Smart Linux Solutions for the Intelligent Edge

Linux is the default environment for most software developers and is a popular choice for embedded solutions. However, one of Linux’s greatest strengths, and to some extent its biggest challenge, is that it comes in so many flavors and varieties, each well suited to a particular use case.

Commercially supported embedded Linux is the primary alternative to RYO. Not only are the long-term support and maintenance costs much lower but the technical, business, and legal risks of commercially supported embedded Linux are much lower as well. Commercial vendors can also provide full development services, including platform, services, maintenance, and support, which increase productivity and reduce the overhead of maintaining your own unique embedded Linux distribution.

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Four Things to Look for in a Call Center Software

This guide is written to all salespeople, sales managers, VPs, IT, customer service and general management (CEO, CTO, CFO). It should be a required reading for an-yone that is part of the decision to expand to a call cen-ter. It is specifically written to those companies that have outgrown the typical ways of cold calling and desire to move into a full-fledged call center program to accel-erate company growth.

Within this document we will focus on the importance of the following in a call center software:

  • Stable platform on which to base the system
  • Enterprise-grade, full-featured software
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Works for your budget

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How Configuration Management Systems Deliver Change and Compliance

The fundamental capability which configuration management provides is backup and archiving of critical configuration data from network and server equipment. This along with collecting detailed inventory data provide the basis for managing change and compliance.

The ability to detect, report and alert on change in near real time improves overall service availability and reduces the time required to identify the cause of incidents and outages.

This paper is to help Network Engineers, IT Managers and Executive Leadership understand the benefits of configuration management and how it contributes to change and compliance management at the business.

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Optimizing and Automating Event Management to Support Incident Management

Opie has just arrived in the office and sat down to check his email. “Holy moly!” He yells out. He is looking at a massive influx of email messages in his Inbox from the Event Management tool, which was just configured to send out the alert notifications via email. “There’s no way the operations team will be able to respond to all those notifications in an efficient and timely manner. There has to be a better way to handle and address network events.”

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NMS Security Architecture Considerations & Approaches

The purpose of this article is to provide some practical guidance on securing Network Management systems and associated infrastructure. While it can’t make any guarantees of absolutely protecting from similar attacks in the future, implementing these approaches can make the job of an adversary significantly harder. It will also propose techniques for increasing the probability of detecting breaches, which should be a significant consideration within any security solution.

This article cannot provide exhaustive coverage. However, it will focus on delivering actionable guidance that will have a tangible impact in strengthening the Network Management’s security posture (and potentially other) Systems.

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An IT Managers Guide to Network Process Automation

This guide is designed for IT Managers looking to implement Network Process Automation in their organisation. It discusses the best approach for change management and team buy-in, provides a methodology framework to use when considering the automation of a manual task in a network environment and the Tsteps to take in order to identify an effective test case for your organization.

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Nextlink Takes Network Management to the Next Level with Opmantek

In 2019, Nextlink implemented solutions from Opmantek for its monitoring, management, data collection and other operational tasks across its network. One of the products Nextlink uses, an event manager that automates event handling through extendable policies that enrich, correlate, organize and manage all the events in Nextlink’s environment.

With opEvents, Nextlink can automate event diagnostics and leverage intelligent automation to remediate network events which has helped to streamline its workflow. Using process automation, opEvents, modelled by Nextlink’s troubleshooting procedure, automates the troubleshooting and remediation of events, reducing the mean time to resolution (MTTR) when faults occur.

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Beyond Core Schools

Which strategies should you be implementing to build a diverse pipeline of talented entry-level candidates?

While many recruiting strategies focus on nurturing relationships at a set of core schools, there are several elements to a successful diversity recruiting strategy. To help you build a pipeline of diverse candidates, RippleMatch has put together a set of recommended strategies to implement and key academic institutions to build relationships with to help you increase representation and build stronger teams.

Download our guide for four key strategies to increase diversity and information on hundreds of schools to incorporate into your virtual campus recruitment strategy.

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Recruiting at HBCUs

There are many ways to build a successful university recruiting strategy, but seeking out candidates from a wide range of colleges and universities is an important strategy for building a diverse pipeline. Among the schools recruitment teams should establish a presence at are Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), a group of more than 100 universities with historical significance and hundreds of thousands of bright, talented students. Hoping to establish or expand your presence at HBCUs? Our guide has everything you need to know.

