Save your Data while Saving your Budget: Bottom-line benefits of Cloud-Connected™ Backup and Recovery

How can you improve data protection in your organization while reducing your overall budget? Simply, with a cloud-connected (hybrid) backup and recovery strategy that helps you move from a capital-intensive backup model to a pay-as-you go structure that provides better data security in day-to-day operations and faster recovery if disaster strikes.

Join presenters Eric Jewett, Microsoft Worldwide Director, Windows Azure Enterprise Strategy, and David A. Chapa, EVault Chief Technology Evangelist, to learn how cloud-connected can help your IT organization do more with less.

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Changing the Perception of IT – What Your Customers Won’t Tell You

To reach the customers of IT services, you have to abandon long-entrenched models of IT thinking & replace them with a customer-focused model that focuses on value, experience & context. Join the webinar to understand the issues internal customers face with IT, & see how IT can evolve from being the department of no to the department of now.
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FREE VIRTUAL APPLIANCE: Discover the performance of your applications across the network, web, VDI, database, and storage tiers.

After a 15-minute installation of the ExtraHop Discovery Edition, you will be able to:

  • View real-time performance correlated across the network, web, VDI, application,
    database, and storage tiers
  • Identify errors and performance degradations for each tier in the application delivery
  • Join our customer forum to ask questions, learn tips and tricks, and share stories

    Please fill out the below form and one of our representatives will contact you shortly to issue a license key.
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    Cover Your Assets: Protect Your Company’s Most Important Possession

    Whether accidental or hacker-initiated, data loss can pose huge costs to your organization. In this webcast, uncover the financial impact of data breaches, and learn why a DLP solution that integrates with a Unified Threat Management platform is the most effective way to prevent data loss.


    -How to protect the growing volume of data in your network with a powerful DLP solution that controls information as it moves across boundaries
    -How DLP technology directly secures your data, and solves the most common leaks in your network
    -How attackers leverage SQLi to steal data and five key tips to follow to stop them from accessing your assets
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    End to end testing for SAP applications powered by IBM

    Join this webcast to know how testing for SAP powered by IBM confers not just automated functional testing and performance testing but goes beyond to help you reduce testing efforts by 40% to 50% by enabling impact analysis and test scope optimization. Virtualization capability helps bring integration testing earlier into the life-cycle allowing you to know whether the integration of SAP and non-SAP system works before actually deploying it. Join this webcast to know the next generation testing for SAP powered by IBM.
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    TEST ASSET ONLY – Testing

    Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies help organizations offer a more satisfying and productive work experience by providing people greater mobility. BYOD programs can come in many forms, from the ad hoc use of personal devices to full replacement of corporate-owned devices. Whatever approach an organization chooses, a complete, well thought-out policy is essential for embracing BYOD without increasing risk. In this session, you will gain practical guidance for ensuring BYOD success and hear first-hand from a Citrix IT executive who has led our BYOD implementation. You will learn: Critical factors to consider when defining your BYOD policy; Best practices for implementing a BYOD initiative; Why the best approach includes desktop virtualization and enterprise mobility management; How to ensure secure data access on personal devices.
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    Facing your OS or mail server’s end of life? Google can help.

    In April 2014, countless businesses around the world will stop receiving critical support and updates for their operating system or mail server. If your company is among them, there are steps you can take to minimize security risks while you formulate a lasting solution. During our live "Hangout on Air", we'll offer some basic advice and explore how Google can help you ride out this tricky phase - and avoid the same predicament a few years down the line.
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    Systems Management 2.0: How to Gain Control of Your Unruly & Distributed Networks

    You'd think that your networks are impossible to manage...But, we've seen worse. This year has brought many advances in technology, however these new benefits have also created a plethora of challenges for you as the IT professional. Join Jim Frey, Vice President of Research Network Management for analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), and discover:

    - The diversity and complexity in IT: The big picture

    - Cross-team collaboration and the drive to service orientation in IT operations

    - Integration and convergence across management tools, technologies, and practices

    - Unifying infrastructure management: Objectives and requirements for success

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    Inside the Brackets: Episode 3 – The Right Tool for the Job

    Wednesday, October 16 - 11:00am (Pacific Time)

    What should you consider as you choose the right tools for your app development work - and avoid the common pitfalls and perils in tool selection? Go inside the brackets with Abe Elias of Sencha, Nolan Wright of Appcelerator, Kevin Smith of Intel, and Doug Schepers of the W3C as we dig into tools and resources for app developers. Then stick around to ask these panelists your tough questions!

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    Linux management: Recognizing the business value of Red Hat Satellite

    This was a joint webcast with IDC Thursday July 25, 2013 presenting the results of their updated Red Hat Satellite ROI study. "Based on in-depth interviews with Red Hat Enterprise Linux users, Tim Grieser, program VP of system management software for IDC, will present a quantitative assessment of benefits - including business value and return on investment (ROI) - gained by using Red Hat Satellite to reduce costs while delivering high service quality to end users."
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    From Wow to How 4: Mobilizing the Enterprise

    The flexibility users demand. The control and security you need.

    Due to overwhelming demand, we have created an online version of From Wow to How: Mobilizing the Enterprise. Join Citrix, HP and Virtualization Review for this 1-hour event to discover how to enable flexible workstyles - without compromising management, security, or control. This exciting technology demo and moderated discussion will show you how you can:

    -Give users device and app choice without impacting compliance requirements
    -Deliver internal and third-party mobile apps directly to users' devices
    -Provide self-service, single-click access to mobile, web, SaaS or Windows apps
    -Increase user productivity with secure email, web browsing and data sharing apps
    -Selectively wipe corporate apps and data to maintain iron-clad security

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    Webinar-BIRT Makes the Impossible Possible

    Every day developers are tasked with creating impossible applications with complicated requirements and expected to deliver results in a short amount of time.

    Join us to understand why BIRT should be an integral part of your data visualization development environment. We will show you how to build "cool" content quickly so you can free up cycles to meet all of your application's requirements for presenting structured and unstructured data over the web and delivering scalable rich data visualizations.

    View this web seminar to learn how to:
    -Easily incorporate world-class web-centric analytic content into applications without the need for time-consuming custom code
    -Use a drag-and-drop visual design environment to create information-driven content based on a wide variety of sources, including your application, live feeds and legacy data
    -Collaborate with the BIRT community's 2.5 million developers

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    IT Governance, Risk and Compliance with ServiceNow

    Organizations are faced with many auditing challenges and often find themselves defining controls in documents and spreadsheets, manually tracking audit task assignments and storing audit documentation in disparate locations. With the ServiceNow IT GRC functionality, organizations gain a central repository that contains policies, risks, controls, findings and more all in one place. It also provides a way to automate audit tasks for remediation efforts and a dashboard view to manage the entire audit process. Learn more during this webinar.
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