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Craft Your Pitch: How to make your product stand out

Managing the impression you make.

Gourmet chefs know there’s more to great food than flavor alone—a dish’s success is also profoundly influenced by its visual presentation. Since customers “eat with their eyes” first, chefs work meticulously to ensure the best possible impression before the food is even tasted.

Likewise,even the most stellar products need beautiful packaging and words that highlight their best characteristics. These set customers’ expectations and help them get a feeling for the benefits that aren’t immediately visible. And this is exactly the function of your pitch: to make a great impression as a preview of what's to come.

Whether you already have a good working pitch or haven’t yet formalized your talking points, I invite you to consider your sales material from the following four perspectives: as a buyer, sales rep, manager and scientist. Each of these viewpoints offer insights to make your pitch feel more multi-layered and authentic.

By the way, a demo should be thought of as a pitch too, since it's often one of the last moments to convince a warm lead to choose you. In fact, I would argue that every single interaction with the client is an opportunity to persuade. Each engagement is part of your pitch repertoire, whether you notice it or not.

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5 Steps to Automating Your Sales in 2018 

Sales automation is the ultimate tool for success. Done right, it can help your sales representatives build lasting relationships with customers and prospects—while helping a company stay organized, track leads, and save time.

The catalyst that burgeons any business, no matter the industry, is a well-engineered business development strategy. In 2018, companies will see the sales process at a pivotal point. A poignant mix of high-tech and automation has brought on a new level of fast and comprehensive service, issuing in a new wave of utility for the sales process. If your sales processes are lagging, your sales goals will too .With complete solutions for CRM,and sales & marketing automation; 2018 bears witness to highly developed software organizations that streamline almost every part of sales activities- resulting in a more productive sales team, and in turn, more closed sales.

We are excited to share with you five ways pivotal ways you can automate your sales pipeline to ensure a more streamlined sales process.

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