Friend or Foe? The CFO’s Relationship with AI

Join this discussion hosted by Yooz and Controllers Council as finance leaders break down the ever-changing world of finance and accounting in 2023. Panelists will dive into the evolving role of the CFO and what is essential for progress in the modern accounting industry. Topics will highlight crucial skills for success, workplace changes, and AI’s role in the future of Accounts Payable (AP).

Join the discussion on:

  • How has the CFO’s role evolved and is still evolving?
  • Changes in the finance function – What does it mean for employees?
  • AI in accounting - How CFOs can improve AP departments.

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The State of Secrets Sprawl 2023

For the third year running, GitGuardian presents its State of Secrets Sprawl report, the most extensive analysis of secrets exposed on GitHub and beyond.

Their team of experts scanned and analyzed 1.027B new commits in 2022 (+20% compared to 2021) to uncover the latest trends and identify the most pressing challenges facing developers today.

The main question they seek to answer each year is, "How many new secrets were exposed on GitHub in the preceding year?" The answer is staggering: their analysis reveals 10 million new secrets occurrences were exposed on GitHub in 2022. That's a 67% increase compared to 2021.

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Implementing Automated Secrets Detection for Application Security

Dev & Ops teams from large organizations use thousands of secrets like API keys and other credentials in order to interconnect these components together. As a result, they now have access to more sensitive information than companies can keep track of.

The risk is that these secrets are now spreading everywhere. We call “secrets sprawl” the unwanted distribution of secrets in all the systems developers use. Secrets sprawl is even more difficult to control with growing development teams, sometimes spread over multiple geographies. Not even taking into consideration that developers are under hard pressure due to a growing number of technologies to master and shortened release cycles.

In this whitepaper, GitGuardian looks at the implications of secrets sprawl, and presents solutions for Application Security to further secure the SDLC by implementing automated secrets detection in their DevOps pipeline.

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Reinventing Supply Chains for an Uncertain Future

Today, businesses are looking for ways to respond quickly to current and potential future disruptions. The use of real-time data and advanced analytics to identify potential disruptions and understand their impact on the end-to-end supply chain is essential to being able to make informed decisions and respond quickly to mitigate risk.

This article will discuss key insights into today’s supply chain challenges and how to address them with a high degree of flexibility, allowing an organization to respond quickly to changing internal and external demands. We will examine pressing issues like demand volatility, business disruptions, inventory optimization struggles and talent gaps currently facing supply chains. The limitations of traditional linear strategies and outdated technologies will also be explored. Finally, we will present advanced solutions like artificial intelligence, blockchain, digital twin modeling and real-time data analytics that are revolutionizing supply chain planning.

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Better Warehouse Systems Start with Emulation

The explosion in online shopping has been a boon for small retailers, massive distribution and logistics companies – and everything in between.

Simply put, if you’re not into e-commerce, you’re not in the game.

What’s the upside? If you’re a warehouse operator or integrator of warehouse systems, the necessity of increasingly automated solutions are needed to improve operations and increase throughput.

And with simulation and emulation tools, you can now implement truly innovative technology – with less risk.

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Synchronizing Supply & Demand in 2023 and Beyond

Subject matter experts from Kalypso take a probing look at the evolution of the supply chain, where the acceleration of key issues and trends over the past few years has left few industries and businesses unaffected. Volatility and constraints in labor, materials, resources and capacity have been compounded with limited end-to-end visibility and an ever-growing regulatory environment to create increasingly complex challenges for supply chain leaders.

We profile those challenges, as well as the central driving market forces that have created them, before exploring the future state of the supply chain and what actions supply chain leaders should take.

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Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is imperative for enterprises seeking agility and resilience. However, many businesses struggle with a harsh reality: their digital transformation efforts have stalled.

The weight of the existing workload and a constant need to address other lingering issues hinders enterprises from successfully getting through the digital transformation journey. Despite their best efforts, transformation leaders struggle to know how to gain traction.

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Low-code vs No-code vs Pro-code

Low-code and no-code technologies are rapidly gaining popularity. They are emerging as the future of application development by enabling organizations to develop apps faster, cheaper, and with fewer resources.

In this webinar we will provide an in-depth comparison of low-code vs no-code vs pro-code. We will also examine the impact of these technologies on the IT workforce and how they are changing the way organizations approach application development.

Join us to explore the benefits and challenges of low-code and no-code technologies beyond the hype.

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The All-in-One: The Low-Code No-Code Work Platform

People closest to a problem know how to fix it best. So we empowered business leaders with Kissflow the #1 Work Platform built on low-code/no-code paradigm, used by customers across 160 countries. Make your Digital Transformation journey smart & simple. Try Kissflow today!

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Atlas Roofing Streamlines Processes

Atlas Roofing wanted to build streamlined processes that allowed them to track approval and change requests. They were on the lookout for a workflow tool that allowed them to create processes with ease and provided a clear view of the status of each process. Kissflow fit their requirements to a ‘T’.

Since 2014, Atlas Roofing has been a proud customer of Kissflow. They’ve leveraged the platform to automate processes related to production, finance, and HR. This has saved them countless of man-hours that would otherwise have been wasted doing everything manually. In addition, they’ve also saved thousands of dollars in operating costs.

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Best Practices for Hiring and Retaining Employees

It costs a lot less to retain an employee than find and train a new hire, so employee retention keeps costs down, quality of service up, and business continuity running predictably. Employee retention rate is the percentage of people who stay during a specified time period, such as a quarter or year. Employee turnover rate is the percentage of people who must be replaced during that specified time. Planned reductions, such as with software that makes employees more productive, do not count toward turnover rate.

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The Importance of KPIs

Would an airline pilot ever take flight without knowing that all of the plane’s gauges were functioning and understanding what they were displaying? Of course not! The gauges on the instrument panel are the pilot’s eyes into how every component of the craft is working and where the plane is in the sky, relative to expectations and other aircraft. Flying by gut instinct in today’s crowded skies is essentially flying blind and completely ill-advised.

Similarly, key performance indicators (KPIs) are like those gauges, enabling owners and managers of field service companies to operate with the same degree of visibility and confidence about how business is performing. These metrics demonstrate how well a company is doing relative to expectations and how much actual value the company is delivering to customers. Continually monitoring KPIs can help you minimize business expenses, provide better service, optimize technician productivity, and drive profitability.

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Send The Right Techs to The Right Job with ThermoGrid

Before Smart Dispatching, the dispatcher would take the call, look at the day’s schedule, check technician availability, and dispatch the closest tech to the customer’s location.

After talking to the customer, the technician can then start to troubleshoot to find the source of the problem. Unfortunately, more often than not, the tech either doesn’t have the skill set to fix the particular piece of equipment or doesn’t have the parts necessary to do the job on the truck. The project is now delayed, wasting time and narrowing profits.

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Which Dispatch Method Makes Sense for Your Business?

Your company’s processes for handling dispatch can make or break your business in a competitive technology-driven environment. Finding new sources of operational efficiency enable you to get work done quickly and with less resources.

The right software can bring efficiencies to every operation in your residential service contracting business, from more efficient routes and better matching of techs to customer problems to better performance evaluation and hiring practices. Here, we detail the specific improvements that Smart Dispatching can drive for your business.

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10 Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Current Business Processes

Is your existing business management software still working for you?

There are a number of generic software packages available that are both diverse and easy-to-use for a startup or very small business. However, the very reasons that make them suitable for a startup become the reasons why they ultimately become a hindrance to your business growth. As your business grows, your needs change to support processes specific to your business or industry.

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