Realizing the DevOps Vision in Embedded Systems

DevOps and other modern CI/CD practices are being quickly adopted in enterprise software development and are making their way into the embedded world.

Market demands for ever more complex systems and faster development cycles mean that the adoption of more efficient development methodologies is rapidly turning into an absolute imperative for embedded systems companies. Even if you had infinite budget, there aren’t enough qualified engineers to get the work done. Using traditional embedded development methods wouldn’t allow the sort of gains that you would see by adopting more efficient methodologies.

Wind River® has risen to meet this trend by developing a portfolio of tools that enable the implementation of new DevOps processes. Wind River Linux, VxWorks®, Wind River Helix™ Virtualization Platform, and Wind River Studio all include critical features in their core architectures that facilitate the DevOps and CI/CD workflow, while Wind River Simics® provides the needed system simulation to avoid getting bogged down with test hardware.

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The Total Economic Impact of YayPay By Quadient

Discover your potential 3-year business benefits and cost savings in this study by Forrester Consulting, commissioned by YayPay.


  • TEI framework to apply to your own organization to examine YayPay's potential economic impact.
  • Key findings - quantified and unquantified benefits.
  • Customer testimonials.
  • YayPay overview and value proposition.
  • Composite organization example and analysis of benefits.
  • Financial summary.

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Empowering Developers Through Cloud Services Sponsored

This analyst white paper shares IDC's view on how development teams can get the most out of cloud computing, and how using cloud services when building cloud-native applications can increase productivity. By using cloud services for foundational functionality such as data streaming, AI/ML, and API management teams can free themselves from the responsibilities of managing complex infrastructure at scale, and focus on business outcomes. IDC explores the challenges of working across hybrid-cloud environments, the innovations being made in open source communities, and how to empower developers with the flexibility and choice offered by cloud services.

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