Cosine Additive

When he co-founded Cosine Additive Inc. to design a 3D printer that could be economically competitive with traditional manufacturing methods, CTO Andrew McCalip had one design platform in mind. “I’ve always preferred SOLIDWORKS because it’s the most modern package and supports an intuitive, common-sense approach to design,” he says. Learn more. Read the case study.

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Customer Support Transformation – The Guide to Essential Practices and Metrics

TeamSupport recently issued a major industry report in collaboration with ServiceXRG called Customer Support Transformation: The Guide to Essential Practices and Metrics. This report examines important trends in customer support delivery and offers tangible guidance for customer support and service professionals to meet growing expectations of both customers and company executives.

This report examines:

  • Customer demand for Support services.
  • Practices companies use to manage and respond to customer Support requests.
  • Metrics and measurements for Support.
  • Benchmarks to indicate current performance levels.
  • Strategies and practices to scale Support.
  • New challenges and opportunities for Support.

Download the report to learn more.

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Case Study: RIGA Airport

RIGA Airport is one the busiest and fastest growing international airports in the Baltics. In order to allow their people and teams to effectively connect and collaborate amidst multiplying data, they deployed Microsoft® SharePoint®, which created barriers to team productivity and general data security.

The airport's biggest challenge was missing an overview of access rights and not being able to track changes to permissions as they occurred. They were looking for a solution to eliminate data security threats and improve overall governance by preventing unwarranted access rights from increasing.

With SolarWinds® Access Rights Manager (ARM), the principal solution developed by SolarWinds, RIGA Airport was able to limit access rights to a need-to- know basis, thereby helping reduce data security risks, as well as help ensure accountability and compliance with internal policies by knowing who accessed which files.

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Ford Motor Company adopts Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift

Ford Motor Company seeks to provide mobility solutions at accessible prices to its customers, including dealerships and parts distributors who sell to a variety of retail and commercial consumers. To speed delivery and simplify maintenance, the company sought to create a container-based application platform to modernize its legacy stateful applications and optimize its hardware use. With this platform, based on Red Hat OpenShift and supported by Red Hat and Sysdig technology, Ford has improved developer productivity, enhanced its security and compliance approach, and optimized its hardware use to improve operating costs. Now, the company can focus on exploring new ways to innovate, from big data to machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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Sullivan Solar Power’s IT Leader Enables Lead Generation and Revenue Growth

When Daniel Sullivan started Sullivan Solar Power he had one goal in mind: to transform the way the world generates electricity.

At the time his company launched in 2004 it was one of few in the San Diego area that installed solar power systems. Since then not only has Sullivan Solar Power grown tremendously, so has the industry itself.
But the company’s fast growth was hindering their ability to deliver. Sullivan Solar Power needed to find a way to stay ahead of the competition. Company leaders quickly identified that they needed a better way to manage an exploding volume of sales leads.

The company’s spreadsheet-based system for tracking leads was inconsistent and impossible to report on making it difficult to know the actual number of leads. The team turned to Quick Base to quickly build a centralized system to manage sales leads and other key company information. They have since leveraged Quick Base to streamline multiple processes and functions, from multiple business functions like HR, Purchasing, and IT.

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eBay Scales Up Mobile Marketing with AppsFlyer

In the early days of eBay’s mobile marketing efforts, the team chose a basic attribution setup that enabled them to connect with a handful of advertising partners. Every such integration required extensive resources from eBay, an investment of numerous man-hours by multiple teams.

eBay’s business goals for their mobile app matured over time, requiring a more elaborate, scalable, agile attribution provider. The solution that answered their needs was AppsFlyer, offering self-serve access to an ecosystem of over 5,700 advertising and technological partners. AppsFlyer enabled eBay to integrate quickly with multiple partners around the world, test the value of each and optimize quickly.

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ROI Study of Financial Institution using Network Verification

The primary function of Forward Enterprise is to collect device configuration data from every network device, including state information that governs the active behavior of the device. Forward Enterprise can then model and anticipate the behavior of the entire network end-to-end, and report on potential vulnerabilities, policy violations or risk exposure.

The common identified process improvements we have seen at several large customers are:

  • Reduced time to trouble ticket resolution
  • Reduced time spent on audit related fixes and updates
  • Fewer, shorter and more reliable change windows or network updates

Read how this financial institution cut costs by leveraging network verification in trouble ticket resolution, audit-related fixes, and change window frequency.

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Cloudinary is Money for Mediavine, Simplifying Video Management

As the exclusive ad manager for more than 3,900 digital publishers, Mediavine relies on video for monetizing content. Unsatisfied with the way ad networks were run, Mediavine saw an opportunity to break free from the burdens and constraints of legacy ad networks by creating its own ad management service.

Learn how Mediavine was able to streamline their developer workflow, optimizing video performance and reducing bandwidth usage.

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Cloudinary Helps Hinge Keep Modern Romance Real

Hinge, the relationship app, is taking a different approach to online dating. Instead of encouraging casual dating, the Hinge app is designed to help individuals build meaningful relationships. With Hinge, users can upload both photos and short videos intended to help them strike up two-way conversations that foster stronger connections and turn virtual connections into real romance.

Learn how Hinge is able to support their user-generated content during direct uploads from their users’ devices, resizing and cropping this media on- the-fly to fit the graphic design, and optimizing the quality and format for improved performance.

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Bleacher Report Scores with Real-Time Video Highlights Delivered by Cloudinary

Forget views and clicks. Video success is all about connecting with your target audience in a meaningful way. If you want to up your video game, look no further than sports culture leader Bleacher Report—the team boasted 51 of the top 100 branded posts on all of Instagram in 2019.

Learn how Bleacher Report was able to automatically transcode videos into a streamable format, adjust their quality and resolution, implement adaptive bitrate streaming and deliver them through a fast, reliable content delivery network. These features ensure that viewers experience a smooth playback irrespective of device requirements or internet connectivity.

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Leading educational publisher halves time to market for new applications

To succeed in an increasingly competitive market, educational publishing company Scholastic decided to adopt a more flexible microservices-based development approach to offer new products and services faster. To take advantage of a supported Kubernetes container platform, the company chose to deploy Red Hat OpenShift ContainerPlatform on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This new environment lets developers reuse microservices to more efficiently build new services, with less focus on management and provisioning. Scholastic has not only cut its time to market in half, from months to weeks, but also improved its scalability and availability in response to shifting demand.

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