PaaS Built for Development: IBM Bluemix Solves a Range of Infrastructure and Middleware Challenges

IBM's new Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering, IBM Bluemix, delivers the speed and flexibility of the cloud to allow developers to more quickly compose and build enterprise-grade applications for by providing access to IBM's vast software portfolio as composable services. This powerful PaaS/services combination, built on open standards and taking advantage of Cloud Foundry, enables developers to avoid vendor lock-in while leveraging their existing application development assets and skills, which is essential for building hybrid clouds.

IBM is providing developers an open, flexible cloud environment connecting the enterprise and born-on-the-web developers using their choice of tools, whether IBM, third-party, or open technologies, in a scalable environment. This session provides an overview of IBM Bluemix capabilities.

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How to use TCO to build a business case for Unified Communications

Historically, IT investments were made simply in the interest of increasing competitiveness and with little insight into the hard, fact-based financial case. As organizations worldwide have been forced to tighten belts and slash budgets, management increasingly require financial evidence for sound IT purchases that fully align with business goals and strategies.

This webinar defines and describes total cost of ownership - an important metric for assessing and tracking the risks, costs, and benefits of unified communications solutions.

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Brilliantly Simple Business Communications

Complexity is NOT synonymous with "sophisticated" - that's a myth the suppliers of complexity want you to believe so they can sell you a service to cope with it. Learn how to leverage the power of pure IP, to provide your organization with a brilliantly simple unified communications suite that will drive collaboration and enhance productivity. With ShoreTel, end users take control of all their communication methods (voice, video, IM) – regardless of location (office, home, Starbucks, Tahiti). The definition of office is no longer four walls, a desk and a telephone. Time and place is almost irrelevant now – workforces are demanding total versatility to work smarter, where they want, when they want and on whatever device they choose.
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New Strategies to Manage IT Automation Complexity

Is your IT Automation strategy saving you money or becoming more complex and costly? Watch this on-demand webinar and see how the right unified IT Automation strategy can pay for itself and deliver more business value. Learn how to reduce costs, transform compliance and configuration processes and eliminate manual tasks.
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How to Use Log Management for Compliance

Session 1: Thursday, August 21, 9 a.m. EDT | 2 p.m. BST | 15:00 CET

Session 2: Thursday, August 21, 11 a.m. EDT | 4 p.m. BST | 17:00 CET

Every day, your network generates event records which can be used to reduce your organization's exposure to intruders, malware, damage, loss, and legal liabilities. But how quickly can you pinpoint an exact log when you really need it? A comprehensive log management solution makes it simple to pinpoint the log you're looking for from within the many possible sources and formats in which it can appear.

This live demonstration of Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold Log Management Suite will show you how to quickly pinpoint log events and stay compliant.

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Video: ACES Power Customer Reference (VNXe)

Watch ACES Executive Director of Network Services Brandon Robinson discuss why this energy management company decided to support Oracle and Microsoft on EMC VNXe3200 with VMware. By using fully automated storage tiering (FAST) and virtualization, ACES increased performance and transformed how IT provided service to its customers.
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Boost Productivity with Self Service for Middleware

Middleware continues to play a significant role in the interconnectivity of applications across the enterprise. Find out how BMC Middleware Administration is used to increase productivity and meet user requests. This session will provide insight into how to provide stakeholders with role-based self-service access to WebSphere MQ.
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Have Outages Got You Down?

Join industry experts to learn how you can improve service resolution. In this session with industry experts, you will find out how to quickly and easily increase the collaboration between your service desk and operations organization.
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Optimize Data Center Resources and Plan for the Future

Eliminate over-provisioning and capacity shortfalls with pro-active capacity optimization. Join us in the evolution from capacity monitoring to capacity optimization in your data center. In this webinar, discover how to significantly extend the value of your performance monitoring system.
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Increase Your Data Center IQ

Discover how to improve network efficiency, lower IT costs and more proactively manage your physical, virtual and cloud environments. Join experts from BMC Software and partners, Entuity and Sentry Software, to learn how to build data center success with a comprehensive performance monitoring solution and add value to your BMC portfolio.
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Leveraging Application Deployment Automation in the Cloud

Event Details: July 16, 2014 at 1:00 PM Eastern

Faster time to deployment is a vital component of cloud computing, regardless of what cloud platforms you are using. Automating the deployment of your applications can significantly speed up launch time and simplify management.

Dell Cloud Manager allows you to easily create reusable application blueprints. Design and configure an application stack once, then save for future use. Any authorized user can leverage the blueprint as a ready-made template, or simply deploy to the cloud platform of their choice at the click of a button. Using Chef or Puppet? We integrate with both - or you can use our built-in service catalog.

Join us for this informative session where you will learn how your organization can benefit from leveraging the cloud for application delivery.

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Meritalk Webinar “Big 5”

State and local agencies face increasing challenges of dealing with complex IT environments, skyrocketing data volumes, and accountability hurdles. The Big Five of IT offer a beacon of light – promising to improve agency performance, productivity, and service. But they will choke state and local networks. Watch this webinar to learn how you can prepare networks for new data center consolidation, mobility, security, big data, and cloud computing initiatives.
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How eBay Classifieds Group monitors and manages their app performance

Thursday June 26, 9.30am (UK), 10.30am (Central Europe)

In this live webinar, Armand Verstappen, NOC Manager at eBay Classifieds Group will highlight how Compuware APM enabled eBay to protect and optimize the experience their customers love by:

• Validating performance of their own datacenters
• Monitoring their CDN performance
• Monitoring performance trends versus their competitors

You will learn how eBay Classifieds Group tackles the challenges they face through sophisticated application monitoring strategies they’ve put in place to stay ahead of their users’ expectations.

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Top 10 Application Problems Solved by Using APM

Are your applications delivering top performance? In today’s increasingly distributed cloud-heavy world, the myriad components that make up your application code and delivery stack have many ways to get hung up. Software, OS, networking and infrastructure can all play a role in holding back your code from delivering the performance users demand.

How can you ensure you don’t fall into the most common performance pitfalls and keep your code humming along? Watch this complimentary webcast to hear from performance experts at Riverbed who will discuss:

- How to determine when performance issues are out of control
- Where to tune performance parameters that are most often overlooked
- The role hardware and database play in the performance equation
- When to look at the application code itself
- How to triage most performance issues

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5 Ways to Grow Business Speed and Agility with Flash Storage

How much storage is enough? With over 10 zettabytes consumed each year, storage growth continues to accelerate. As enterprises turn to flash-based storage to improve performance, what other gains can be achieved by strategic application of flash? Watch this TechByte sponsored by IBM to hear industry expert Matt Sarrel discuss how your flash strategy can lead to improved business results and faster time to value not just in IT but for the business as a whole.
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