Visa Case Study

Visa needed a reliable solution to manage and update product content for 300,000 worldwide merchants depending on Visa Checkout. The solution Visa chose is the Qordoba Strings Intelligence Platform.

Visa Inc. is one of the world’s largest financial services corporations. It facilitates electronic funds transfers throughout the world. Visa’s global network processes over 100 billion transactions with a total volume over $8 trillion annually.

In 2013 Visa launched Visa Checkout, an online payment system that removes the need to share card details with retailers. The Visa Checkout service allows users to enter all their personal details and card information, then use a single username and password to make purchases from online retailers. The service accepts credit, debit, and prepaid cards of all major payment networks.

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Strings Management Manifesto

The effect of text strings on the User Experience is undeniable, but not many companies have the time or resources to spend on perfecting UI content. When the responsibility to write, edit and update text strings falls on engineers, it is tough to spend adequate time on content strategy and optimization - not to mention the drain on already time-constrained developers. The ideal solution is one that enables both engineers to manage strings more effectively and non-technical product team members to manage them without reliance on developers. Learn how to centrally manage your strings, automate UI content updates and elevate your product content with the help of AI and emotional tone analysis.

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You Had me at Hello

How big of an effect do the words in your UI have on your users? Is the effect positive or negative, does it encourage engagement and continued use or cause frustration and dismissal? If the words in your product aren’t yet a priority, they should be. Words are four times more likely to convert a user to action than design elements, but the effort required to make even simple UI content changes prevents most companies from digging in and spending time on this critical driver of UX. That can change, when text strings are brought out of source code and into the light of day, or really, a single platform where non-technical team members can edit and update at will. Learn more about the impact the words in your UI have on UX and how a strings management platform can help you take product content to a new level.

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Introduction to Strings Intelligence

Every company with digital products or applications is managing strings, whether they acknowledge it or not. Proper strings management is a pervasive issue that has gone unnoticed or untackled as most teams rely on developers to write, edit and maintain text strings and UI content. Luckily, manual text string updates made in source code are no longer required, and it starts with central strings management. Read more to learn what strings management is, how it benefits product teams and the basic principles of a strings management platform.

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