Disaster Recovery checklist

Disaster can strike at a moment’s notice. Whether it’s an everyday power outage or calamitous weather event, you need a recovery plan at the ready. The following offers general steps for assessing a current disaster recovery (DR) plan or building one from scratch.

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The Digital Asset Management Checklist

The Digital Asset Management Checklist: is it time to move from a Shared Drive to a DAM?

This eBook has been created to help Brand, Communications and Marketing Managers compare Shared Drives and DAM functionalities in order to make an educated decision on if it's time to implement a DAM for your organisation.

The DAM Checklist:

  • Are you unable to maximise the potential of your assets?
  • Are you struggling with an asset system that is too basic?
  • Are you concerned about asset management and GDPR?
  • Are you uneasy about the security of your digital assets?
  • Are you worried that a DAM system is too difficult to implement?

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Your 7-Point Checklist for Better ITSM Tool Selection

Selecting a new, better-fitting, IT service management (ITSM) tool can be difficult – from understanding and agreeing what’s really important (to your organization) in your selection criteria, through to eventually choosing the right tool and vendor.

Plus, importantly, that it’s no longer just about the technology, i.e. the ITSM tool’s features and functions, it’s also about the end-user or customer experience – something that should be thought of as a constant theme running through this recommended 7-point ITSM-tool selection checklist.

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