Five Reasons why Endpoints With OneDrive Need Third-Party Data Protection

With the expansion of remote workforces, protecting your organization’s endpoint data has become a key IT priority. However relying solely on Microsoft OneDrive for endpoint backup and restore capabilities is likely insufficient. It’s time to consider a third-party cloud data protection solution that is purpose-built to reliably protect your organization’s data, ensuring that it’s always on and always safe.

Read this eBook to learn how to:

  • Prepare for departing employees and prevent insider threats.
  • Safeguard data from device loss, theft, and corruption.
  • Recover accidentally lost intellectual property.
  • Prevent ransomware attacks.
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Comprehensive Office 365 Backup

Many organizations are adopting Microsoft’s highly successful Office 365 productivity and collaboration suite of tools in the cloud. But not all of them realize the inherent data risks that must be addressed to ensure ongoing end-user productivity and to safeguard intellectual property.

Further, data protection responsibility for Office 365 falls squarely on the customer’s shoulders, as stated by Microsoft in their Services Agreement, “We recommend that you regularly backup your content and data that you store on the services or store using third-party apps and services”.

Because of Microsoft’s shared responsibility model, the most prudent course of action for organizations is to protect their Office 365 data by using a dedicated third-party solution.

Download the eBook and learn more how to Protect your workforce productivity and IP — address critical data protection gaps in Office 365.

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Reduce Costs and Increase Business Resilience With Our Limited Time Offer

Managing a data center was never without hurdles; unfortunately, the recent health pandemic has only added to them. Limited or no remote access to your data center severely impacts your ability to maintain and upgrade data protection hardware. And now you are being asked to reduce costs.

In response, organizations like yours are accelerating their journey to the cloud for cybersecurity, data protection and disaster recovery. Partner with Druva and enjoy these benefits:

  • No risk of migrating to the cloud with Druva’s established SaaS platform.
  • No hardware costs and constraints — we are built on AWS.
  • The strongest ransomware protection available today with immutable backups and zero-trust architecture.
  • Reduced infrastructure management and improved business resilience.
  • We are here to help you migrate to the cloud and stay protected.

    If you purchase 12 months of our data center backup, you’ll get up to the first 6 months free.

    Simply complete the registration form and we will contact you shortly.

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2020 Paper: Reducing Image Hide & Seek

Most marketers and designers spend a lot of time (too much, in fact) searching for images, videos, design files, and more.

Research by Nuxeo has shown that on average people spend just under an hour every working day just looking for content assets associated with their job. In 60% of the cases where an asset can’t be found, it will be recreated. Both the time wasted looking for assets and the time and materials invested in recreating assets can add up and have a considerable impact on an enterprise’s operating costs. We’ve heard estimates of as much as $30,000 to $50,000 for each asset that needs to be recreated.

Download this paper to learn how artificial intelligence and machine learning can reduce tedious manual tagging whileincreasing search effectiveness.

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Powering your Content with AI

With artificial intelligence (AI) now becoming one of the hottest topics in technology, we are at an unprecedented time in the area of information management and, in particular, Content Services. Never has a particular technology held so much promise and, yet so much hype and misunderstanding.

This guide provides information on:

  • how public cloud AI services enable better access to critical information
  • the differences between generic and custom machine learning models
  • how AI is used for enrichment, automation, and insight.

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IT Security Can Support The Health Of A Business and Sharpen Its Competitive Edge

Pervasive, stringent cybersecurity that also supports productivity goals is achievable. More than just an essential function, IT security can help companies differentiate themselves from their competition and boost their reputations. Mid-market businesses can benefit from Dell Technologies solutions that protect all of IT, including devices, data, and datacenters, on-premises and in the cloud.

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The Balanced Security Imperative

Balanced security requires firms to transition from treating privacy and data security as compliance requirements to one that champions privacy and uses its technology prowess to differentiate the brand. Any misstep with or changes to the IT infrastructure can and will exacerbate complexity, which is why building a balanced security strategy is so important. A balanced security strategy negates complexity by keeping up with the pace of technological change as well as industry disruption and evolving regulatory compliance. In March 2019, Dell commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the evolving security trends and technology needed to protect and enable employees. Our study found that empowering employees while adhering to security protocols improves employee productivity. Forrester conducted an online survey of 887 senior business and IT decision makers to explore this topic.

