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Citrix XenMobile technology overview

IT needs to be able to secure and manage mobile devices, apps and data from one centralized point, and set app and data policies based on device ownership, status or location. Users need secure access to email, web and documents, and the ability to self-select the rest of the apps they need from a unified corporate app store - all with a beautiful user experience on any device. Read this technical white paper to learn about what's needed in an integrated approach that allows people to be fully productive while addressing IT's security and management concerns.
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SDN 101 – Why should you care?

Watch this webinar to learn how SDN helps address the challenges of virtualization. You will learn practical tips that can help you get started immediately.

Join Jim Metzler, VP at Ashton, Metzler & Associates and Steve Shah, Sr. Director at Citrix, to learn: How virtualization impacts the underlying network infrastructure; Why and how SDN addresses the challenge of virtualization; and How SDN enables "Just in Time" networks for L4-7 services.

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BlackBerry Migration without Disruption

Migration away from BlackBerry use in enterprises is gaining steam worldwide with major analysts providing guidance to begin planning now. With important security and productivity considerations at stake, you need an enterprise mobility solution that can flexibly cover your immediate requirements for secure mobile email and also meet future requirements for supporting your mobile workforce.

Join us for this live webinar to compare BlackBerry capabilities with Citrix XenMobile and discuss the particular needs of enterprise organizations moving away from BlackBerry. Find out why Citrix is the best choice for a painless migration and a complete enterprise mobility solution: Secure email; Document collaboration; App management; and Mobile device management.

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Bring Your Own Device – BYOD: Optimised in 10 Steps

When you consider the current IT trends in detail, one trend dominates: cloud computing. And in the context of cloud computing the topic "Bring Your Own Device" is in the headlines again and again. Although both topics have nothing to do with each other directly, both are somehow always related in context. Due to a lack of legal regulations, this trend has so far not really prevailed in Europe. Moreover, many CIOs often cite data security as a reason not to use BYOD programmes. But technical possibilities are quickly outpacing existing concepts. Whereas it was previously unthinkable that private devices and systems could be integrated into a company's infrastructure, this trend has nevertheless gradually found its way into companies.
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Consumerisation Turbocharges Efficiency: How Private Mobile Devices Boost Work Productivity

iPhone, iPad, and other personal devices are changing how we handle our professional responsibilities. No longer are we tied to the office and fixed working hours. Now we are connected with important people near and far. Mobile devices give us permanent access to data and, in a way, impart superpowers. We use them not because we are forced to, but because we want to! As the consumers and end users, the choice is ours. It is not always easy for companies to adjust to new things. But this time they are compelled to adapt. Fortunately, they will also benefit from the changes.
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Secure Data Sharing in the Enterprise

Productivity today depends on the ability of workers to access and share their data from any device, in any location, and use it to collaborate with colleagues and partners anywhere in the world. In this era of mobility, bring-your-own device (BYOD) and globalization, work isn't something you do in a single place, on a single computer; it can happen anywhere on any device. Citrix ShareFile addresses this need with an enterprise follow-me data solution that IT can use to deliver a secure, robust service that meets the mobility and collaboration needs of all users. Workers can easily share, store, sync and secure data across any device, while IT can meet its requirements for security, compliance and manageability.
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Citrix ShareFile – Enterprise: a technical overview

When it's time to share files on-the-go, employees will often resort to consumer solutions for a quick fix. But a consumer file-sharing app is too lightweight to handle the heavy-duty requirements of enterprise data and can introduce security risks. Prevent security breaches and provide more comprehensive on-the-go access. With Citrix ShareFile you get: Mobile access to SharePoint and network shares; Mobile editing and PDF annotation on-the-go; Secure collaboration with other employees and 3rd parties; Advanced security policies for mobile devices; and User, device and network reporting/analytics.
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How to resolve the 5 worst service situations

Trying to help someone who is arrogant and feels entitled is challenging. And unfortunately, it's not the only unsavory support situation you face.
"Learn the mechanics of handling your worst transactions, and everything changes in terms of morale, performance and customer satisfaction levels."

This brief, brought to you by Citrix GoToAssist, explores 5 really tough support situations that service and support professionals regularly face and how to effectively resolve them.

Download the brief to learn:
- How to extinguish social media firestorms
- 3 surefire steps for handling an angry, arrogant person
- What to do when (gasp!) you are at fault
- And more...
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Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies help organizations offer a more satisfying and productive work experience by providing people greater mobility. BYOD programs can come in many forms, from the ad hoc use of personal devices to full replacement of corporate-owned devices. Whatever approach an organization chooses, a complete, well thought-out policy is essential for embracing BYOD without increasing risk. In this session, you will gain practical guidance for ensuring BYOD success and hear first-hand from a Citrix IT executive who has led our BYOD implementation. You will learn: Critical factors to consider when defining your BYOD policy; Best practices for implementing a BYOD initiative; Why the best approach includes desktop virtualization and enterprise mobility management; How to ensure secure data access on personal devices.
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How to Benchmark your service desk

All service desks want to know how good they are. But to find out they compare their performance measures to those of the industry. They simply put too much stock in industry-wide benchmarks without an appreciation of all the variables used to construct them.
Instead of misleading measures that compare apples to oranges, the true value of benchmarking comes from within - from tracking internal metrics overtime. Read this white paper by the Service Desk Institute to learn the best ways to benchmark your performance and identify areas of improvement.

Download the white paper to find out:

- The problems with industry benchmarking
- Why true value comes from internal benchmarking
- What performance measures to focus on
- Why all routes should lead to service improvement
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From Wow to How 4: Mobilizing the Enterprise

The flexibility users demand. The control and security you need.

Due to overwhelming demand, we have created an online version of From Wow to How: Mobilizing the Enterprise. Join Citrix, HP and Virtualization Review for this 1-hour event to discover how to enable flexible workstyles - without compromising management, security, or control. This exciting technology demo and moderated discussion will show you how you can:

-Give users device and app choice without impacting compliance requirements
-Deliver internal and third-party mobile apps directly to users' devices
-Provide self-service, single-click access to mobile, web, SaaS or Windows apps
-Increase user productivity with secure email, web browsing and data sharing apps
-Selectively wipe corporate apps and data to maintain iron-clad security

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