Transformative Automation: Balancing Power and Simplicity

It may be fashionable to say that digital transformation (DX) is dead or over, but we know from survey after survey that it's still absolutely a live issue for businesses around the world. But how to drive true transformation continues to challenge most businesses. The digital visionaries have hired tens of thousands of software engineers to create and deliver innovative digital products and services at huge scale to achieve these outcomes. Most organizations can't do that, but they still need to transform.

This InfoBrief explores how a modern approach to business automation can enable businesses of all kinds to grasp the nettle of transformation and work within their constraints to execute at scale.

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Boost database performance and agility

Organizations use data to run applications, inform processes, and gain insight. To support these initiatives, applications and users need fast, reliable, secure access to the right data at all times. Together, Red Hat and AWS offer a proven, scalable, and consistent hybrid cloud foundation for Microsoft SQL Server workloads. With this integrated solution, you can boost database performance, reduce costs, and prepare for future change.

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IDC brief: Building and running apps on Red Hat OpenShift and AWS

This IDC brief shows how enterprises are increasing revenue by rapidly moving to containers to develop and run their applications on Red Hat OpenShift and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Containers may be themselves a singular and simple foundational technology, but they have brought with them a large range of i and benefits that taken together define a full container platform, including transitioning from monolithic applications, scaling and automating orchestration with Kubernetes, and shifting to agile methods.

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Protecting the User: A Review of Mimecast’s Web Security Service

The Mimecast Web Security service helps keep organizations and employees safe on the web by blocking access to malicious sites, allowing the enforcement of acceptable web use policies and mitigating shadow IT risks through uncontrolled cloud app use.

Download this in-depth review by the SANS Institute to:

  • See how detailed reporting and dashboards provide visibility into all web requests
  • Learn more about the capabilities and policies available to control access to websites and cloud apps
  • Understand the value of the integration with Mimecast Secure Email Gateway with Targeted Threat Protection
  • Appreciate ease and speed of setup, configuration and ongoing management of the service

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Druva Data Protection for VMware Cloud on AWS

Solution Brief

On-demand cloud compute and storage services have grown steadily as companies continue their digital transformation journey. As businesses look to reduce costs, increase agility and improve the efficiency of their data center operations, they are selectively moving workloads to the cloud. The result has been the creation of a new business model known as hybrid cloud.

The goal of the hybrid cloud is to bring portability and consistent operations to on-premises and cloud environments. VMware Cloud on AWS is a joint development effort between AWS and VMware to deliver such an integrated cloud solution.

Learn how, with VMware Cloud on AWS, customers can:

  •   Reduce operational overhead and get to the cloud faster by leveraging existing
        skills, tools, and processes familiar to IT personnel
  •   Align costs to business needs with flexible consumption options and
        investment protection
  •   Get a single inventory view of both on-premises and VMware Cloud on AWS
        resources using vCenter server technology

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Chart the Ideal Path to your Multicloud Future

Mid-market businesses are increasingly adopting multicloud infrastructures and need solutions that are tailored to their unique scale, growth and budget requirements. Dell Technologies brings together hardware, software, and services to unleash new efficiencies and capabilities with reduced risk.

Download this overview from Dell Technologies and Intel® to learn more.

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Flexible Payment Solutions for MidMarket

In order to quickly get the hardware, software, services, and support you need, Dell Technologies can help with a flexible payment solution portfolio. Enhance your mid-market remote workforce with PC as a Service, Payment Flexibility, and Technology on Demand to protect your IT ecosystem with the latest, advanced security technologies and features.

Download this brief from Dell Technologies and Intel® to learn more.

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What Does End-to-End Security Mean for Your Business?

Mid-market businesses need the same robust protections as large enterprises, without being able to call on the same level of resources. In addition to being effective, their defenses must never slow the business down, but instead become an engine for innovation that can help power their way forward to opportunity.

Download this brief from Dell Technologies and Intel® to learn more.

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Can Your Security Strategy Scale with Your Growing Business?

As your mid-market business adds infrastructure to support new opportunities and expands its footprint to the cloud, your security needs will change. An end-to-end security strategy supported by the right partnerships enables your business to stay protected as it evolves.

Download this paper from Dell Technologies and Intel® to learn more about a foolproof security strategy for your business.

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Government transformation with open hybrid cloud

Developers and operations teams want to modernize legacy applications and infrastructure to scale and update more easily but business leaders are rightfully worried about costs.

In this Red Hat brief, learn how open hybrid cloud can help your organization streamline operations, optimize IT support, develop and deliver apps faster, improve processes with automation, and enhance security.

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Cloud has evolved. Are your security tools keeping pace?

Why Threat Stack customers are switching to Lacework

Organizations that bought early cloud security products are finding that those tools aren’t keeping up with dynamic environments ruled by APIs and microservices on containers, and server instances that constantly scale up and down.

More than 20 customers migrated from Threat Stack to Lacework last quarter. Without a major investment in time or security expertise, they gained new insight into their environment, decreased time spent on compliance programs, and reduced alert fatigue.

Are you ready to experience the difference?

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