Visa Case Study

Visa needed a reliable solution to manage and update product content for 300,000 worldwide merchants depending on Visa Checkout. The solution Visa chose is the Qordoba Strings Intelligence Platform.

Visa Inc. is one of the world’s largest financial services corporations. It facilitates electronic funds transfers throughout the world. Visa’s global network processes over 100 billion transactions with a total volume over $8 trillion annually.

In 2013 Visa launched Visa Checkout, an online payment system that removes the need to share card details with retailers. The Visa Checkout service allows users to enter all their personal details and card information, then use a single username and password to make purchases from online retailers. The service accepts credit, debit, and prepaid cards of all major payment networks.

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Validation of the Welch Allyn RetinaVueTM 100 Imager Handheld Fundus Camera for Teleretinal Imaging in Primary Care

Diabetic retinopathy is the leading cause of blindness among working-age adults¹, but up to 95% of cases can be prevented if detected and treated at an early stage². Unfortunately, if diabetic patients do not schedule and attend annual ophthalmologic appointments, the disease may go undetected, resulting in permanent vision loss or blindness.

Historically, handheld fundus cameras have not been widely adopted for diabetic retinal exams in primary care settings due to poor image quality and difficulty to operate—but advances in fundus imaging technology is changing that.

This study outlines:

  • The new RetinaVue 100 Imager can be effectively used in non-eye care settings.
  • How retinal images can be captured by minimally experienced operators in just four minutes.
  • That a high percentage of these images can be successfully interpreted by an ophthalmologist.

1 CDC Vision Health Initiative (VHI), Common Eye Disorders.

2 National Eye Institute, Facts about Diabetic Eye Disease. /retinopathy

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Enabling diabetic retinal exams in primary care settings—a strategy that works for patients and providers

Diabetic retinopathy is one of the most preventable blinding diseases in the world.1Unfortunately, due to the lack of warning signs and symptoms, it is often not detected until the late stages of the disease—when vision loss can be irreversible.

Early detection of diabetic retinopathy is critical for patients living with diabetes, so they are typically referred to the ophthalmologist for an annual eye exam—but about half either fail to schedule or fail to attend their appointment.2

Download the case study to learn how Summit Medical Group implemented a patient-centered solution to ensure compliance with the annual diabetic eye exam, enabling ophthalmologists to diagnose disease in early stages when vision-saving treatment options are still available.

1CDC Vision Health Initiative (VHI), Common Eye Disorders.

2Monitoring Visual Status: Why Patients Do or Do Not Comply with Practice Guidelines: Frank A. Sloan, Derek S. Brown, Emily Streyer Carlisle, Gabriel A. Picone, and Paul P. Lee, HSR: Health Services Research 39:5 (October 2004)

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Mesa Systems Protects Against Phishing Email with EdgeWave ThreatTest

Established in 1981 with offices located throughout the western United States, Mesa Systems is a world-class, full-service provider of residential, commercial, and logistics-based transportation solutions for businesses and individuals. This case study reviews how Mesa Systems identified a new wave of phishing attacks getting past their existing defenses, and how they are giving their employees a simple tool that helps them flag suspicious emails in their inbox. It then automatically routes those emails through AI and expert human analysis in minutes. Mesa can now fight phishing attacks faster, resolving them in minutes, and they are no longer burdening IT with the time and cost of investigating and remediating suspicious emails.

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