Managing Storage in Virtualized and Cloud Environments

Unparalleled growth. It's hard to find two words that better describe what's happening today in the world of digital storage and virtualization. In an industry report on storage growth released in December, research firm IDC predicted the amount of storage deployed will more than double every two years, reaching over 40,000 Exabytes by the end of the decade. Growth is just one part of the puzzle. Major changes for storage deployment are taking place today and perhaps the most prominent of which is the move to the cloud. What are the latest technology trends having impact on this dynamic marketplace? This whitepaper will give insight in a number of areas, including; A contextual look at the evolution and history of virtualized storage in the enterprise; A breakdown of current market forces and trends impacting the industry; Details and overview of major offerings and solutions from the top vendors in virtualized storage today.
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Real Time Compression Advances Storage Optimization

It should come as no surprise that storage budgets are constantly under pressure from opposing forces: On one hand, economic forces are pushing budgets to either stay flat or in many cases shrink as a percentage of a company's revenue. On the other hand, the infrastructure struggles to keep up with the pace of data growth, pressured by many variables, both social and economic. Businesses have no choice but to acclimate their storage infrastructure to the unprecedented levels at which data is growing.
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A Comparison of IBM’s Flex System Environments to Traditional Blade Architectures

In this Research Report, Clabby Analytics takes a closer look at IBM's Flex System converged architecture. The new Flex System's advanced blade offering shines compared to its closest rival: traditional blade architecture. Flex System offers superior manageability, faster communications, more storage capacity (using up to eight internal solid state drives SSDs per compute node) and better storage management - as well as broader/better physical/virtual system management - than all of today's leading blade competitors.
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Three Ways to Improve Your Data Storage Capabilities

Storage is at the heart of any data center application. Whether you're managing hundreds of virtual machine images or millions of records, you need to be able to save, search for, and retrieve that data in the optimal amount of time. This guide will detail storage strategies that will help you gain access to high-speed Flash storage, and bring it into your data center, regardless of the size of your operation. We'll explore how you can manage your storage needs, optimize storage performance, and do so while saving money at the same time.
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NetApp SAN performance and Clustered ONTAP

Storage systems today must match agility with diversified I/O performance to satisfy an enterprise's changing needs. In their review, Silverton Consulting ranks the NetApp FAS6240 Clustered SAN, as an Enterprise OLTP "Champion of Champions". Read the results of their benchmark testing and the features that impressed them the most.
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Maximizing Private Cloud Benefits with an Efficient Storage Foundation

How can you make sure that your private cloud is agile, responsive, and efficient? NetApp offers private cloud technology that aligns with the following recommendations from Enterprise Strategy Group:

-Optimize storage to fully realize the benefits of server virtualization and private cloud

-Treat storage efficiency as a strategic opportunity to hone and improve the overall cloud environment

-Use techniques such as deduplication and compression to expand the available capacity of a private cloud

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Delivering Worry-Free Storage

For small and midsize businesses, the challenge of building an IT storage infrastructure that is both effective and affordable can be daunting. The amount of information these organizations need to store is constantly increasing, while IT budgets are staying the same, or possibly even shrinking. IT managers will most likely find themselves having to do more with less. Learn how IBM's new features for
low-end storage systems can increase efficiency, protect the data storage environment and drive a lower total cost of ownership.
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Addressing The Small and Midsized Business Storage Challenge

As small and midsize businesses (SMBs) struggle with the challenge of managing more data with fewer resources and limited budget, the industry has responded with storage solutions that are either too small (low functionality and hard to deploy and manage) or too big (high capacity and performance with a high price tag). SMBs need the same storage services that the enterprise data center has become accustomed to but in a smaller, less expensive and easier to use package. IBM is announcing a new generation of storage systems that is designed specifically for small and midsize businesses: the IBM® Storwize® V3700 system, delivering efficient enterprise-level data services to the SMB market at an affordable price.
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Workload Optimized, Pre-Integrated Server/Storage

In this Advisory, Clabby Analytics takes a closer look at a class of servers known as pre integrated servers. These types of servers are usually assembled by information systems vendors that have deep system/subsystem knowledge, giving them the ability to highly integrate a systems central processing unit (CPU) with underlying subsystems (memory, storage, input/output [I/O]). The end result of this deep integration is an extremely high performance system design upon which a variety of workloads can be mounted.
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Transitioning Business Continuity To The Cloud

In the past, server, storage and data center redundancy were the only options that met corporate resilience objectives. Read this white paper to gain an understanding of the resiliency challenges facing organizations today and how you can transition to cloud-based resiliency.
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Achieve Business Agility Alongside Cost Savings with Innovative Server-Class Storage Technologies

It’s no secret that the volume of data generated by today’s business organizations is escalating dramatically as time passes. With an eye on business agility and continuity, this webcast shines a light on how innovative storage technologies like Iomega’s StorCenter px Server-Class Series of network storage solutions can help IT managers maximize operational efficiencies, enable seamless scalability, ensure reliable and secure backup and access to data, and keep costs under control.
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EMC VNXe3150: Winning Storage Simplicity

Enterprises do not have to be huge to experience the pain of unbridled information growth and the impact of server virtualization on storage requirements. As a result, many businesses are turning to shared storage in the form of unified storage to meet their storage needs.
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