The ROI of Safety: Making the Business Case for Safety and Health

Liberty Mutual estimates that U.S. employers pay more than $1 billion per week for direct workers’ compensation costs—a total of $58 billion per year—for disabling, non-fatal workplace injuries.

Those direct costs don’t include indirect costs, like training replacement employees, accident investigation and implementation of corrective measures. It’s not surprising, then, that the return on an investment (ROI) in safety is significant. However, many professionals find it challenging to demonstrate a business case for health and safety. This ebook provides an overview of:

  • The key steps for building a business case for safety.
  • How to demonstrate increased operational efficiency and cost savings.
  • Industry tools to calculate the value of safety.

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Green Quadrant: EHS Software 2023

The Verdantix Green Quadrant: EHS Software 2023 is your first place to start! The report is an independent third-party analysis of 23 EHS software vendors that provides an in-depth look at the technical capabilities, application breadth, innovation focus, and momentum of key Environmental, Health and Safety Management Software market players. This guide is essential reading for EHS software benchmarking, especially for understanding unique vendor strengths and capabilities. The Verdantix Green Quadrant: EHS Software 2023 can help you assess which vendor best fits your current EHS Management needs and your future EHS program goals.

Leverage this report to:

  • Sustain an Engaged Safety Culture.
  • Deliver on the Promise of Data.
  • Drive Sustainable.
  • Anticipate Evolving EHS Needs.
  • Build Proactive Safety Management.

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Why Digital Construction Safety Management Solutions Are Key to Reducing Injuries

Injuries and incidents on the job cost the U.S. construction industry $167 billion in 2021, including productivity losses and administrative costs. At the same time, more than 42 percent of construction firms still use spreadsheets for managing their safety programs.

This infographic examines the four key reasons construction firms struggle to reduce injuries and incidents on the job, as well as the five key benefits to implementing safety management software that supports frontline workers with data for leading indicators. You will learn about the following:

  • How poor safety culture leads to lack of worker engagement on the job site.
  • How poor data management increases the safety risk to construction workers.
  • How a digital safety solution can improve engagement, help attract new talent and contribute to lower injury rates.

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A Checklist for Safety Professionals on Multi- Employer Construction Sites

As construction projects become larger in scale, they often involve the participation of multiple employers or organizations, further adding to the complexity of managing these projects and ensuring worker safety. As such, complying with the latest ANSI/ASSP A10.33-2020 standard, which focuses on reducing hazards at multi-employer construction job sites, becomes more than critical.

Initiate the process of reducing these hazards by downloading A Checklist for Safety Professionals on Multi-Employer Construction Sites, which includes insights from ANSI A10.33-2020 standard experts Richard Hislop and Shawn Bradfield. Get ready to learn:

  • What measures to take to ensure compliance with ANSI/ASSP A10.33-2020.
  • The importance of officially designating an occupational safety and health owner and carrying out daily planning practices.
  • The key elements to use to develop and manage safety processes within a multi-organization safety program.

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Harnessing Data and Empowering People to Improve Safety on Construction Job Sites

The construction industry has many unique safety challenges, such as a complex environment, threats that change as the project evolves and the integration of temporary workers into the safety culture. In addition to this, many construction workers have often resisted using digital tools for important tasks like safety observations, preferring instead traditional methods like paper forms.

Yet the world of data can transform construction safety to help prevent incidents before they happen. With a digital safety management system built on Intelex, construction organizations can work to ensure every frontline worker understands the risks of the work environment and can contribute to a healthy safety culture.

This Insight Report examines how digital safety solutions from Intelex can help construction organizations transform their approach to safety. You will learn about the following:

  • How data that supports leading indicators can prevent incidents before they happen.
  • How to use a digital safety management system to create a proactive safety culture and empower frontline workers.
  • How Intelex safety management solutions can help you improve your construction safety culture.

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Unlocking Business Potential: How Field Service Software Drives Revenue Growth

The intricate dance of managing technicians, equipment, and customer expectations can often become overwhelming. However, in the heart of this complexity lies an untapped source of revenue growth – Field Service Software (FSS). This game-changing solution not only streamlines operations but also offers avenues to uncover new revenue streams. Field service software can be the transformative catalyst your business needs, propelling you to new heights.

