Free Hyper-V Backup

Windows Server 2012 gives small organizations an easy way to adopt virtualization and its cost-saving benefits. The next step for SMBs is to protect their critical data from software or hardware disasters. Veeam Backup™ Free Edition helps small business start with virtual backup and protect their Microsoft Hyper-V workloads for free.
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The Top 5 Requirements of a Next Generation Storage Network Architecture

This document dives into the five key requirements that enterprises of all sizes should consider when upgrading their storage networking architecture to consider that infrastructure worthy of the label "next generation". It looks at the speed, bandwidth, control, visibility, scalability and reliability minimums that must be met to ensure compatibility with tomorrow's networking and storage demands in the age of cloud and big data. IT Planners need to understand the essential requirements of a storage network architecture so they can choose between an IP protocol based on 10Gb Ethernet, like NFS or iSCSI or 16 Gbps Gen 5 Fibre Channel with 100% backward compatibility to prior generations.
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Is Your SAN Architecture Ready For Flash?

This white paper looks at how flash based storage, whether it is added to an existing hard drive system or a dedicated flash array, can enable data centers to attain a greater ROI on virtualization and database application infrastructure. It looks at the ways flash supports higher levels of density, more virtual machines per host and more users per database instance, and the weaknesses exposed by a near-zero latency storage architecture to the limitations of legacy IP and Fibre Channel storage architectures.
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Health Check Tool – Is Your Storage Network Infrastructure Efficient?

Is your storage network infrastructure running at its peak efficiency? The Brocade SAN Health Diagnostics Capture gives you an easy, accurate, and FREE check-up on the vital statistics of your SAN fabrics and associated multi-vendor components - including switch, topology, and performance benchmarks, allowing you to take inventory of devices, switches, firmware versions, and SAN fabrics. You can capture and display historical port data, compare your zoning and switch configurations with industry best practices, and assess performance statistics while generating detailed reports and diagrams.
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The Cost of Maintaining the Storage Network Status Quo

What drives storage upgrades? Typically, it has been the obsolescence of the prior architecture. The move to Gen 5, however, may be driven by the adoption of solid-state drives (SSDs) and the desire to quickly take advantage of these assets. This document looks at the implications of new storage technologies on the enterprise network, and how increasingly performant servers are driving the need for ever increasing levels of network performance, even if it breaks the traditional price-performance curves.
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ESG: The IBM FlashSystem 840: Technical Evolution to Deliver Business Value

Although solid-state in various forms has been a specialist storage technology since the late 1970s, it shed its "niche" moniker for good in 2008. Enterprise-ready flash - fast, not astronomically expensive, and versatile - had arrived, and its maturation allowed storage vendors to begin packaging the technology in ways that could directly improve not only their customers' IT efficiency, but also their business effectiveness.

In this whitepaper, you will learn how this high-speed storage technology has tremendous potential to support I/O-intensive and/or latency-sensitive applications. Discover how a well-chosen, well-implemented flash-based system can have positive effects such as faster response times, lower TCO, smaller data center footprint, or speedier or more frequent application updating.

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Storage: Economics Remains Crucial

IT managers and industry experts talk a lot about performance and capacity, but those are often only replacement terms for the real issue: economics. Storage decisions are only necessary because of economics -- otherwise all data would be stored in main memory. With the data avalanche always looming and growing, two key trends are critical: simply storing less, and then tiering or caching what is ultimately stored.
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Simplify and consolidate data protection for better business results

Is your storage management solution making your life easier or more difficult? In a world where 32 percent of IT budgets are eaten up by labor costs, storage is one of the main culprits: today's storage solutions often require additional expert administration due to their complexity and the sheer volume of data being handled. With the right storage management solution in place, you can take steps to manage complexity and free up more of your budget to go where it's really needed. IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Operations Center is a next-generation graphical user interface that provides advanced visualization, built-in analytics, and integrated workflow automation features that leapfrog traditional backup user interfaces, dramatically simplifying the backup administration process.
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Remove IT Constraints with Clustered, Scale-out Storage

IT teams are working harder than ever in the face of massive data growth, complex operations, and time and budget constraints. Access this white paper to discover an operating system that addresses the limitations of traditional approaches to IT, removing IT constraints and allowing you to respond to business demands more readily.
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10 Ways the Right Reference Architecture Can Boost Business Performance

With the growing demand for faster business applications and the rapid spread of technology trends, computing performance has never been more important. The challenges for midsize businesses are even greater. With fewer resources, IT teams in midmarket organizations need to be able to deliver mission-critical applications at full-horsepower. They also need to do more with less-more computing power with fewer servers, smaller teams and leaner budgets. This IT Managers' Journal delivers 10 Ways managers in midsize organizations can deliver more computing power. Topics covered include Linux servers, IBM Power Systems, SAP applications, a real-world case study showcasing the benefits of replacing underperforming servers, Big Data, server management techniques and more. Download this exclusive IT Managers' Journal and learn how to get more out of your data centers today.
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