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Citrix Healthcare Demo Video: The distributed healthcare landscape

The world has changed so much for caregivers in medicine today. Doctors, nurses used to go to just one place to take care of patients. But now they're highly mobile. Often moving between different clinics, hospitals, even the patient’s home. And that’s where Citrix comes in. With Citrix Workspace, everything’s delivered to me through the Citrix Workspace App, on any device, with a secure log-in.

Citrix SD-WAN, combined with Citrix Workspace makes it easy to provide patient care, from any location with great performance and the assurance that critical IT resources are always on and available.

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Citrix Healthcare Demo Video: Citrix end user experience for healthcare

On the front lines of healthcare, clinicians don't want to think about technology or how it works. They just want their Electronic Health Records, other apps, and data ready to use at any moment.

Citrix helps them to provide optimal care, by transforming the way clinical information is accessed, and the way caregivers interact with their patients.

Please download this webinar to know more!

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Citrix Tech Insight Demo Video: Access Control for StoreFront

Access Control for StoreFront integrates SaaS and web apps into an on-premises StoreFront deployment. When integrated, users can access the SaaS and web apps from StoreFront and have the following capabilities:

  • SSO to SaaS apps.
  • Enhanced SaaS app security.
  • URL filtering within SaaS apps.

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How to drive transformation with hybrid and multi-cloud networking

As application delivery grows more complex, IT leaders are turning to a new strategy to ensure reliable performance and data protection.

In this videocast, Citrix provides you the techniques and tools to provide a great experience for every type of app – legacy, cloud-native, or SaaS – while simplifying security and management. Learn how you can:

  • Deliver legacy and cloud-native apps from any hybrid or multi-cloud infrastructure.
  • Optimize performance over any connection, for any location, using SD-WAN.
  • Protect assets in Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS environments.
  • Gain unified visibility, control, and analytic insight across every cloud and data center you use.

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The ADC Guide to Managing Hybrid (IT and DevOps) Application Delivery

Today, new application architectures like Devops microservices are opening great opportunities for innovation. But you still have traditional IT-managed applications to provide for.

How do you bridge the gap between these different architectures?

Download “The ADC Guide to Managing Hybrid (IT and DevOps) Application Delivery” and learn how to:

  • Manage traditional and microservices apps in a unified environment.
  • Monitor and troubleshoot your entire application delivery infrastructure.
  • Deliver consistent features and capabilities for all applications.

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Reducing the costs of your next ADC refresh

You need an ADC strategy that goes beyond hardware and offers you flexibility and choice as you transition workloads to the cloud.

Are you confident that your current strategy is delivering the best return on investment for your business?

This eBook examines ADC cost considerations for:

  • Conventional Refresh with NetScaler vs F5.
  • Consolidation with Multi-tenancy.
  • Pooled Capacity Licensing.

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Six Must-Haves for Application Delivery in Hybrid- and Multi-Cloud Environments

Discover why ninety-four percent of organizations surveyed are already modifying, overhauling, or reassessing their network infrastructure to facilitate application delivery in hybrid- and multi-cloud environments.

Learn why you should re-architect your network infrastructure to optimize application delivery:

  • Ensure end-to-end network visibility for your operations.
  • Gain real-time analytics for application optimization and uptime.
  • Scale your application infrastructure according to workload demand.

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Citrix Tech Insight Demo Video: Micro VPN

Traditional VPNs grant the entire device access to backend resources. With the micro VPN, which is part of Citrix EndPoint Management, a single , per app VPN gives access to a specific app backend resource.

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Simplify And Secure Hybrid Multi-Cloud App Delivery

Digital transformation is driving change in how you deliver services to your users and customers. This can impact your business brand and reputation. Transitioning to a hybrid, multi-cloud deployment requires flexible and consistent app delivery that balances network traffic challenges with user experience. Citrix ADC ensures fast app development and delivery for reliable app performance in the microsoft Azure hybrid cloud environment.

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Optimize Your App Performance In The Hybrid Cloud

You rely on web-based apps for customer interaction with your business. Consequently, you need to meet the demands of increased app traffic in your hybrid cloud deployments. Citrix ADC optimizes app delivery speed and performance. It right-sizes capacity to improve speed, security, and resiliency of apps delivered over the internet. On Microsoft Azure, Citrix ADC ensures the right traffic goes to the right server for great performance.

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SD-WAN for Microsoft Office 365

People depend on a seamless Office 365 user experience to be productive. But, backhauling SaaS traffic over private networks can strain your WAN, leading to a poor user experience. Watch this video to learn how Citrix SD-WAN intelligently identifies, prioritizes, and routes Office 365 traffic to reduce latency and boost performance.

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Deliver the ultimate Office 365 experience with SD-WAN while reducing bottlenecks, simplifying deployment, and minimizing complexities improving overall end-user experience and performance in our rapidly changing experience economy. Read this guide to learn how you can deliver the ultimate experience leveraging Citrix SD-WAN on Azure.

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Citrix SD-WAN for Azure Virtual WAN

As applications continue to migrate to the cloud, and companies continue to operate across geographically dispersed locations, enterprise branch offices need an access solution that is purpose-built for the internet with enhanced security and improved reliability. Branch offices need to be able to optimize and scale Azure performance to deliver reliable access to resources. Read more to find out how Citrix SD-WAN on Azure can help you own the future of networking.

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