A SaaS-First Approach to Application Portfolio Management

A variety of IT research organizations predicted that by 2014 SaaS products would account for more than 40 percent of all new software sales. By any reasonable measure, SaaS is now considered to be an acceptable and, in some cases, a desirable means of supporting a company's business operations. Download this informative white paper to learn benefits of taking a SaaS-first approach to application portfolio management within ITSM.
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Keep Users Happy by Integrating IT Operations and IT Support

The popularity of bringing your own device to work (BYOD), and interactions with social media, users are expecting and demanding far more in terms of IT support. They want services to be available when and where they need them. They want to accomplish their tasks as quickly as possible. And, when they have problems, they expect IT to fix them right then and there. In short, they want a positive experience in all their interactions with IT. Download this informative white paper to learn how to keep users happy by integrating IT Operations and IT Support.
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Connecting the clouds: Best Practices for Integrating IT Service Management

With software as a service (SaaS) you are integrating an external service, hosted by an external party, with your internal systems. The SaaS integration is a matter of connecting the clouds and well articulated interfaces defining the data that is traveling back and forth. With the right integration strategy, SaaS integration can be simple, straightforward, and easy. Moreover, it can position your IT organization to effectively leverage SaaS and migrate from one SaaS solution to another to avoid vendor lock-in. Read this information white paper to understand the things to consider when developing your integration strategy.
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Forrester’s Ideal Tool Set For Application Performance Management For Better Business Performance

Forrester benchmark data on current state of application availability and performance within the enterprise. In conducting a survey of 159 IT professionals with direct responsibility for business-critical applications, Forrester found that all enterprises surveyed had fundamental issues while managing the performance of these applications and business services. Read the report to learn the key findings of this study.
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How Mobility Is Changing the Enterprise

Forward-thinking enterprises use mobile technology across their organizations to give employees, suppliers, and customers access to appropriate data when and where they need it. In this paper, Harvard Business Review examines how mobile 2.0 is about innovation and transformation. Download now to learn how you can reap the benefits of mobile 2.0.
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Mobile Commerce: The Path to Customer Engagement

Mobile technology provides an unprecedented way for enterprises to establish and strengthen customer relationships, as well as increase revenues. Download this mobile commerce playbook from SAP and InfoWorld to learn what you need to know in order to get started in creating your mobile commerce strategy.
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Rethinking Analytics For The Social Enterprise

In this paper, The Tapscott Group examines how today's enterprises are embracing the social revolution by leveraging new analytics to enable better-informed decisions and richer collaboration in real-time. Read more to learn how your organization can gain a competitive advantage.
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Managing The Total Cost Of Ownership Of Business Intelligence

Take a close look at the factors that drive total cost of ownership (TCO) for business intelligence. Learn how your organization can position itself to deliver a cost-effective business intelligence solution that meets your user community's thirst for information, addresses new data sources, and offers the lowest TCO.
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IBM Case Study: Dar Al-Handasah engineers smart solution to data growth challenge

With storage needs doubling every few years, Dar Al-Handasah needed to rationalize and optimize its storage infrastructure. Performance, capacity, cost and ease of management needed to be addressed. The solution deployed two IBM Storwize V7000 storage systems with built-in tools for data migration, thin provisioning and auto data tiering; virtualized legacy storage systems within the V7000 environment. The benefit Backups run 25% percent faster; increased performance of existing storage; cut floor space requirements by 75%; improved efficiency of capacity utilization; delayed investments in extra capacity.
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Data ready infrastructure for business analytics

Businesses globally are challenged to innovate while managing an unprecedented rate of growth. Digital data was up by 48% from 2011 amounting to an astonishing 2.7 zettabytes in 2012, and big data can increase data volume by two to three times. The real value of data lies in the insights revealed through Smarter Analytics which can help you make better, faster decisions and automate processes. It's not a surprise that CIO's are ranking Analytics as the #1 factor contributing to an organization's competitiveness. Organizations that embrace analytics are more than two times as likely to outperform their peers, have 33% more revenue growth and twelve times more profit growth. IT infrastructure is key to a successful analytics solution implementation. Efficient storage is required not only to house data but to fully enable the extraction of actionable insights at the point of impact. IBM Storage solutions provide data ready infrastructure that allow you shared access to trustworthy information, deliver actionable insights on operational data, and to provide maximum availability of business insights. IBM's Storwize family is data ready storage. The Storwize family has helped numerous clients become data ready by offering scalable growth at their own pace, and storage efficiency capabilities to maximize optimization all while providing a resilient infrastructure base."
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