Rethink Data Protection For The Cloud

Protecting business data and ensuring continuity are top-of-mind priorities for IT professionals as their organizations navigate the new normal of working remotely. Cloud data protection offers the reliability, flexibility, and cost savings that organizations need to adapt quickly.

How flexible and resilient is your data center backup and disaster recovery solution? Are you able to protect and manage your workloads in a data center as well as remote offices from a centralized platform - while ensuring security and compliance with local regulations?

Join this webinar with our solution experts to learn how you can:

  • Enable cloud backup and disaster recovery, allowing IT to adapt and respond quickly.
  • Minimize the risk of data loss from ransomware attacks with a cloud-first approach.
  • Find significant cost savings today - with up to 50% lower TCO.
  • Meet long-term, multi-year retention requirements without complexity or unpredictable costs.

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How To Design An Effective Disaster Recovery Plan; Best practices, Tools and Templates

Cybersecurity Ventures predicts cybercrime damages will cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021. They also project cybercrime “will be more profitable than the global trade of all major illegal drugs combined.” In such a climate, an attack is not a matter of if, but when. That’s why a solid cloud disaster recovery (DR) plan is a must for your company’s data protection strategy.

Sooner or later, disaster will strike — but you can be prepared!

Read our white paper, “Building an innovative cloud disaster recovery plan,” and learn about:

  • Emerging methods for implementing a DR strategy.
  • The advantages of cloud backup and disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS).
  • Essential requirements for effective DRaaS.
  • Designing an effective plan.
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    Data Security for the Way People Work

    Data security is at the top of the priority list for most organizations, as well it should be. Threats have never been more numerous, more varied or more dangerous. Phishing attacks, malware, ransomware, BIOS attacks and advanced persistent threats (APTs) are multiplying relentlessly (see sidebar). The dangers of data loss, extortion and identity theft are real. The global average cost of a data breach is $3.62 million USD, according to Ponemon Institute.

    In this challenging climate, IT leaders must implement security strategies that keep data safe while enabling productivity and collaboration without compromising the user experience. Security policies and solutions that are cumbersome, such as complex and arduous authentication methods or lengthy virus scans, will discourage employees from using their devices – or will lead them to circumvent the security measures entirely. In fact, 41% of employees say they will go around security methods that get in their way.

    Download this paper from Dell Technologies and Intel® to learn how a single partner with a broad portfolio of security products can streamline your process.

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    PC-as-a-Service: Unlocking New IT Capabilities To Improve Employee Experience

    For many businesses having a good workforce experience leads to higher levels of employee productivity and operational efficiency. In order to improve workforce experiences, organizations can adopt the PC-as-a-Service (PCaaS) model to offload cumbersome and time-intensive tasks from employees. This Forrester spotlight evaluates the effectiveness of PCaaS and looks at how PCaaS can improve workforce experience.

    Learn more about solutions from Dell Technologies and Intel®.

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    Getting Buy-In for IT Security Initiatives in Your Organization

    Mid-market businesses are increasingly the targets of cyber attacks, with their adversaries regarding them as soft targets. That perspective stems from the realities on the ground, where these companies lack the large, dedicated security teams that are common in enterprises. Mid-market businesses also typically lack the sophisticated internal security systems and controls present at larger organizations to ward off threats.

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    Managing Security Risk And Compliance In A Challenging Landscape (updated)

    Security leaders have been in front of boards and executive committees long enough to know that security metrics that simply portray statistics from monitoring tools, or count the number of malware attacks, have relatively no value for those executives who drive corporate strategy and budgets. Protecting sensitive data of the company, the employees, and their customers isn’t just a compliance obligation. It is a business imperative. Managing the security of the business is no easy task. Today’s security environment is becoming more complex and difficult to manage. Businesses are struggling to source talented employees. This is exactly why working alongside the right technology partners will help push security, risk, and compliance objectives forward.

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    What Does End-to-End Security Mean for Your Business?

