The IT Security Guide to Digital Transformation

Digital transformation will always be a delicate balance of improved processes and increased risk. Businesses are at risk of experiencing a data breaches or security incident during a full digital transformation if they fail to increase their security in tandem.

This whitepaper will discuss the current risks in a digital transformation that make businesses particularly vulnerable to attack, as well as the three essential steps IT teams can take to mitigate them. The appropriate level of proactive security and monitoring will keep businesses from overspending on security, or the steep cost of a data breach. In particular, this paper will cover:

  • Why a digital transformation makes businesses an attractive target to bad players
  • Critical vulnerabilities of the various aspects of expanded technology
  • How to protect business data, as well as devices and people

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Modernize Your Cybersecurity Now: 10 Reasons Why and 10 Ways To Take Action

Is your business or IT team doing all it can to secure devices? With users connecting from anywhere and network perimeters dissolving, this year has quickly turned in to one of the most transformational years for cybersecurity. Now is the time to ensure your security is modernized and ready to take on the latest attack methods.

This white paper will walk you through:

  • Why it's crucial to modernize your cybersecurity, especially in 2020
  • Tangible ways to implement security that will establish protection today and in the future

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Malware 101: Everything You Need to Know About Malicious Software

What is malware? How does it affect businesses and business devices? What types are out there that you should be aware of?

Get the answers to all of your malware questions and more in the Malware 101 eBook, including:

  • Explanations of common malware types from ransomware to key loggers
  • How malware gets into business networks
  • Prevention methods and best practices

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2021: Network Security Market Trends and Predictions

Rapid mobilization and growing remote workforces have led businesses to the cloud, Software as a Service (SaaS), IoT, BYoD, and more – with the goal of keeping workers connected and productive at home. But with cybercriminals fully aware of this change, how is network security changing to shield businesses from new threats?

Our 2021 Network Security Report covers:

  • How the shift in digitalization has affected network security
  • Trends in cybercrime and predictions for 2021 and beyond
  • Modern solutions to protect businesses from encrypted attacks
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The Digital Shift is Upending Business Cybersecurity

How remote work and new cyberthreats are affecting differing industries

Digitization was here before the pandemic, although some say it's been accelerated by 10 years as businesses had no choice but to take operations to the cloud in 2020. So how does this affect cybersecurity?

The Digital Shift eBook covers:

  • Remote work statistics and its impact on security
  • Cybercrime trends across 5 differing industries from education to healthcare
  • How to quickly protect businesses during rapid change
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Turning Data into a Game Changer for Your Organization

Data can be a business’ most valuable resource—but data is also valuable to cybercriminals. Whether they want to lock an organization’s data to demand a ransom or exfiltrate it to sell on the dark web, cybercriminals have options for making money off this precious resource.

While data carries risks for an organization, it also presents major opportunities for cybersecurity professionals to demonstrate their significance.
This eBook looks at some of the high-level elements you should think about when protecting your data— and it discusses how to use data-protection activities to help advance your team’s credibility within your organization.

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Zero Trust Security: Getting to “Zero” Requires a Secure Foundation

It’s safe to say today that cybercrime is as robust and evolving a tech industry as its IT security equivalents. Attacks are more frequent, more sophisticated, and more successful, requiring organizations today to shift security strategies to more secure models.

Zero Trust security is an IT security model that takes a holistic approach to network security using several different principles and technologies. In this paper, we’ll focus on why you need to first focus on foundational security, what’s entailed, and how the monitoring of events and the management of permissions—as tactical as they sound—are critical to properly underpin a strong and effective Zero Trust security model.

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Case Study: RIGA Airport

RIGA Airport is one the busiest and fastest growing international airports in the Baltics. In order to allow their people and teams to effectively connect and collaborate amidst multiplying data, they deployed Microsoft® SharePoint®, which created barriers to team productivity and general data security.

The airport's biggest challenge was missing an overview of access rights and not being able to track changes to permissions as they occurred. They were looking for a solution to eliminate data security threats and improve overall governance by preventing unwarranted access rights from increasing.

