Transforming How We Deliver Value: Agility at Scale

Continuous delivery in software development allows us to deliver incrementally, get quick feedback, and react. A key enabler is the adoption of agile techniques and methods; key inhibitors in the enterprise are size, scale, and complexity. Now we must coordinate work across multiple interdependent teams to deliver value, rather than focusing on developing a single product or application. Amy Silberbauer shares her experience of adapting SAFe in an enterprise organization and describes the struggles, mistakes, and successes throughout that process. Learn how to avoid some common pitfalls as you and your own organization embark on this same transformation.
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Five vital steps for successful software delivery in a chaotic world

Delivering applications that meet the needs of the business can be a challenge in a complex business climate that is constantly changing. In this complex environment, what practices should you have in place? Watch this on-demand TechBytes webcast and learn more about five vital steps that can help you yield better business results.
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Leaner software development using DevOps

Reduce cycle times and eliminate waste with Rational software. Inspired by lean software development principles, this TechBytes session focuses on various ways to help you notice and remove waste in your process and your time, all while improving time to feedback.
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Unified Communications as a Service: Market Trends and Business Benefits

Today’s workforce is more diverse than ever. Companies are supporting a distributed employee base with increasing technology demands and limited resources.

So the question is how to do more with less while improving productivity? Moving your phone system to the cloud with the UC-as-a-Service model offers many features which let businesses do just that.

5 Ways UCaaS can benefit communication, collaboration and productivity:

- Flexible – Only pay for what you need and scale up or down as needed

- Hassle free - Lower cost of administration and free support down to end user

- Unify - Easily connect multiple offices, remote workers and mobile devices

- Robust business-impacting app integrations like

- Free up IT resources to focus on more strategic projects

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A Platform Without Boundaries Webinar Series

More than 90% of the Fortune Global 500 companies use Red Hat products and solutions. These successful enterprises achieve competitive advantage using stable, secure, open software foundations. Whether you’re ready for platform standardization, server virtualization, better management, or modern storage, you can improve efficiency and control costs with Red Hat® solutions.

Join Red Hat for this 3-webinar series where you’ll learn about:

• Building a platform without boundaries.
• Modernizing your IT infrastructure for increased efficiency.
• Proactively evolving your IT portfolio.

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How to Use TCO to Build a Business Case for Unified Communications

Historically, IT investments were made simply in the interest of increasing competitiveness and with little insight into the hard, fact-based financial case.

As organizations worldwide have been forced to tighten belts and slash budgets, management increasingly require financial evidence for sound IT purchases that fully align with business goals and strategies.

This webinar defines and describes total cost of ownership - an important metric for assessing and tracking the risks, costs, and benefits of unified communications solutions.

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Brilliantly Simple Business Communications

Complexity is NOT synonymous with "sophisticated" - that's a myth the suppliers of complexity want you to believe so they can sell you a service to cope with it.

Learn how to leverage the power of pure IP, to provide your organization with a brilliantly simple unified communications suite that will drive collaboration and enhance productivity. With ShoreTel, end users take control of all their communication methods (voice, video, IM) – regardless of location (office, home, Starbucks, Tahiti).

The definition of office is no longer four walls, a desk and a telephone. Time and place is almost irrelevant now – workforces are demanding total versatility to work smarter, where they want, when they want and on whatever device they choose.

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Securing Your Worklight Applications with IBM Worklight Application Scanning

As the use of mobile devices exponentially expands, so too does security threats to the increasing number of mobile applications that companies rely on. As a result, companies struggle to keep pace with mobile application security and face the risk of embarrassing and costly data breaches.

In this technical session, you’ll learn how Worklight Application Scanning helps you deliver applications that aren’t susceptible to the most common types of malware, including SQL Injection and Cross-Site Scripting. In addition, you’ll learn how this powerful tool helps address the OWASP Top 10 Mobile Risks for 2014.

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Accelerate Mobile App development with a Cloud Based Mobile Application Services Platform

Enterprises adopt mobile application platforms to help develop and deliver a portfolio of mobile applications systematically. Today’s new crop of easily consumable cloud based mobile services is also changing the way in which apps are developed and maintained. Together, this one-two combination gives dev teams access to a robust tool set provided by a platform while tapping into a myriad of functional and content services available via the cloud.

Attend this webcast to learn how you can accelerate mobile app development through the integration of cloud-based APIs and a mobile application platform to power, secure and integrate your mobile applications.

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Does your app hit the mark with users? Use cloud-based services to find out for sure!

Like it or not, you will hear from your vocal users. It’s not unusual to see ratings from 1 to five stars for the same app. How do you track and compare actual and perceived quality? How can you get actionable insight from user feedback to develop mobile apps that engage users and deliver what matters to them? The answer lies in cloud-based services that enable rapid collection and analysis of user feedback combined with automation enabling faster response.

Attend this webcast to learn how you too can tap into cloud-based test and quality services to drive up both app ratings and user satisfaction.

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Advancing Software-Defined Storage

Date: Thursday October 2, 2014

Time: 11 a.m. (ET) / 8 a.m. (PT) | 5 p.m. (Paris) / 8:30 p.m. (Mumbai)

As infrastructures evolve and data continues to increase exponentially, many IT professionals are developing strategies to ensure that they’re prepared for whatever comes next. Red Hat has a clear strategy to help customers respond to these shifts and realize direct business benefits as a result.

Join this session and learn how Red Hat Storage, an open, software-defined storage solution, provides a scalable, secure platform across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

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Creating Apps that Engage: How Data-Driven Apps Manage Today’s Data Visualization Challenges

Today’s development teams are facing greater challenges to create more customer-facing applications faster and for a broader range of devices than ever before. How do you pull it all together and deliver what decision-makers and users both want?

Attend this webinar to learn what developers building data driven customer-facing applications already know – focus and agility are keys to designing data-driven applications quickly and how BIRT can effectively meet these needs.

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From Idea to Production in Minutes: IBM DevOps for Bluemix Short-circuits Development Headaches

IBM DevOps for Bluemix provides an integrated set of DevOps services in the IBM Bluemix PaaS, for individuals and teams building mobile and cloud applications (‘systems of engagement’) that enable teams to shrink the application delivery cycle time, and consistently deliver software with speed, quality and accuracy. This session provides an overview of IBM DevOps services on Bluemix, focusing on quickly getting started with new projects and collaborative development with agile tracking and planning.
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