Multiple Mobile Platforms

The evolution of IT infrastructure is no more evident than in the development teams that must provide access and linkage to the growing number of apps--in-house, packaged, and SaaS--that comprise today's infrastructure. This Pulse discusses the results of a recent Slashdot Media survey that looks at the challenges facing developers today, how the primary development target is evolving, and how strategies are changing to embrace public, private, and hybrid-Cloud models. Respondents to the survey were asked four questions regarding their challenges in development and their needs regarding infrastructure and PaaS. Download now to view the results.
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SWOT Assessment: Flexera Software, FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises 2014

In today's economic climate, there is significant pressure on CIOs to control costs and reduce risks while finding ways to fund new business initiatives. Software is a strategic asset that is typically under-managed in most organizations. It should therefore be a priority for CIOs to find ways to automate and optimize software asset management in order to uncover cost savings and minimize license liability risk.
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Software Budgets, Waste & Shifts in Software Licensing

The 2013-14 Key trends in Software Pricing and Licensing survey was conducted by Flexera Software with input from IDC’s Software Pricing and Licensing Research division under the direction of Amy Konary, research vice president - software licensing and provisioning at IDC. This annual research project looks at software licensing, pricing and enforcement trends and best practices. The survey reaches out to executives at application producers (Software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers) and enterprises who use and manage software and devices. Now in its ninth year, the survey is made available to the industry at large each year.
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Mobile Development for 2015: Challenges Enterprises Must Solve Now

A recent survey conducted by Slashdot Media asked mobile developers four key questions that look into the most pressing challenges they face today, how their development approach is changing, which mobile platforms are taking the forefront in the coming years, and how they are ensuring that their apps will meet the quality standards that users demand. Register now to see the results of the survey.
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