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Caplinked is the easiest to use, and fastest growing data room platform available today. By offering transparent pricing, with no surprises, we’ve become the data room of choice for some of the largest investment banks and private equity firms in the world.

See how Caplinked compares to the competition, and how it can help you, get more done.

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Caplinked Platform Preview

CapLinked makes it faster, safer, and easier to manage business transactions in the cloud. CapLinked’s secure, virtual data room platform provides companies with easy-to-use tools for capital raises, asset sales, mergers & acquisitions, real estate deals, investor & board reporting, business development negotiations, and other types of complex business transactions. The Wall Street Journal called CapLinked“the go-to place for setting up and closing deals,” and Inc. Magazine named CapLinked to its list of 5 Back-Office Tech Innovations.
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Speeding Up Your M&A Deals

Free whitepaper, in coordination with Foley LLC, contains insight from industry experts Rob Brown of Lincoln International, Gabor Garai of Foley LLC, and Dave Curran of Thomson Reuters.

After reading, you’ll learn:

  • What market conditions to observe before conducting your deal.
  • How to organize external and internal teams involved with the deal.
  • What deal killers to avoid.
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Modern SD-WAN Management: An Answer for an Internet-Connected World

Changes brought about by digital transformation are pressuring traditional wide area networks (WANs) because of expanded public-cloud workloads, mobile connectivity, and the security ramifications of network traffic shifting from secure corporate data centers to branch offices.

Enter the software-defined WAN (SD-WAN), which uses network virtualization and cloud-based technologies to simplify delivery of WAN services, accelerate deployments, and deliver deep visibility and control across the network.

In this guide, we explain:

  • Today’s network challenges, as described by enterprise IT leaders.
  • How SD-WAN delivers new functionality that answers these challenges.
  • What to look for in a secure SD-WAN solution.
  • Key elements of a truly unified SD-WAN offering.
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The Definitive Guide to SD-WAN

As digital disruption has led businesses to re-evaluate and reimagine almost every aspect of their operations, many have found that the traditional wide area network (WAN) just isn’t keeping up.

Organizations are turning to the power and simplicity of SD-WAN to answer their network demands – and to be ready for new technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G mobile, AI, and more.

In this guide, we explain:

  • Why SD-WAN is the best choice for business networking needs, today and in the future.
  • How SD-WAN can greatly reduce network complexity and cost.
  • Best practices for making the transition to next-gen SD-WAN.
  • What to look for in an SD-WAN vendor – and what to look out for.
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Client Story: gategroup

Garth Gray, Vice President Global IT Infrastructure and Michael Heuser, Senior IT Director of gategroup talk about the transformation of their MPLS network into a global SD-WAN with strong integration of the Microsoft Azure Cloud. The talk took place at the American headquarters of gategroup in Reston, Virginia.

Garth Gray gategroup is the leading independent global provider of products, services and solutions to airline passengers. They work directly with airlines and with their unique passengers in mind to manage complex, high-volume operations around the world. They have 165 facilities within 126 locations in 33 countries on six continents. Their operation consists primarily of airline catering facilities, running 24 × 7.

Read this case study to know more about GateGroup.

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Kemet Chooses Open Systems To Optimize Performance Of Cloud Apps, Secure Cloud Connectivity, And Reduce Costs By 50%

KEMET chooses Open Systems to optimize performance of cloud apps, secure cloud connectivity and reduce costs by 50%.

As a leading global manufacturer of electronic components, KEMET Electronics Corporation has more than 15,000 employees operating at 60 locations across 16 countries. The company strives to meet the highly specialized needs of electronics makers in the telecommunications, medical, aerospace defense, and automotive markets. More than 160 patents, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and R&D facilities allow KEMET to deliver an expanding portfolio of advanced electronic solutions, including the industry’s broadest range of capacitors.

Read this customer story to know more about KEMET Electronics Corporation.

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Unlock the Value of SD-WAN: ROI and Beyond

SD-WAN is a transformational technology, but some vendors often pitch their solutions as a way to save money. Cost reduction is important to earning a return on investment (ROI), but it is not the biggest opportunity with this technology. Instead, enterprises should use SD-WAN to turn the network into a platform for business transformation. This white paper explores how users can plan for ROI and network transformation with SD-WAN.

This white paper focuses on these major topics:

  • Why enterprises are transforming networks with SD-WAN.
  • How SD-WAN supports transformation.
  • After WAN transformation, build your ROI model.
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Top 5 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Trends in 2020

Pharmaceutical companies are striving to play a larger role as solution providers in the health care value chain. Already, organizations are devoting more effort toward identifying new markets and ways to accommodate the health care needs of developing economies. At the same time, emerging trends in technology and the regulatory arena will largely influence how pharmaceutical companies design and manufacture products.

The following five trends reveal how the pharmaceutical industry as a whole is taking on a new look and how manufacturers can position themselves to remain competitive in the rapidly-changing pharma landscape.

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Importance of Remote Support in a Shift Left World

More and more organizations are using a Shift-Left approach to support, bringing more complex work down to Level 1 and moving more repetitive work to self-service. This approach makes sense from multiple perspectives, including:

  • Controlling costs
  • Minimizing lost time
  • Improving the customer experience
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Modernizing Government Agencies

MOBILITY - Provides desktop power on the go, enabling users to work remotely with the same functionality as a desktop

SECURITY - Adheres to industry leading Windows 10 security standards with hardware level security built in

MODERN MANAGEMENT - Empowers government agencies to improve speed of deployment, management, and streamline security oversite of all their Surface devices

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IDC Executive Summary: Support Services as a Competitive Differentiator

To better understand how existing support technologies are meeting the needs of users, IDC surveyed 450 people about their support experiences and preferences at work and on their personal devices. IDC also surveyed 950 support providers for information about their support programs and the technology they use to deliver support.

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The Importance of Remote Support IN A SHIFT-LEFT WORLD

More and more organizations are using a Shift-Left approach to support, bringing more complex work down to Level 1 and moving more repetitive work to self-service. This approach makes sense from multiple perspectives, including:

  • Controlling costs
  • Minimizing lost time
  • Improving the customer experience
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Point of View: Supporting Distance Learners and Educators

Recent years have brought a huge shift in the workplace around mobility. Smartphones and tablets are now essential work tools for employees in many types of organizations and many lines of work. But where do these employees turn when they need help with an app or setting, especially if they use their personal device for work purposes?

A guided support model meets employee expectations and increases IT effectiveness.

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