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3 Ways Microsoft 365 is a Game Changer for You and Your Clients

Microsoft 365 on-demand webinar

Want to know more about Microsoft’s latest product bundle? Watch this webinar and hear from the expert behind the project, so you are ready to help your clients integrate Microsoft 365 into their business!

Microsoft 365 promises to be the most innovative, all-in-one solution on the market. It combines features from their most popular packages, and promises to empower your employees, streamline your IT, and keep you protected. Want to find out how you, your team, and your customers can achieve more with Microsoft’s latest bundle, all whilst getting a head start on your competitors? Watch this webinar and you’ll hear from the expert behind this new project describing the Microsoft 365 Business offering, the opportunities it provides and how you can prepare for its launch. Don’t miss out on this great demo!

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The CSP Bible: Your Ultimate Handbook to the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program

How much do you really know about the CSP? Ever since Microsoft introduced it in 2014, resellers have been told that the CSP will help them develop better relationships with their customers and increase their profits. But a lot of MSPs are wondering how it really works. They’d like to know which products they can sell under the CSP and which services they have to provide their customers. Can they work with Microsoft as a Direct Partner or, would it be easier to join forces with a CSP distributor as an Indirect Reseller? These are valid questions and it’s important you understand these points before you seriously consider this program. Our free eBook will put you on the right track.

Here are some of the topics we’ll cover:

  • Which products you can sell under the CSP
  • The difference between CSP Direct and Indirect
  • A reseller’s responsibilities under the Direct and Indirect business models
  • Four Keys to Success as a CSP reseller

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Your Guide to Surviving The End of Microsoft’s Advisor Program

Microsoft has pulled the plug on its advisor program

That's right. As of June 20, you won't be earning any commissions for reselling Office 365 as a Microsoft Advisor. And, you won't earn a single cent for managing Microsoft cloud subscriptions for your clients. Have you thought about what this means for your cloud business?

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How you can maintain your revenue
  • How easy it is to transfer your Office 365 clients
  • Why you should consider moving to the CSP Program
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