Guide to Selecting a DDoS Mitigation Solution

Given today's threat landscape and the availability of inexpensive "Do It Yourself DDoS tools", commercial websites of all sizes have become targets of DDoS attacks. This white paper offers online businesses practical guidelines and evaluation criteria for choosing their DDoS mitigation solution.
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DDoS Response Playbook

This handbook provides you with a practical guide for planning and executing a DDoS response plan. It outlines pragmatic steps and best practices for choosing and setting up the right mitigation solution for your organization, how to authoritatively respond to an attack, and conduct a thorough post-attack analysis for developing follow-up defense strategies.
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Top 10 DDoS Attack Trends

DDoS attacks are constantly evolving, both in terms of size as well as sophistication. Not keeping up with the changes in the DDoS attack landscape could leave your business vulnerable to attacks. This paper outlines the top 10 DDoS attack trends.
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Top 10 Database Threats

Practical applications for Big Data have become widespread, and Big Data has now become the new "prize" for hackers. Worse, widespread lack of Big Data security expertise spells disaster. These threats are real. This whitepaper explains common injection points that provide an avenue for attackers to maliciously access database and Big Data components.
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The Cloud App Visibility Blindspot

This white paper covers the significant blindspot in visibility and increased risks for organizations in the face of “Shadow IT”. In addition, this paper covers why traditional controls that secure your on-premise environment don’t provide the required visibility into user activity and risks related to cloud app use.
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Digital Media and Gaming Company Protects Cloud-based Apps and Services on AWS

In anticipation of a major product launch, this online gaming company decided to host its e-commerce applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS), rather than invest significant time and money upgrading physical data centers. Delivering services in the cloud exposed the organization to web attacks, data theft, and fraud. Learn how this company found protection with Imperva SecureSphere Web Application Firewall for AWS.
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IaaS Reference Architectures: for AWS

Data center, IT and Operations Architects can now secure their web applications whether they are on-premise, in a virtual environment or in the most popular public cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS). This blueprint document provides guidance on architecting security for cloud-based web applications.
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Think Like a Bad Guy: Understanding Advanced Threats and How to Mitigate Them

When you're a hacker, time is on your side. Time to find a soft spot in your armor, to evade defenses, to seek out your most critical data. Increasingly, today's advanced threats circumvent traditional defenses—even sandboxing. You need a new approach.

This SlashGuide white paper helps you understand advanced threats and how to defend against them. Read it to learn:

• How threats are changing
• Why that requires changing defenses
• The fundamental requirements for an advanced threat appliance
• How HP TippingPoint Advanced Threat Appliance helps neutralize patient zero and minimize the time malware sits on your network

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2014 IBM Cyber Security Intelligence Index Report

When IBM talked to 1,000 clients about security attacks that occurred in 2013, three things became abundantly clear: criminals are relentless, every business—across every industry—is affected, and your perimeter may have already been breached. Read the white paper to learn the findings from the analysis of billions of security events that occurred at a sample of 1,000 IBM clients in 133 countries.
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The Challenge of Protecting Critical Data

Almost all data within an organization serves a useful purpose, but not all data is critical to the business’s survival and growth. The data that is most critical can be difficult to define and challenging to protect, as organization’s often face some common roadblocks that can leave the most valuable data exposed. Read the white paper to learn how to clearly define your critical data through a 7-category hierarchy; the price that enterprises pay for losing their most critical data; and 6 common roadblocks that stand in the way of properly protecting your critical data, and how to overcome them.
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Best Practice Security in a Cloud-Enabled World

This report explores that security in a fast-paced technology-infused world cries for an “invest once and deploy everywhere” approach. For this to be realized, security must be planned in advance and built-in, yet still be fluidly adaptable to circumstances, and singularly controllable.
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Four Key Trends Impacting Mobile Infrastructure Strategy

As mobile technology evolves, it’s bringing rapid change to enterprises everywhere, so it’s essential to know the latest trends and how to build on them to create real business benefits. IDC believes third-party mobility service providers will play a key role in helping you do just that. Read the analyst report to get expert insight into how you can benefit from key mobile trends.
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Preparing Your Network for the Mobile Onslaught

Building a mobile collaboration or bring-your-own-device solution requires three things: mobile applications, the mobile devices themselves and the network that underpins them both. Often, the network and its capabilities take a back seat to applications and devices—which can ultimately lead to poor performance or an inflexible infrastructure. Find out how to develop the type of network that truly supports mobile devices, applications and unified communications programs, thereby establishing the foundation for stronger mobile solutions.
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