  • Quick facts every employer should know about HBCUs
  • Tips for recruiting at HBCUs
  • What HBCU students value in the workplace
  • The top HBCUs to visit
  • The top HBCUs for STEM, Computer Science, Business, and Liberal Arts

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A Guide to Recruiting at Hispanic-Serving Institutions

To increase representation at the entry-level, recruit at colleges and universities with a diverse student base – like Hispanic-Serving Institutions.

To help more talent teams establish or expand their presence at HSIs, we’ve put together a guide with key facts to know about these institutions, tips for recruiting there, and the top schools for subjects like STEM, Business, and Liberal Arts. Use this guide to bolster your campus recruiting strategy and achieve your hiring goals this year and beyond.

What You'll Learn From This Guide

  • The most important facts about HSIs
  • Top tips for recruiting at HSIs
  • Where to find the right candidates

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Expand Your Team’s Collaborative Potential With Microsoft and Zscaler

For enterprises seeking to thrive in today’s shapeshifting working environment, enhancing productivity and collaborative workflows means strengthening their cloud-based application delivery with a direct internet connection.

Unfortunately, many organizations continue to rely on traditional network architectures, which simply weren’t designed for the collaborative needs of today’s workers. But as a hybrid workforce evolves to encompass both on-premises and remote teams, modern, SaaS-powered collaboration is the new reality—and the Microsoft 365 suite of collaborative tools is leading the charge.

Explore Zscaler’s leading solution for meeting Microsoft’s connectivity recommendations, and equip your business with the power to:

  • Identify and differentiate Microsoft Office 365 traffic.
  • Egress network connections locally.
  • Avoid network hairpins.
  • Bypass inspection proxies.

In a new e-book, Maximizing Your Microsoft 365 Investment: Enhancing Security and Accelerating Productivity with Zscaler, you’ll learn how optimizing your internet connections can overcome the challenges of a disparate workforce, with enhanced productivity, improved collaboration, and lower operating costs.

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Head-to-Head: Monolith vs. Microservices

Wednesday, June 23 at 2pm ET

The pace of technology innovation has dramatically accelerated and IT can no longer postpone the modernization of legacy systems. Modernizing legacy applications is an iterative process—one that doesn’t have to involve a start-from-scratch approach.

Decoupling is one of the approaches companies can take to create flexibility without ripping out the entire legacy portfolio. By refactoring systems into microservices, companies can take advantage of the scale, reusability, and flexibility of cloud-native apps.

Join our upcoming Tech Talk to learn more about how you can use OutSystems to leverage microservices and to modernize your IT portfolio in a progressive approach. Some of the topics we’ll cover include:

  • What functions should be broken out of a monolithic application and how granular your microservices should be
  • How to realize the scalability and flexibility from modernizing to the cloud
  • Best practices to define a modular and future-ready architecture

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The Importance of Having a CISO Strategy for Small Business IT Teams

The Importance of Having a CISO Strategy for Small Business IT Teams

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to businesses. Some may have a full IT team on staff. Others may not, and many are limited by resources and budget. With cyberattacks targeting small to mid-sized businesses at an all-time high, it’s critical for IT consultants and service providers to be having those conversations with SMBs about enterprise grade security protection, tailored exactly to their needs.

In an interview with Richard Tubb, the IT Business Growth Expert, Jaya Baloo covers:

  • The best ways to present cybersecurity to SMBs and explain its importance
  • The biggest cyber threats faced by SMBs today and the best defense strategy
  • How SMBs with limited budgets and/or IT resources can still stay protected
  • The importance of a response plan in case an SMB is impacted by a cyber attack
  • The future of the cybersecurity landscape and the role of emerging technologies

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Navigating the Evolving Network Perimeter

While legacy security applications did their part in the past, they no longer serve an increasingly cloud-powered digital world. Even encryption alone isn’t enough and has been used by cyberattackers to conceal and deliver threats.

  • Find out how and why encryption is a security measure that could easily backfire
  • Learn about the new alternative to on-premise hardware and firewalls

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