Building the ROI Case for Flash: Lowering the TCO with Better Storage

The IT mantra seems to have evolved from “do more with less” to “do everything with nothing”. Every decision to purchase products or services needs to demonstrate a solid return to the bottom line before the CFO and executive team will okay a purchase. You may know the performance and reliability benefits of flash storage, but how does that translate into return on investment or lowering the overall cost of storage ownership? Watch this TechByte sponsored by IBM to hear industry expert Matt Sarrel discuss how improved availability and higher performance pay off and how some other enterprises have already demonstrated big savings.
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10 Ways to Boost the Performance of Your Storage with Flash

As flash memory continues to gain a foothold in the enterprise, users expect amazing performance improvements overnight. The demand for new storage capacity continues to grow at astounding rates and IT is being tasked to ensure that growth doesn’t make performance an issue.

Watch this TechByte series sponsored by IBM to hear industry expert Matt Sarrel discuss what you should be doing now to ensure the flash storage in your infrastructure gives the maximum performance boost while keeping users happy.

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Next Generation Storage Architectures – Speed Alone is Not Enough

Today, despite the publicity out there, fibre channel remains the dominant protocol, not only in architectures supporting online databases, but also virtual infrastructures. Although speed and bandwidth are huge assets to storage architectures, they are only part of the equation – don’t get solely focused on the number behind the Gbps. In this on-demand webcast, George Crump, lead analyst at Storage Switzerland, will explore the next generation storage architectures, and focus on why speed alone is not enough – granular control, visibility, scalability and performance all hold the same weight.
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APM and DevOps: Driving Application Performance Up to Cloud Scale

As businesses increasingly move code to the cloud - whether public or private - performance in an increasingly complex environment continues to grow in importance.  Today, application operations or development operations has emerged as a key role, ensuring that increasing stack complexity doesn't translate to user frustration and departments seeking their own IT solutions.
These new roles call for a new tool set that aligns with all the elements of the emerging cloud infrastructure.  Is your organization equipped to support application operations today? View this webcast and learn how to drive efficiency up no matter how your business scales.
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Delivering IT as a Service: Preparing For the Private Cloud

Virtualization and cloud computing have permeated throughout IT and the enterprise, with users putting down a credit card to provision a new application and IT struggling with the challenges of keeping the lights on while trying to become change agents that LOBs demand. What can enterprises do now to accelerate their transition to delivering IT as a Service, with streamlined provisioning of applications, storage and servers to meet ever-changing business demands? Join us for this webinar to hear Cloudcor CEO Khazret Sapenov and Slashdot industry expert Michael Krieger discuss the steps that all businesses - whether or not they are currently cloud-based - to take to improve the speed with which IT operations can deliver on functionality and features promised to users.
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Ten Ways to Build Better Code using APM

What’s in your code? Gone are the days when an application simply ran on a single server instance, OS, disk and network. Today, business application code can be greatly distributed - even changing execution stack from instance to instance. Developing code for the new virtualized and cloud-aware world can be a daunting task indeed. How can you ensure your application code is written to be as efficient, lightweight and reliable as possible? Watch this video to hear from Riverbed performance experts who will deliver a set of insights that will help your organization deliver better performing code.
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SDN 101 – Why should you care?

Watch this webinar to learn how SDN helps address the challenges of virtualization. You will learn practical tips that can help you get started immediately.

Join Jim Metzler, VP at Ashton, Metzler & Associates and Steve Shah, Sr. Director at Citrix, to learn: How virtualization impacts the underlying network infrastructure; Why and how SDN addresses the challenge of virtualization; and How SDN enables "Just in Time" networks for L4-7 services.

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BlackBerry Migration without Disruption

Migration away from BlackBerry use in enterprises is gaining steam worldwide with major analysts providing guidance to begin planning now. With important security and productivity considerations at stake, you need an enterprise mobility solution that can flexibly cover your immediate requirements for secure mobile email and also meet future requirements for supporting your mobile workforce.

Join us for this live webinar to compare BlackBerry capabilities with Citrix XenMobile and discuss the particular needs of enterprise organizations moving away from BlackBerry. Find out why Citrix is the best choice for a painless migration and a complete enterprise mobility solution: Secure email; Document collaboration; App management; and Mobile device management.

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How to build a scalable, security-rich private cloud – in weeks, not months

If your organization is looking to work faster - and with greater agility - you probably know that a private cloud could be a good solution. But you should also know that traditional methods for implementing an automated private cloud using PaaS can take up to six months. With IBM Private Modular cloud, however yours can be deployed in weeks. Learn how IBM Private Modular Cloud can help you build and deploy a security-rich private PaaS cloud environment that leverages customizable modules which can scale to meet your specific business and IT needs.
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How building a scalable modular data center can help fund business growth

Whether you're upgrading your current data center or planning to build a new one, you should be aware that most data centers today are struggling to meet new business demands while trying to do their best to maintain existing solutions. Learn how IBM can help you create a scalable modular data center that lets you achieve IT service optimization and act as an innovation engine that helps fund business growth.
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How to ensure you get the data center your organization needs

Today's data center is changing rapidly - with many organizations integrating new technology solutions to modernize and evolve their businesses. Learn how your data center infrastructure can function as an enabler of that change, by ensuring you start with a data center strategy that optimizes your facility's:

• Capacity
• Availability
• Flexibility
• Operational expenses

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What If IT Dev and Ops Teams Worked Together in the Cloud?

Join Dell and Gigaom Research for an analyst roundtable webinar focusing on bringing together IT and developers to better realize the full potential of cloud computing. James Urquhart, Director of Product, Cloud Management Systems, will be part of a panel, along with Ben Kepes from Diversity Analysis and Robert Benefield from Evolve Beyond, moderated by analyst Paul Miller.
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Control Your Clouds with Dell Cloud Manager

Learn how Dell Cloud Manager enables IT to take control of cloud operations, maintain governance policies and increase business agility. This tool allows you to control your cloud infrastructure and the applications you deploy into your private, public or hybrid clouds. You can secure your clouds, deploy applications with a click of a button and monitor usage to ensure compliance needs are met. The webinar includes a product demo featuring self-service provisioning of resources, quick application deployment, application automation in one or multiple clouds, configuration management, role-based access controls and financial controls/tracking.
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Enhance the Way Your Users View BIRT Designs

View this 30 minute TechTalk to learn how the newly launched BIRT Viewer Toolkit renders BIRT-based data visualizations and reports in a more powerful and user-friendly way, enhancing the experience for your internal users or in your externally-facing application.
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