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End-to-End Security Solutions for Mid-Market Businesses

In a digital business, processes are rarely, if ever, confined to the infrastructure of the company. Customers and employees engage across numerous digital channels and dozens of third-party relationships critical to operations. IT leaders must rapidly evolve to protect their firms’ brands, strengthen their reputations, and build customer trust. To do so, security and productivity should go hand-in-hand, and that means a well-defined policy framework, metrics that demonstrate business value, and a business-aligned strategy that ties all this together.

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Managing Security Risk And Compliance In A Challenging Landscape

Security leaders have been in front of boards and executive committees long enough to know that security metrics that simply portray statistics from monitoring tools, or count the number of malware attacks, have relatively no value for those executives who drive corporate strategy and budgets. Protecting sensitive data of the company, the employees, and their customers isn’t just a compliance obligation. It is a business imperative. Managing the security of the business is no easy task. Today’s security environment is becoming more complex and difficult to manage. Businesses are struggling to source talented employees. This is exactly why working alongside the right technology partners will help push security, risk, and compliance objectives forward.

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Transforming Business in the Mid-Market: A Guide for Engaging with Customers

Driving growth in the face of increased competition and tighter margins is a challenge for businesses that need to cost effectively acquire new customers while retaining existing ones. And while mid-market firms widely accept that technology is critical to achieving this goal, the key is figuring out how to best use it to drive competitive value through customer relationships.

Download this paper from Dell Technologies and Intel® to learn more.

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Transforming Business in the Mid-Market: A Guide for Stimulating Innovation and Improving Quality

Businesses must continuously focus on driving growth and retaining existing customers. Growth is mainly dependent on the ability to innovate and bring new offerings to market, while customer retention requires building consistent positive experiences. In today's continuous economy, opportunities need to be identified and acted upon quickly, but this can be challenging when facing resource constraints and limited scalability.

Download this paper from Dell Technologies and Intel® to learn more.

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Transforming Business in the Mid-Market: A Guide to Driving Productivity

Scaling your business leads to revenue growth and opportunity, but did you know that focusing on productivity can build a competitive advantage? In a successful environment, business leaders can analyze insights and apply them to situations where they create the most benefit. Additionally, employees can call on resources whenever and wherever needed—they use tools that help them stay in sync with customers and ahead of the competition.

Download this paper from Dell Technologies and Intel® to learn more.

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Transforming Business in the Mid-Market: A Guide to Increasing Profitability

Businesses can leverage IT resources, both people and equipment, to drive down costs and increases profitability. To succeed, they will need to make the most of internal skills and allow IT staff to focus on activities with the highest payback. They will also need an infrastructure strategy that scales to meet the needs of the future, making sure that new demands don’t mean the end of effective cost management.

Download this paper from Dell Technologies and Intel® to learn more.

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Six Industry Peers Share Their Endpoint Backup Use Cases

As an industry leader, Druva helps simplify endpoint backup by enabling automated cloud backup and ensuring business continuity.

Read this eBook to hear how industry experts overcame their IT challenges and realized immediate cost savings plus business value with Druva.

Featured case studies include: National Cancer Institute, Integreon, Angelo State University, American Cancer Society, Allergan, and Queensland Brain Institute.

Find out why Druva’s award winning cloud backup solution is trusted by leading organizations across the globe — ensuring that your data is always on, always safe.

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Avoid Office 365 Data Loss – 5 Reasons Why You Need A Third-Party Backup Solution

Office 365 provides great productivity benefits with the scalability and efficiency of the cloud. But it is not designed to provide full-featured backup, archiving, and compliance capabilities.

Download this new eBook to learn the top reasons why your Office 365 data is at risk and how your organization can mitigate these risks:

  • Office 365 data is prone to user error.
  • Ransomware prevention is not enough.
  • Data retention gaps risk non-compliance.
  • eDiscovery and legal hold functionality falls short.
  • Internal threats increase data risk.

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