5 Ways Converged Infrastructure Is Transforming Midsize Businesses

Although the IT mantra is 'do more with less', it has been impossible to do much more than keep the lights on, often spending more than three of every four IT dollars on maintenance and management. Virtualization, cloud computing and big data analytics all promise to improve system utilization, but bringing all the pieces of infrastructure, network, OS and software together and keeping them all humming in concert can consume the lion's share of IT and LOB budgets alike. Now however we see the emergence of a new class of pre-integrated systems known as Converged. Infrastructure, designed to deliver out-of-the box productivity gains while drastically reducing the time and cost involved in deployment and maintenance of both traditional and cloud-based solutions.

This IT Managers' Journal (ITMJ) covers 5 concrete ways in which Converged Infrastructure is changing the way IT is delivered, creating a radically new IT value proposition. While you can purchase individual computer, network and storage components can you really afford to do that any longer? This new value prop allows you to scale your data center with much larger building blocks leaving much of the initial integration and setup to your vendor. Download this ITMJ before you spend another dime on infrastructure and discover more today.

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How to build a scalable, security-rich private cloud – in weeks, not months

If your organization is looking to work faster - and with greater agility - you probably know that a private cloud could be a good solution. But you should also know that traditional methods for implementing an automated private cloud using PaaS can take up to six months. With IBM Private Modular cloud, however yours can be deployed in weeks. Learn how IBM Private Modular Cloud can help you build and deploy a security-rich private PaaS cloud environment that leverages customizable modules which can scale to meet your specific business and IT needs.
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How building a scalable modular data center can help fund business growth

Whether you're upgrading your current data center or planning to build a new one, you should be aware that most data centers today are struggling to meet new business demands while trying to do their best to maintain existing solutions. Learn how IBM can help you create a scalable modular data center that lets you achieve IT service optimization and act as an innovation engine that helps fund business growth.
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How to ensure you get the data center your organization needs

Today's data center is changing rapidly - with many organizations integrating new technology solutions to modernize and evolve their businesses. Learn how your data center infrastructure can function as an enabler of that change, by ensuring you start with a data center strategy that optimizes your facility's:

• Capacity
• Availability
• Flexibility
• Operational expenses

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Deployment Automation Basics

Discover the benefits of deployment automation and how to maximize your automation investments!

IT organizations have been finding it increasingly difficult to deploy more quickly without adding more people and incurring additional risks. Only until recently have there been more viable automated deployment options to offer an alternative to the slow and error prone process of manual deployment.

Read the paper to learn about:
  • The limitations of manual deployment, namely its inconsistency, lack of visibility, and proneness to error
  • The benefits of deployment of automation
  • The base set of features that an automated system should provide
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5 Big Benefits of Data Center Transformation

For decades the IT mantra has been “do more with less,” often struggling with tight budgets that ended up being spent largely on hardware and software maintenance that amount to just keeping the lights on. Today, businesses are transforming in this age of virtualization and big data to take advantage of social, mobile and cloud tools that can change the competitive landscape practically overnight.

This ITMJ will highlight some major benefits that can be achieved by looking at your data center in a new light and offer practical advice on how to assess the productivity gains and expense cuts that can be realized by utilizing managed services as part of your IT transformation for the years ahead.

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Rational Application Portfolio Management ROI Tool

CIOs and IT Executives are being asked to "do more with less". With a complex and poorly understood application portfolio at hand a large percentage of IT funds are consumed, it leaves these CIOs and IT Executives challenged to find the funds needed for creating real value in form of innovation and enabling new business opportunities. Organizations spend too much (up to 90%) of funds on maintaining and operating an expanding application portfolio.
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Intelligent Transportation Systems ekit

The IBM Rational Intelligent Transportation Systems solution addresses the challenges with complex projects for the planning, development, deployment and lifecycle management of transportation software. Learn more by reviewing the ekit resources.
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Ten Steps to Better Requirements Management

Requirements definition and management is recognized as a necessary step for the successful delivery of systems and software projects; the discipline is also required by standards, regulations and quality improvement initiatives like Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI).
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DevOps for Dummies

Today's fast-moving world makes DevOps essential for any business aspiring to be agile and lean in order to respond rapidly to changing customer and marketplace demands. This book helps you understand DevOps and how your organization can gain real business benefits from it. You'll also discover how a holistic view of DevOps that encompasses the entire software delivery life cycle - from ideation and the conception of new business capabilities to implementation in production - can bring competitive advantage in a continuous delivery world.
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What If IT Dev and Ops Teams Worked Together in the Cloud?

Join Dell and Gigaom Research for an analyst roundtable webinar focusing on bringing together IT and developers to better realize the full potential of cloud computing. James Urquhart, Director of Product, Cloud Management Systems, will be part of a panel, along with Ben Kepes from Diversity Analysis and Robert Benefield from Evolve Beyond, moderated by analyst Paul Miller.
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Control Your Clouds with Dell Cloud Manager

Learn how Dell Cloud Manager enables IT to take control of cloud operations, maintain governance policies and increase business agility. This tool allows you to control your cloud infrastructure and the applications you deploy into your private, public or hybrid clouds. You can secure your clouds, deploy applications with a click of a button and monitor usage to ensure compliance needs are met. The webinar includes a product demo featuring self-service provisioning of resources, quick application deployment, application automation in one or multiple clouds, configuration management, role-based access controls and financial controls/tracking.
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