Bigleaf: Internet Connectivity without Complexity

The Bigleaf Fact Sheet outlines Bigleaf's network optimization solution that simplifies internet connectivity for businesses. It combines SD-WAN technology with intelligent software to enhance internet and application performance, ensuring business continuity even in the face of common internet disruptions. Bigleaf's unique architecture, which includes customer premises routers and a dedicated gateway network, provides end-to-end traffic management and performance optimization. Key features include bi-directional QoS, same IP address failover, VPN optimization, and intelligent load balancing. Bigleaf emphasizes its user-friendly, plug-and-play setup, and its compatibility with any internet connection, firewall, and cloud application, making it an ideal fit for multi-site businesses, especially those transitioning from MPLS to internet-reliant environments or operating in rural areas with limited ISP options.

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Which Dispatch Method Makes Sense for Your Business?

Your company’s processes for handling dispatch can make or break your business in a competitive technology-driven environment. Finding new sources of operational efficiency enable you to get work done quickly and with less resources.

The right software can bring efficiencies to every operation in your residential service contracting business, from more efficient routes and better matching of techs to customer problems to better performance evaluation and hiring practices. Here, we detail the specific improvements that Smart Dispatching can drive for your business.

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Gain Visibility, Control, And Automation

Given today’s ultra-competitive market, distributed teams, and multiple tools, a solid workflow management strategy is required to ensure business continuity. An efficient process will help minimize errors, eliminate redundancies and drive productivity. Qntrl can help achieve this with speed, scale, and flexibility.

  • Easy enough to use
  • Powerful and Extensible
  • Faster Time-to-Value
  • Price is part of the equation
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Gamification for Cyber Professional Development

From incident response managers to network analysts, many cyber professionals are turning to active, hands-on exercises to improve their abilities. But why is gamification such a powerful new learning approach? Let’s find out!

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