IBM Linux on Power: The system of choice for big data and analytics

The term ‘Big Data’ is hard to escape these days as more and more enterprises begin to build out their analytic infrastructures, and more and more vendors start to pitch products to fulfill these needs. The Gabriel Consulting paper – Big Data POWERs Up? – explores the characteristics of analytics workloads and why infrastructure choice matters when deploying a big data solution. The paper also takes a close look to see if the POWER8 platform can best x86 on both cost and performance measures for big data workloads.
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Big Data without the Big Bang or Bucks

While some organizations are already utilizing Big Data or various large enterprise analytics techniques, many more are still working to grasp how these new usage models might help them. There’s a lot of undiscovered value in the vast amounts of data they currently have and the data that they can get from other sources. They know that they can somehow convert this data into insights that will let them ramp up efficiency and be ready for tomorrow today.
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Best Practices for Deploying a Virtualized Infrastructure

In a world that demands scalability, modularity, quality, fast performance and a best practices approach is key to ensuring predictable results for the business. IBM’s PowerLinux Open Source Infrastructure Services solution is a workload-optimized system that meets or exceeds best practices for a virtualized infrastructure at a reasonable price point. The PowerLinux solution can help turn today’s IT infrastructure into a well-tuned utility, providing a more flexible, scalable and valuable asset to the business.
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Creating Apps that Engage: How Data-Driven Apps Manage Today’s Data Visualization Challenges

Today’s development teams are facing greater challenges to create more customer-facing applications faster and for a broader range of devices than ever before. How do you pull it all together and deliver what decision-makers and users both want?

Attend this webinar to learn what developers building data driven customer-facing applications already know – focus and agility are keys to designing data-driven applications quickly and how BIRT can effectively meet these needs.

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Buyer’s Checklist for Mobile Application Platforms

As part of your research into Mobile Application Platforms, you can use this Buyer’s Checklist in two ways:

• To help identify the key Platform capabilities you require to be able to extend your enterprise to mobile devices.

To easily compare the key capabilities of IBM’s Worklight against other options under consideration.

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A Mobile Application Development Primer

As enterprises realize the need for mobile versions of their business applications, there is a need for an enterprise-class approach to mobile app development. This paper describes best practices for collaborative software lifecycle management for mobile business applications development.
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The IDC Market Spotlight on Network Automation and Agility

The arrival of virtualization, cloud computing, and mobility has strained data center networks—and IT staff—like never before. This Market Spotlight explains how data center network fabrics provide a foundation for automated provisioning, configuration, and management of network-based services in a new era of IT agility.
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Is Your Data Center Ready for SDN?

SDN deployment is not a matter of if but when—is your data center ready? This new eGuide reveals how to maximize the value of Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV).
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From Idea to Production in Minutes: IBM DevOps for Bluemix Short-circuits Development Headaches

IBM DevOps for Bluemix provides an integrated set of DevOps services in the IBM Bluemix PaaS, for individuals and teams building mobile and cloud applications (‘systems of engagement’) that enable teams to shrink the application delivery cycle time, and consistently deliver software with speed, quality and accuracy. This session provides an overview of IBM DevOps services on Bluemix, focusing on quickly getting started with new projects and collaborative development with agile tracking and planning.
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PaaS Built for Development: IBM Bluemix Solves a Range of Infrastructure and Middleware Challenges

IBM's new Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering, IBM Bluemix, delivers the speed and flexibility of the cloud to allow developers to more quickly compose and build enterprise-grade applications for by providing access to IBM's vast software portfolio as composable services. This powerful PaaS/services combination, built on open standards and taking advantage of Cloud Foundry, enables developers to avoid vendor lock-in while leveraging their existing application development assets and skills, which is essential for building hybrid clouds.

IBM is providing developers an open, flexible cloud environment connecting the enterprise and born-on-the-web developers using their choice of tools, whether IBM, third-party, or open technologies, in a scalable environment. This session provides an overview of IBM Bluemix capabilities.

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Mobility, Location and iOS8: New Context for New Apps

Mobile devices are becoming so ubiquitous that Forrester predicts there will be about 3 mobile devices per living human by the end of this decade. Phones, tablets, wearables and who-knows-what will-come, all with IP addresses and internet connectivity are finding homes in pockets, on wrists and in the frames of eyewear. Now, location services are changing the way developers and marketers think about how to utilize the knowledge of where a user – consumer or business – is located and turn that into an action that can drive revenue, improve productivity or give a competitive advantage. This white paper looks at research about the latest iOS8 announcements, and how they might impact development in general and provide fuel for the coming wearable and contextual revolutions in app development and deployment.
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DeveloperConnect Event 2014: A New Era of Smart

Twickenham Stadium, London | 6th of November 2014

Get ready for a New Era of Smart! The digital revolution is changing the way we all do business – and these changes are happening faster than ever before. Keeping up is essential. Staying ahead is just as important.

Join your peers and industry experts at this year’s IBM Connect event. Find out how you can use Cloud, Big Data and Analytics, Mobile, Social and Security technologies.

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