HP Global 2000 Mobile Risk Report

Mobile applications represent a growing threat to the enterprise. But how big of a threat? HP Security Research leveraged HP Fortify on Demand Mobile to scan more than 2,000 mobile applications from more than 600 companies to find out. Download this report to see the alarming realities regarding the sheer number of applications vulnerable to attack, as well as the most common and easily addressable vulnerability errors.
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Designing a Defense for Mobile Applications

To compete today, your business needs to have a mobile storefront on smart phones and tablets—and with this comes risk. Instead of accessing your website from the safe confines of work or home, your customers can now perform sensitive transactions anywhere. And mobile applications and the devices and data they interact with, can be more easily attacked than traditional server-based applications. Attackers will probe all components of your application for vulnerabilities, and the only question is whether you will find them first. In this white paper you will learn about the various considerations for defending mobile applications—from the mobile application architecture itself to the myriad testing technologies.
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Building a security incident response plan that works

Security breaches can cost millions of dollars—but these days they’re virtually inevitable. Every organization needs a formal, documented Computer Security Incident Response Plan (CSIRP) and it needs to be kept up-to-date. In this executive brief, IBM shares the ten most common shortcomings of CSIPRs and how you can avoid these potentially costly mistakes. Read the executive brief to learn how IBM can help protect your organization from cyber threats and strengthen your IT security.
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Stemming the storage management dilemma with a single solution

The exploding volume of data and growing demand for security, data availability and regulatory compliance are driving up the complexity—and the cost—of today's storage management systems. Saddled with an increasingly diverse array of storage systems and devices - each with its own management tools and requirements - this continues to make storage management more difficult for IT. Read this paper to learn about IBM Integrated Managed Infrastructure (IMI), which provides a single, comprehensive and highly automated solution for managing complex storage environments.
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The Risks Of DIY Disaster Recovery (Forrester)

Are you considering in-house disaster recovery management? In the last five years, many companies have. But did you know that without the proper resources in place, managing disaster recovery yourself can put a strain on your budget, your staff and your disaster preparedness? Read this IBM-Forrester global study “The Risks of ‘Do It Yourself’ Disaster Recovery” to learn the critical components that make a disaster recovery strategy successful, and the key questions you need to ask before bringing disaster recovery in-house.
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Cloud Services for Dummies ebook

Cloud computing is becoming an integral part of many companies’ business and technology strategies. There are many different delivery models. But two foundational services are essential for cloud computing to become a strategic part of the overall computing infrastructure: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for access to compute and storage resources in an on-demand model and Platform as a Service (PaaS), which sits on top of IaaS and enables you to build applications to support the business.

For business leaders, cloud computing is a cost-effective way to leverage IT resources to prototype and implement strategic change. For your IT organization, the cloud allows it to be significantly more proactive and responsive when it comes to supporting strategic business imperatives. Learn how to take advantage of IaaS and PaaS to create flexibility for your business. Read the ebook “Cloud Services For Dummies” now.

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Building the mobile enterprise – integrated, secure and productive

Mobility is now a business fact of life. Will your organization be one with mobile capabilities or a truly mobile enterprise? The new IBM white paper “Building the mobile enterprise: integrated, secure and productive” explains the difference and offers a checklist of eight key items to consider when planning your mobility initiatives.
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Symantec Cybercrime Survival Guide

A common way for criminals to attack people is via websites, unfortunately this includes legitimate sites that have been hacked or compromised in some way. This puts your visitors and your reputation on the line, so every website owner needs to understand the risks posed by cybercrime and how to prevent it.
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The Value of Perfect Forward Secrecy

Take one look at the numbers, and you’ll see why it’s worth getting to know Perfect Forward Secrecy. When it comes to security, IT professionals need to think ahead: An eavesdropper who records traffic today may successfully decrypt it in the future. A solution is to employ Perfect Forward Secrecy, in which unrecoverable temporary session keys are generated, used and discarded.
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2013 Cyber Risk Report Executive Summary

The “Cyber risk report 2013 Executive summary” presents the major findings of HP Security Research’s comprehensive dive into today’s cyber vulnerability and threat landscape. It provides information you need to effectively plan your cyber security strategy and deploy your defenses.

The summary concludes that security is about an integrated, systematic approach that includes both protective and reactive measures. Read it to learn:

• What are the major trends in software vulnerabilities?
• How prevalent is mobile malware?
• What are the most common problems found in mobile apps?
• How vulnerable are JAVA applications?
• What is the danger of misconfigured systems?

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Success in the Cloud:  Why Workloads Matter – Observations from IBM’s own Cloud Transformation

As IBM has learned through its own cloud transformation, the actual value cloud computing can deliver depends on the applications you choose for migration. When matched to the right workloads, cloud can deliver game-changing value. When applied to the wrong workloads, cloud’s comparative value can be reduced or even lost completely. Read this white paper to find out which workloads are best suited to the cloud, and how you can make that knowledge work for you.
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Stepping Into the Cloud: A Practical Guide to Creating and Implementing a Successful Cloud Strategy

There’s no such thing as “the cloud,” says this Frost & Sullivan executive brief. It’s more useful to think of the cloud as shorthand for a range of service and deployment models. This practical guide offers steps for moving your company into the cloud, at whatever pace you prefer, with a focus on the SmartCloud Services portfolio offered by IBM and its partners. Read the executive brief for usable advice on selecting the right cloud computing vendor to maximize your chance for success—one that allows you to build on your cloud strategy as your company grows.
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Analytics: A blueprint for value in midmarket organizations – Converting big data and analytics insights into results

The IBM Institute for Business Value conducted a global study to investigate how organizations were creating value from an ever-growing volume of data obtained from a variety of sources. This resulted from data-derived insights, which then guided actions taken at every level of the organization. The findings identified nine levers that enabled the organizations to create the most value. Read the study to see not only why it’s vital for midsize companies to act on this opportunity but also which actions lead to greatest success.
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Analytics and Big Data for the Midmarket (eBook)

With so much emphasis in the business world being placed on big data and analytics, it can be easy for midsize businesses to feel like they’re being left behind. These organizations often recognize the benefits offered by big data and analytics, but have a hard time pursuing those benefits with the limited resources available to them. Read this Aberdeen ebook to find out how midsize businesses can overcome their relative lack of resources to select the right analytics solutions, use these solutions to drive measurable business benefits, and become a top performer in business analytics.
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Under Cloud Cover: How leaders are accelerating competitive differentiation

One out of five organizations has discovered a secret source of competitive differentiation which allows them to serve customers in new ways, reimagine their business models, gather valuable insights from their data and tap expertise across the enterprise. The secret: Cloud computing -- their engine for growth. Cloud computing can help companies respond more rapidly to changing customer needs and market shifts, expand into new markets and target new segments. It's not just an IT decision; it's a business decision.

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