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Webinar: Basic Electrical Takeoff with IntelliBid Estimating

Learn the fundamentals of using IntelliBid Electrical Estimating software to produce complete and comprehensive estimates for jobs in the electrical industry, whether they are residential, commercial, low voltage, datacom, or solar. In this class, you will learn how to work with IntelliBid’s Phase Tree to easily set up project breakdowns, and how using Job Spec speeds up the estimating process by allowing you to preset your job specifications. You will also learn about how to work with bid estimates separated by phase, and more, using Bid Recap. Key features and functions of the software that will be covered in this class include:

  • Initial Setup.
  • Job Registration.
  • Journal Messaging.
  • Phase Tree.
  • Job Spec.
  • Takeoff.
  • Reports.

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The Importance of a Comprehensive Database In Electrical Estimating Software

Electrical estimating and takeoff is a complex task that requires meticulous attention to detail and vast knowledge of various components and their interconnections. This process can be a time-consuming and error-prone task, especially if conducted manually or with outdated tools. In the modern era, software solutions have become an essential part of the construction industry, offering speed, efficiency, and accuracy.

One crucial feature that is rapidly becoming a necessity in electrical estimating and takeoff software is a large, comprehensive, reliable, and searchable items and pre-built assemblies database. This article delves into the importance of having this feature and how it impacts the workflow and output quality.

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Gartner’s Innovation Insight for SBOMs

As today’s organizations grapple with new and emerging regulation and escalating cyberattacks, product security and risk management professionals seek solutions that:

  • Reduce product security risk
  • Shorten time to market
  • Automate Incident Response
  • Mitigate supply chain risk
  • Assist with compliance requirements

Explore the Gartner report today to understand how organizations can look to SBOMs and begin to understand and de-risk the vast amounts of code they create, consume, and operate.

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Making the Regulatory Case for Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) to Enhance Product Security

In this analyst report, Dr. Edward Amoroso, Founder and CEO of TAG Cyber, makes the regulatory case for using SBOM to enhance product security. In his analysis, he emphasizes connected devices in the context of the software supply chain, and uses the Finite State platform to demonstrate the existence of practical commercial support in this area.

Read the report for the latest guidance on:

  • How SBOM automates Product Security
  • SBOM's key role in FDA Draft Guidance
  • EO 14028, SBOMs, and government procurement
  • How to get the most from SBOM
  • and more.

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The Ultimate Guide to Connected Device Security

Nearly 70% of organizations surveyed by the Linux Foundation report being very or extremely concerned about the security of the software they use. When that software powers critical infrastructure systems in sectors such as energy, telecom, or health care, the stakes to society rise high.

In our Ultimate Guide to Connected Device Security, we explore the six steps that organizations must take to better secure their products and software supply chain lifecycles.

Download the white paper today to get started!

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Solutions at Work: Bechtel

Bechtel is a world-wide engineering and construction organization serving customers in a variety of industries from power, petroleum and chemical plants, to aviation services and the hotel industry. The equipment leasing arm of the company, Bechtel Equipment Operations Inc. (BEO), supplies all the tools and equipment needed to keep their global construction projects operating efficiently.

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Equipment SOLUTIONS Tool Inventory Management

One of ToolHound’s clients is a construction firm with two branches: large commercial projects and small projects and maintenance. Between new construction, demolitions, interior renovations, and space maintenance, their toolroom is home to a substantial inventory of tools and supplies. But managing that inventory proved challenging—not only did they have trouble tracking where tools were, but they were also losing tools and supplies at an alarming rate. They needed a solution that would reduce loss (to assets and profits), that would be easy to implement, and that would allow them to have instant, on-demand access to their inventory.

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Solutions at Work: Reliant Energy Wholesale Group

Reliant Energy Wholesale Group, a division of Reliant Energy, is a leading provider of electricity, natural gas and energy services in the U.S.A. With a portfolio of electric power and co-generation plants in the Northeast, Midwest, Southeast, Texas and the West, Reliant has 20,000 megawatt of power generation capacity in operation, under construction or under contract.

Like any power generating facility, plants in the Reliant system experience routine outages for scheduled maintenance and forced outages due to mechanical failure that require immediate response. A single Reliant maintenance shop in Brookville, PA issues all the tools required for maintenance and repairs for some 25 plants from New York to Oregon and south to Florida. Some tools are drawn from satellite tool cribs that are moved where and when needed.

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