    As cyber-attacks become more sophisticated, varied, and frequent, mid-market businesses find that they need enterprise-grade protection. At the same time, staff and budget constraints compared to enterprises make it challenging to secure their environments adequately. The threats they face against their operations and assets range from phishing and ransomware to physical theft or loss of devices, covert crypto-mining, denial of service, advanced persistent threats, and many others.

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    Radical simplicity. Radical pricing.

    It’s well-known by IT leaders that cloud backup offers simplicity, ease-of-use, and significant pricing advantages over on-premises data backup. Delivered as-a-Service and deployed in as little as 15 minutes, Druva can safeguard your organization’s data with a secure and centralized cloud backup and recovery solution to prevent accidental or malicious data loss, as well as ransomware attacks.

    For a limited time, purchase one-year of Druva Phoenix Enterprise or Druva inSync Cloud Elite backup service and you will get two months free*. This is in addition to the up to 50% TCO savings you already get for moving your data backup to the cloud. Say goodbye to hardware, software, and upgrade/patches complexity.

    It’s time to make a change! Contact us today.

    *Get two-months free of Druva Phoenix Enterprise or Druva inSync Cloud Elite with a one-year purchase of service. Offer valid for 12 consecutive months purchase of Phoenix Enterprise (with no rollover for free credits) and inSync Cloud Elite (with unlimited add-on and no rollover for free credits) only. Offer is limited to first time Druva customers only. It may not be combined with other offers. Offer subject to change or cancellation without notice. Void where prohibited. Offer expires on March 31, 2020.

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    Moving to SaaS – Better Data Protection at 50% of the TCO

    The IT world is transforming from on-premises hardware and software to cloud computing and infrastructure. SaaS solutions such as Salesforce led the way, but cloud infrastructure and platforms (IaaS / PaaS) have been gaining strong adoption as well. Why? Because they eliminate or reduce the cost and complexity of maintaining on-premises infrastructure.

    Data protection is a prime service to move to a cloud-native architecture, and the TCO savings of moving to the cloud are astounding. In addition, a cloud-native solution like Druva enables you to harness the value of your data through streamlined governance, improved compliance, increased visibility and better decision making.

    Join us to discuss:

    • Why data protection is your next SaaS transformation.
    • Core benefits of SaaS data protection: simplicity, savings, scalability and security.
    • How cloud-based data protection provides customers with up to 50% lower TCO.
    • Insights into how you can do more with your backup data - no restore analytics and more.

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    Leverage Open-Source Benefits With The Assurance of Hitachi Vantara

    To drive big data innovation, Hitachi Vantara offers two flavors of Pentaho : Pentaho Enterprise Edition, which is commercially supported, and Pentaho Community Edition, our contribution to the open source movement. Both offerings are built on the same core platform. However, there are major differences between the two, which impact how best to integrate Pentaho into your big data strategy, including features, packaging and support services.

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    Six Keys to Maximizing Big Data Benefits and Project Success

    Big data is about changing the status quo for established organizations and fueling the growth of new and disruptive businesses. Big data projects focus on enabling analysis of and interaction with new types and combinations of data at a far greater scale than has been possible with traditional enterprise business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing systems.

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    Bundespolizei Advances Germany’s Public Safety

    Bundespolizei is part of Germany’s Federal Ministry of the Interior and employs 41,000 citizens. Bundespolizei oversees air control, air safety, rail patrol, border patrol, crime reduction throughout Germany and patrol of their waters. In addition to their responsibilities within Germany, they work worldwide with other police agencies within the European Union and neighboring countries.

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    The Definitive Guide to Enterprise Data Backup and Recovery Architectures

    Modern data environments are distributed with endpoint, data center, and cloud workloads. On-premises data protection has not kept pace — while the cloud offers less expensive and more scalable solutions that are significantly easier to manage and maintain.

    Download this eBook and learn:

    • The important differences between on-premises, hybrid, hosted, and cloud-native data protection and management solutions
    • The ABCs of recovery time objectives (RTOs) in the cloud
    • How cloud reliability has increased with improved physical security, continuous monitoring, frequent security audits, and new compliance measures
    • Questions for finding the right cloud data protection strategy

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