DevOps and You: Advice for Building Your Career

Want to land a new job with a title like DevOps engineer or site reliability engineer? Or start adopting DevOps practices at your current job? Or move to an organization that has more mature DevOps practices? If so, this ebook is for you.

Puppet talked to dozens of engineers, managers and recruiters whose jobs (or the jobs they're hiring for) emphasize DevOps practices to see what insights they have to share. Throughout this ebook you'll find stories of how people got started in DevOps, details on the skills that will help you, and advice on how to be successful — or even land your next job.

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Secrets to Business Growth

Most owners grapple with the stressful question of how to maintain and grow their business. In order to give you a head start answering those questions, the leaders of three rapidly growing businesses agreed to share their secrets to their success. Read this paper to learn what helped these businesses perform to their maximum potential and sustain impressive growth.
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7 Habits of Highly Effective Teams-Webcast

Agile teams become highly effective when they adopt agile values and principles. Until this shift occurs, "trying harder" and having a "better attitude" result in going the "wrong way" faster. Join this webinar to learn the "7 Habits of Highly Effective Agile Teams" and realize the full potential of Agile.
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Advance Your Tech Career in One Simple Step

Want to know the single most important thing you can do to advance your IT career? This brief, brought to you by Citrix GoToAssist, explores how thinking less about yourself and more about the people around you is the most important thing you can do to advance your IT career.

Download the brief to learn: How to become everyone's go-to geek; Why focusing on others is good for your career; 3 career suggestions to flat out ignore; And more.

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2013 Technology Salary Survey Results

This resource will showcase that technology salaries in the U.S. saw the biggest jump in more than a decade and tech professionals earned a greater than five percent increase in average annual wages. Read about salary trends by skill set, location and more in Dice's new report for 2013.
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