IT Quality Health Assessment

This two minute survey consists of ten questions to assess your software quality environment. When complete you will receive custom recommendations that you can view and print out to help plan your QA strategy; complete with next steps, and thought leadership guidance and papers.
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Cloud for Dummies, IBM Midsize Company Limited Edition

Midsize companies need to understand how cloud computing is valuable to many different constituents within their organization. The benefit of cloud computing for IT leaders is that it actually is an invitation to the boardroom for the IT manager who learns how to leverage the cloud to enable the business to be more flexible and responsive to client needs and new market opportunities. This book gives mid-sized companies insights on what it means to create flexible pools of computing resources that break down silos in your company so you can perform in a smarter and more proactive manner.
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How B2B Solutions Can Enable Growth

In this IBM sponsored webcast, representatives from BlueStar and REMEDI discuss how their partnership allowed BlueStar to overcome their B2B integration challenges, increase efficiency, and do away with error-prone manual processes. Attend the webcast and you will learn how REMEDI's rapid implementation plan allowed BlueStar to speed time to market and demonstrate business results and ROI almost immediately. The webcast also discusses how BlueStar gained greater visibility into their business network and greatly increased the speed of their error resolution processes.
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ESG – Evolving APM Big Data Approach, Integrated End-user Experience Monitoring Bring Deep End-to- end Application visibility

Highly complex IT environment with multi-tier application architectures delivering apps and services, detecting and diagnosing code level performance problems can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. While it may be plain to the end user that there is a problem, understanding where that problem originates and exactly what is causing it is difficult, and time consuming. Riverbed OPNET AppInternals Xpert addresses this challenge by combining end-user experience, transaction tracing, and application component monitoring for deep end-to-end application visibility. This latest release facilitates bi-directional workflows between operations and application development to expedite problem resolution. Register to read report.
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OPNET, Now a Part of Riverbed Technology, Positioned in the Leaders Quadrant of the 2012 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring

"We are very pleased that OPNET has been recognized by Gartner as a leader in the rapidly growing APM market. A core part of our business strategy has been to be a market leader in application performance monitoring, both in terms of innovation and market share. Now representing more than 70% of OPNET's product sales, APM has been growing at more than 30% per year for the last four years," said Marc Cohen, Chairman and CEO, OPNET.
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ADCs and APM Solutions Will Combine to Optimize Delivery Intelligence

As applications are consumed with different types of devices and via different types of connectivity the monitoring of end-user experiences is critical to gauging the satisfaction of the delivery of the application to the user. Content optimization technologies should automatically profile and analyze the device being used and apply specific optimization techniques for the device.
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Banking On Analytics Financial Services Count On A Consolidated, Secure Platform For Real-time Analytics

This Forrester thought leadership paper provides Business Analytics and Data Warehousing owners and influencers the insight they need to enable them to more efficiently plan and execute on a successful Business Analytics Strategy. The paper is purposed to drive awareness and engagement for new prospects, as well as existing customers. The paper will be behind registration so that customer/reader information may be captured; we look for visitors to take steps deeper into their buyer's journey.
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Private Clouds Will Use Hybrid Infrastructure- The Role Of Mainframes In Cloud: To Meet The Full Range Of Reliability And Security Needs

This paper looks at the requirements of the next generation of applications moving to the cloud. The paper discusses cloud customers' desire for a greater infrastructure choice and openness to hybrid infrastructures. The paper concluded shtt hybrid cloud infrastructures are inevitable, particularly for private environments. Hybrid clouds deliver higher values with high compute density, yielding strong cost efficiency for applicable workloads.
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Serving the Cloud by TBR

An analysis and perspective from leading IT Industry analysts, Technology Business Research (TBR) on how x86 servers and the implementation of private clouds offer a secure and cost-effective means for midmarket to reduce costs and provide flexible computing capacity.
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Using Big Data to Advance Application Performance Engineering

Web applications are increasingly complex with more external dependencies and remote services, add in the sheer volume of transactions, and troubleshooting performance bottlenecks is now very challenging. IT teams need a solution that provides a combination of code-level transaction tracing, cross-tier tracking and a unique "Big Data" approach to rapidly identify the root cause of application performance problems.
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Forrester – Turn Big Data Inward With IT Analytics

Your business is complex. Big data promises to manage this to make better decisions. But the technology services that run your business are also complex. Many are too complex to manage easily, causing delays and downtime. Forrester predicts this will worsen. To combat this onslaught, you need machines to analyze conditions to invoke automated actions. To perform adaptive automation, you need IT analytics, a disruption to your monitoring and management strategy.

This report helps leaders prepare for IT analytics that turn big data efforts inward to manage the technology services that run your business. Register to get the full report.
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Forrester – Managing The Performance of Critical Applications

In conducting a survey of more than 150 IT professionals with direct responsibility for business-critical applications, Forrester found that enterprises are supporting corporate objectives of productivity and efficiency, a typical trend in times of economic uncertainty. The survey also revealed that the lack of performance and availability of critical and complex applications had direct and negative consequences on business productivity, business finances, and IT efficiency.
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