SSL 101: A Guide to Fundamental Web Site Security

As use of the internet has grown, the web has also become more popular with scammers, identity thieves, and other cybercriminals. Fortunately there is SSL, a standard solution for protecting sensitive information online. But there's more to SSL than just basic safety. In this guide, you'll learn about what SSL does, how it works, and how it can help build credibility online.
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Choosing a Cloud Provider with Confidence

Many cloud service providers can deliver the security that enterprises need and SSL (secure sockets layer) certificates are part of the solution. The goal of this white paper is to help enterprises make pragmatic decisions about where and when to use cloud solutions by outlining specific issues that enterprises should raise with hosting providers before selecting a vendor, and by highlighting the ways in which SSL from a trusted certificate authority can help enterprises conduct business in the cloud with confidence.
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Choosing the Right Security Solution

This paper discusses how online businesses can instill trust and confidence in their websites, protect valuable brands, and safeguard customers' sensitive information. It is critical to choose e-commerce security solutions that continually evolve and extend to address a range of ever-changing needs. SSL-based security platforms with solid track records of meeting new challenges are the best way to defend, and future proof, e-commerce environments against a growing and dynamic Internet threat environment.
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State of security operations 2014 report of capabilities and maturity of cyber defense organizations

As the incidence and cost of cyber crime have escalated, organizations have responded by establishing security operations centers (SOCs) to detect and counter cyber attack and to assure compliance with industry guidelines. But how capable are SOCs, and where is the greatest opportunity for improvement?

HP Security Intelligence and Operations Consulting has performed maturity assessments evaluating people, processes and technology in 69 SOCs. This report presents their findings on the measured maturity level of SOCs by industry. Read it to understand: Areas needing the most improvement; Lessons learned; and Recommendations on target maturity levels for enterprises and managed security service providers.

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Securing your IT Infrastructure with SOC/NOC collaboration

This white paper explains why integrating your log management solution with IT operations is beneficial to both your network operations center (NOC) and security operations center (SOC). It can help you seamlessly integrate log management into your IT operations strategy, create collaboration between your SOC and NOC that empowers your organization to effectively manage your IT infrastructure while simultaneously ensuring its security.
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10 Ways to Build a Better Big Data Security Strategy

When it comes to enterprise security, Big Data is part of the problem-and it is part of the solution. Collecting vast amounts of data from disparate sources-including the cloud-exposes the enterprise to new threats and creates vast new stores of data you must protect. But you can apply Big Data techniques for finding insight in mountains of data to find security threats as well.
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ESG: The IBM FlashSystem 840: Technical Evolution to Deliver Business Value

Although solid-state in various forms has been a specialist storage technology since the late 1970s, it shed its "niche" moniker for good in 2008. Enterprise-ready flash - fast, not astronomically expensive, and versatile - had arrived, and its maturation allowed storage vendors to begin packaging the technology in ways that could directly improve not only their customers' IT efficiency, but also their business effectiveness.

In this whitepaper, you will learn how this high-speed storage technology has tremendous potential to support I/O-intensive and/or latency-sensitive applications. Discover how a well-chosen, well-implemented flash-based system can have positive effects such as faster response times, lower TCO, smaller data center footprint, or speedier or more frequent application updating.

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Create Operational Flexibility with Cost-Effective Cloud Computing

This white paper provides a view of cloud computing for the chemicals and petroleum industry and describes the technologies and functions that can help them improve efficiency, reduce costs and enable new capabilities. It also gives an overview of the numerous IBM cloud offerings for the chemicals and petroleum industry: IBM Smart Business Storage Cloud, IBM LotusLive, IBM CloudBurst and IBM Cloud Consulting Services.
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Deploy a dynamic, services-oriented cloud for your business

There is no "silver bullet" in the cloud. No single product or packaged bundle can deliver all the virtualization you need to make the cloud real or all the control you need to make it effective. Heterogeneous, evolving and typically complex, the cloud requires a measured approach to its implementation and an integrated approach to its many components. A technology such as the hypervisor that creates compute virtualization is, in fact, only one of a cloud's many building blocks. When designing a cloud, organizations should consider the needs of the applications and workloads beyond compute virtualization such as networking and storage-and then evaluate the integration and control requirements across cloud and non-cloud business services.
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Pay As-You-Grow Data Protection

In this analyst paper John Webster from Evaluator Group discusses the data protection requirements for the SMB IT administrator and uses IBM Tivoli's Full-featured Data Protection Suite for Small to Medium Businesses as an example of a solution. IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Suite for Unified Recovery (TSM SUR) includes the advanced functionality of solutions designed for the enterprise data center, but is offered in a way that is easily implemented and consumed by the SMB.
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