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3 steps on how to modernize performance reviews

The way we work has changed dramatically in the past 10 years. With more competition and pressure to innovate, a company's success relies heavily on its ability to attract, develop and retain the best available employees. Download our guide to learn how to modernize your company's performance reviews!

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How to Get Executive Buy-In

Getting your executive team on board with a new technology solution is never easy. But, getting your leadership team signed on to a program is important because it will impact both your ability to get the resources and budget you need, and whether the rest of the company signs on to participate in the new program. Download our whitepaper to learn how to effectively facilitate executive buy-in.

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How Microsoft Got Performance Reviews Right

Microsoft, long known for using stack ranking and ratings eliminated both in 2013.

It’s new performance management is based on more timely feedback to align employee objectives with company goals.

In this resource, you’ll learn how Microsoft evolved its annual appraisals to better drive performance, and how you can adopt a modern performance system similar to Microsoft’s.

  • How Microsoft uses check-ins to develop employees
  • What the company uses to determine compensation now that ratings are eliminated
  • How you can implement a performance management system similar to what Microsoft uses
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Why Facebook Employees Are More Productive, Motivated, and Satisfied

How the largest social network in the world also boasts one of the highest employee approval ratings is nothing short of exceptional. While most competitors struggle to grow, Facebook has expanded from 3,000 employees to nearly 15,000 in just 5 years, reaping a whoppin $18 billion in revenue. Performance reviews, management strategies, and accessibility are core factors of their success. To better understand how these factors contribute to Facebook's meteoric rise, download our free pdf to learn more!

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