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6 Strategies for Transitioning to the Cloud

Moving to the cloud should be driven by a real business problem, not by an abstract desire to be in the cloud. For example, need a new HR management solution? Consider starting there. Evaluate the cloud offerings in that space, like Workday, SuccessFactors, and others. You’ll likely have a faster implementation by going cloud, which means you’ll get value fast, and you’ll be able to start your transition without ripping out something that’s working. And chances are you’ll save money in the bargain.
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The Developer’s Guide to the New .NET

Are you a .NET developer? If so, I’m sure you’re hearing a lot of buzz lately, but may feel a little befuddled by all that’s going on. Major changes can bring initial uncertainty and hesitancy.

However, allow me to prove to you why this is one of the best times to be a .NET developer. This is no fluff–just a developer-to-developer breakdown of what’s in store. The future of .NET is awesome, and I think you’ll be glad you’re a part of it.

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Business Telephony: The New Generation

Classic telephone systems, operated by the company itself, with long-term contracts are discontinued models. The high cost of installation and operation, and the limited scalability are no longer appropriate. Telephone systems, which are five to ten years or longer in use hold, with non-technical innovations and changing business requirements more step. The Innovation cycles in this field are now so short that technologies already installed stale immediately after the start. Although individual functions via firmware update can still be supplemented, but so are the technical possibilities largely exhausted.
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