Kemet Chooses Open Systems To Optimize Performance Of Cloud Apps, Secure Cloud Connectivity, And Reduce Costs By 50%

KEMET chooses Open Systems to optimize performance of cloud apps, secure cloud connectivity and reduce costs by 50%.

As a leading global manufacturer of electronic components, KEMET Electronics Corporation has more than 15,000 employees operating at 60 locations across 16 countries. The company strives to meet the highly specialized needs of electronics makers in the telecommunications, medical, aerospace defense, and automotive markets. More than 160 patents, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and R&D facilities allow KEMET to deliver an expanding portfolio of advanced electronic solutions, including the industry’s broadest range of capacitors.

Read this customer story to know more about KEMET Electronics Corporation.

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Cavium enables secure access to privileged credentials with One Identity Safeguard

The majority of headlines about cybersecurity failures center on the theft or loss of customer or citizen information, and larceny linked to money. However, for many organizations the “crown jewels” that they must protect is the intellectual property that is the true value of their businesses. Such is the case with San Jose, California-based Cavium, a processor manufacturer that services a wide range of technology solutions.

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From Concept to Savings: One Large Oil Company Integrates it’s Complex Supply Chain

According to Aberdeen's chief supply chain officer survey conducted in January 2011 which surveyed 191 companies, the top two pressures dominating current supply chain operations include increased complexity and globalization (52%), and rising supply chain costs (46%) including fuel and labor. Undoubtedly, the increase in the number of trading partners is changing the nature of the dynamics between all parties in the multi-tiered global supply chain. In response to these pressures there is a growing shift in focus towards internal collaboration (cited by 70%) and external collaboration (42%) with suppliers and trading partners. This Analyst Insight will focus on some key process and technology differentiators displayed in improving supplier/partner/service product flow across an increasingly more complex, multi-tier, and cross-channel distribution network. We will showcase the advantages that one large oil and gas company was able to achieve by partnering with a solutions provider, ASCI, to build out an integrated platform.
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Customer Case Study

AdvanSix needed to create its own ERP platform and turned to trusted partner Fujitsu to develop a flexible, scalable, and reliable SAP HANA® solution built on Microsoft Azure®.

Download this case study to learn more.

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How the City of Sacramento Scaled it’s Online Government Services

Greg Western, website administrator for the City of Sacramento, and his small web team have now converted more than 600 paper-based forms to online services for the City. In this case study, you'll learn how his team got started on going paperless and how, two years later, the team now works with 13 different departments on an ongoing basis to digitize forms and streamline processes for citizens and staff.

The case study answers key questions such as:

  • How did your team start going paperless?
  • How did you calculate time savings for digital forms?
  • What are your most used forms?
  • How do you handle form governance and permissioning?
  • Has the accuracy of form submissions improved?
  • How have your processes changed since digitizing your forms?
  • What platforms have you integrated with SeamlessDocs?
  • What workflows do you use?
  • Did you have any accessibility issues?

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Streamlined Image Management Improves Productivity and Performance for Stylight

For Stylight, a fashion and design retail search engine, uptime, performance, and customer experience are key to the bottom line. Learn how they automated their image management workflow by automatically delivering the optimal image quality, speeding up page load time by about 100 milliseconds across all locations—improving conversion rates by up to 2.2% and revenue up to 2.4%.

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Streamlined Digital Asset Management Optimizes Productivity and Performance for StubHub

As StubHub evolved from a lightweight website to one that was rich with images, videos and custom views from seat locations at event venues around the world, it sought a way to streamline their image and video management. Learn how StubHub automated a time-consuming and complex image and video upload and management process, resulting in a 60% reduction in page weight and achieving a three times faster page load time—optimizing performance and user experience.

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Efficient Image Management Improves Performance and Productivity for Hipcamp

When creating a website that allows campers to discover great destinations, Hipcamp put a strong emphasis on featuring high quality images that showcased the list of beautiful locations, regardless of whether users accessed the site on a desktop, tablet, or phone. Since 2015, Hipcamp has relied on Cloudinary’s image management solution to automate cropping and image optimization, enabling instant public delivery of photos, automatic tagging based on content recognition, and faster loading of webpages. In addition, Hipcamp was able to maintain the high standards it holds for the look and feel of its website.

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Case Study: Anglicare

A growing organization, it had been acquiring or building new facilities to meet the increasing consumer demand. This meant that they had adopted multiple incumbent data systems that were not linked or integrated.

Anglicare needed:

  • A way to bring all the facilities in their portfolio together in one centralized platform
  • To identify what information was missing or incorrect in their existing handover documentation
  • To ensure that each facility, and the organization as a whole, was compliant with the Federal Aged Care Act
  • A strategic and efficient approach to ongoing maintenance planning and budgeting

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Case Study: The Prince of Wales Hospital

Value Added: One central system to efficiently manage construction, assets and defects. OmTrak was primarily utilized to provide enhanced project hand over documentation accuracy and was integrated with existing client FM systems.

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Case Study: Urology Clinic

Value Added: One central system to efficiently manage construction, assets and defects. OmTrak was primarily utilized to provide enhanced project hand over documentation accuracy and was integrated with existing client FM systems.

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Case Study: US Education Sector

Value Added: One central system to efficiently manage construction, assets and defects. OmTrak was primarily utilized to provide enhanced project hand over documentation accuracy and was integrated with existing District FM systems.

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Bundespolizei Advances Germany’s Public Safety

Bundespolizei is part of Germany’s Federal Ministry of the Interior and employs 41,000 citizens. Bundespolizei oversees air control, air safety, rail patrol, border patrol, crime reduction throughout Germany and patrol of their waters. In addition to their responsibilities within Germany, they work worldwide with other police agencies within the European Union and neighboring countries.

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Immedion Maintains Always-On, Secure Data Centers with Kentik

With bad actors constantly looking for opportunities to disrupt or penetrate networks, real-time network visibility and threat alerting are imperative. That’s why regional cloud and data center provider, Immedion chose Kentik to help maintain high customer satisfaction and provide always-on, accessible, secure services.

In their search, Immedion found that on-premises solutions required data-collector platforms to be deployed at each of its seven sites, requiring significant resources to setup and manage. With Kentik’s SaaS solution, no additional resources were needed and all sites were covered. Plus, they were able to query their network data within seconds compared to the minutes or hours that other solutions required.

Read this case study and learn how Immedion achieved:

  • Real-Time Visibility and Security Across Seven Facilities
  • Significant Time and Cost Savings
  • High Commitment to Service-Level Agreements

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