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Analyst Report: AFA Snapshot Technology

This paper examines enterprise-class snapshot technologies, discussing use cases for snapshots as well as classic challenges associated with using snapshot technologies in pure hard disk drive (HDD)–based arrays. It then looks at a snapshot implementation from EMC on its XtremIO all-flash array (AFA), exploring the advantages that flash media and a new design point can provide in the use of snapshot technology.
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Solution Overview: EMC XtremIO for Exchange Server

XtremIO reduces datacenter footprint and complexity with unstoppable in-line data reduction capabilities which address storage sprawl for Exchange databases. Thin provisioning doesn’t just eliminate space at the end of the drive, it eliminates all of the whitespace found within the database!
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IDC Flash Survey

Read IDC’s Flash Survey and learn about how the digital transformation for industries, governments and economies is based on the three key enterprise IT mega trends: the modernisation of IT legacy; harnessing cloud, mobile, big data analytics and social business; and innovation acceleration.
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Don’t get left behind. Technology is disrupting established industries at an increasingly rapid rate and the average lifespan of a Fortune 500 company halves every 30 years. Only 13% of companies that made the list in 1955 still exist today. Future-proof your company – download the eBook to learn how EMC XtremIO can make the agile data center your new reality.
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IDC Worldwide: All-Flash Array and Hybrid Flash Array Report

This IDC study provides detailed insights into the rapidly growing market for enterprise storage systems that leverage flash storage media. This study segments this market into the following two technology segments: AFAs and HFAs. Insights into these two market segments are provided historically. Market shares and IDC analysis are provided for each of the top vendors in these two segments along with detailed market-level analysis.
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Video: ACES Power Customer Reference (VNXe)

Watch ACES Executive Director of Network Services Brandon Robinson discuss why this energy management company decided to support Oracle and Microsoft on EMC VNXe3200 with VMware. By using fully automated storage tiering (FAST) and virtualization, ACES increased performance and transformed how IT provided service to its customers.
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Enterprise Features, Entry Level Simplicity

The need for advanced IT capabilities isn’t limited to big companies. Competent IT is an important philosophy these days, and organizations of all sizes are coming to depend on the functional capability, good economic value, and the competitive advantage that technology can provide. EMC’s new VNXe provides functional capabilities typically found in larger, enterprise-class arrays, but for an entry-level price.
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Why Data Domain

This paper focuses on data domain technology leadership, differentiation and why it matters. The purpose of this paper is to explore the technical and financial reasons why Data Domain systems are ideal for backup and archiving in your customer’s environment.
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