With SolarWinds® Access Rights Manager (ARM), the principal solution developed by SolarWinds, RIGA Airport was able to limit access rights to a need-to- know basis, thereby helping reduce data security risks, as well as help ensure accountability and compliance with internal policies by knowing who accessed which files.

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Modern NAS backup and recovery

Identifying the key drivers for secure enterprise cloud backup


Files, emails and unstructured data are an integral part of core business processes and workflows for virtually every organization. This was confirmed by the recent research conducted by Aberdeen, which shows that digital documents continue to dominate the way how work gets done in enterprises. Given this business context, it’s not surprising that fast and reliable backup, as well as rapid recovery, are top priorities for Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices, and today’s IT leaders.

Read this eBook and learn about:

  •   The leading drivers for NAS backup and recovery investments
  •   Important concerns for NAS-related technology capabilities
  •   Top priorities with sudden shift to work from home - and how to keep users up,
        running and productive

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Reduce costs with cloud-based VMware data protection


IDC estimates data is growing at a 61% compound annual growth rate — and with this influx of data, your organization might struggle to maintain data security and facilitate growth. That’s why you should consider a third-party data protection solution that is certified for VMware on-premises and cloud environments.

Read how VMware data protection in the cloud provides:

  •   Radically lower TCO, with up to 50% costs savings
  •   An infrastructure that is hosted completely offsite (no hardware, software,
        maintenance, or real estate)
  •   Fast response times in the case of failover for disaster recovery
  •   Centralized global management, visibility, and monitoring

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O365 Tenant Migration: Your Questions Answered

It’s been quite a year for Cloud Commander, our Office 365 to Office 365 migration tool. We’ve hit record speeds – sustaining 1 TB / hour transfer rates for Exchange Online – while also working on the world’s largest tenant consolidation project, helping one organization merge 120 individual tenants into a single service.

Director of Enterprise Migrations, Mike Weaver, recently ran a lively T2T session with our friends at, and below you’ll find answers to the big questions that come up, like:

  • How do you actually test the identity migration as you have suggested?
  • Are there limitations regarding Microsoft Dynamics integration with Exchange and when you need to move the workload separately?
  • Are there any special considerations when you have a mix of PC and Mac clients?
  • Does eliminating an on-prem AD and moving to the Azure AD make things easier?
  • And many more!

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How Mismanaged Office 365 Licensing Can Hurt Your Enterprise

Office 365 is a powerful suite of tools, yet it's severely underutilized in most organizations.

In many cases, instead of reassigning old licenses to new employees, organizations simply purchase new licenses during the onboarding process. If you’re running a large enterprise, and you’re not actively tracking your O365 licenses, there’s a pretty good chance you’re overpaying right now.

In this blog post by Quadrotech, learn about how to avoid audits, licensing fees, and hefty fines, along with other tips to utilize Office 365 to it's fullest.

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Webinar: How to Consolidate Multiple Office 365 Tenants

In this webinar by Quadrotech, Microsoft MVP Paul Robichaux and Director of Enterprise Migrations, Mike Weaver, discuss best practice advice for Office 365 tenant to tenant migrations.

Learn broadly about what Quadrotech has to offer, which tenants to migrate when, how to find the right cadence for your project, and understand the true cost of delay if your migration project is put off track.

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Webinar: How to Consolidate Multiple Office 365 Tenants

In this webinar by Quadrotech, Microsoft MVP Paul Robichaux and Director of Enterprise Migrations, Mike Weaver, discuss best practice advice for Office 365 tenant to tenant migrations.

Learn broadly about what Quadrotech has to offer, which tenants to migrate when, how to find the right cadence for your project, and understand the true cost of delay if your migration project is put off track.

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How to Close the Office 365 License Management Gap

Based on an analysis of over 3.4M Office 365 users, we found that, on average, 18% of purchased licenses are left unassigned.

What’s more, just because licenses are assigned to a user does not mean that they are adopted and actively used – so the scope to increase license efficiency in the average organization is significant.

In this white paper, you will be able to understand the root cause of the license gap and take a deeper dive into how you can salvage a large sum of your IT investment with effective Office 365 licensing.

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