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Gartner iPaaS Magic Quadrant 2017

MuleSoft Positioned as a Leader 4 Years in a Row

Read this complimentary copy of the 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for iPaaS, and find out why MuleSoft was named a Leader based on completeness of vision and the ability to execute

  • Expert perspectives on the iPaaS vendor landscape
  • Critical analysis of key differentiators
  • Latest developments in integration technology
  • Industry benchmarks and trends
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Business Process Management (BPM)

Using an API strategy as a foundation for BPM

Business Process Management is an important part of continuous improvement and business transformation, but many organizations struggle with implementing it effectively. Learn how a holistic API strategy, API-led connectivity, can help your organization implement BPM with ease.

This whitepaper will cover:

  • An overview of Business Process Management
  • A new way of thinking about implementing BPM with APIs
  • A walkthrough of a use case on how an organization uses API-led connectivity to successfully implement BPM
  • Best practices to adopt BPM with Anypoint Platform

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Secrets of a Great API

Not all APIs are created equal

A great API encourages developers to use it and share it with others, creating a virtuous cycle where each additional successful implementation leads to greater engagement and more contributions from developers who add value to your service.

Unfortunately, too many API providers build their APIs before thinking through the critical success factors, resulting in APIs that fail to meet business objectives. Delivering a great API isn’t hard if you follow a few proven principles.

In this paper you’ll learn:

  • What developers really want from your API
  • How to make your API stand out from the crowd
  • Strategies for driving broad developer adoption
  • A fool-proof way to design for great user experience

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Gartner Names MuleSoft a Leader – Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service

MuleSoft Positioned as a Leader 3 Years in a Row

Read this complimentary copy of the 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for iPaaS, and find out why MuleSoft was named a Leader based on completeness of vision and the ability to execute.

  • Expert perspectives on the iPaaS vendor landscape
  • Critical analysis of key differentiators
  • Latest developments in integration technology
  • Industry benchmarks and trends
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7 Habits of Effective API and Service Management

This brief API management best practices eBook will give API strategists, architects and developers a roadmap for creating practical APIs by leveraging existing services. By following the 7 best practices outlined in this ebook, developing successful APIs is easier than you think.

The best practices guide will cover:

  • The relationship between SOA and API management
  • How to think about and approach API design
  • A pattern for securing and managing your APIs
  • Things to consider when selecting an API management solution

Download your services and API management best practices ebook now!

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Best Practices for Microservices

Today's business environment is extraordinarily competitive. No company, no matter its size or what industry it is in is safe from disruption. To mitigate this risk, it's important to consider implementing microservices best practices in order to change quickly, innovate easily, and meet competition wherever it arises.

Organizations that have successfully laid a foundation for continuous innovation and agility have adopted microservices architectures to respond rapidly to the never-ending demands of the business.

In this whitepaper, we will address:

  • Why microservices are such an important software trend
  • Design principles for a microservices architecture
  • How Anypoint Platform can help you implement microservices best practices in your organization
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Expanding insurance through automation – State of Colorado case study

When the Affordable Care Act mandated insurance marketplaces, the State of Colorado avoided the obstacles that tripped others with seamless integration in 6 months.

Download this case study to learn how they:

  • Connected platform that can give citizens access to the data and services they need
  • Created an online platform built on Force.com, that provides a single citizen platform of engagement
  • Achieved integration across federal and state systems to determine eligibility in real-time
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Leading the Emerging Composable Enterprise

IT leadership is changing. No longer can the IT function exist in a back office or ivory tower, furnishing laptops and repairing broken printers. Customers are demanding access to the business, companies must innovate faster than ever, and the marketplace is rewarding innovation, agility, and flexibility.

In order to keep up, the modern business has to think about how to transform itself to keep pace with the always-on, always connected world. Because CIOs are well versed in how technology can deliver business results, they are the ideal leaders to shepherd the modern business through the changes brought about by digital disruption. Here’s the roadmap to guide the way.

Download this paper to learn:

  • How to transform into a Chief Innovation Officer
  • Real-life use cases of CIOs leading companies through digital transformation
  • The ideal enterprise IT architecture for an always-on, always-connected world

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Connectivity Benchmark Report 2016: The State of Digital Transformation and APIs

MuleSoft surveyed 802 IT decision makers (ITDMs) globally to assess how organizations of all sizes are executing on digital transformation initiatives, IT challenges and the role of APIs to meet business goals.

The survey results reveal challenges that are hindering IT’s ability to achieve digital transformation fast enough. Just 18% of ITDMs are very confident that they will succeed in meeting this year’s digital transformation goals. IT challenges are not only slowing down their ability to complete digital transformation goals this year, but they are also directly putting business revenue at risk. In fact, 66 percent of ITDMs said that their company’s revenue would be negatively impacted within six months. However, the survey found that IT teams are looking to APIs and reuse of existing applications, data and digital resources to speed up the pace of business.

Download the MuleSoft 2016 Connectivity Benchmark Report to:

  • Understand top IT priorities and investments this year
  • Learn why IT teams face challenges to meeting line-of-business and digital transformation goals
  • Discover which technologies and capabilities increase the pace of digital transformation and enable business teams to self-serve IT

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How API-led Connectivity Powers the Payer of the Future

Health insurance is undergoing a digital transformation driven by legislative, competitive, and consumer pressures. In order to survive and thrive amidst industry disruption, many progressive health insurers are pioneering new business models anchored by a modern, “composable," API-led approach to IT. Using case studies from Premera Blue Cross and other leading payer organizations, this paper addresses:
  • Trends driving digital transformation in health insurance, and how leading payers are responding
  • The benefits of API-led connectivity for health insurers
  • Design principles for an API-led connectivity architecture
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The Rising Value of APIs

Data is one of the most valuable assets a business has. Companies are using data to provide more personalized, tailored experiences to their customers, analyzing customer and operational behavior to make better decisions, and providing web and mobile apps to their customers, employees, and partners. As the keys to that data, APIs themselves are becoming extremely valuable, and are poised to become even more precious to business in the future. In this whitepaper, we'll discuss how APIs are increasingly becoming a valuable part of how companies do business, and how they are going to change how we all do business in the coming months and years. Topics Covered:
  • How APIs are providing business value today.
  • How APIs will transform business in the future.
  • Real-world use cases of how companies are finding APIs increasingly valuable.
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First, Break IT: How Application Networks Are Changing the Role of the CIO

The business of IT has changed dramatically. The emergence of an always-on, always-connected world means that old business models are being disrupted, consumers are demanding more, and the world is smaller and more connected than ever before. The traditional IT operating model is fracturing under the digital demands of their customers, partners and employees. Companies can try to become digital by trying to do things the old way, but they will fall behind, and will face increasing competition. In this ebook you'll learn:
  • How digital transformation is affecting your business
  • How to harness the digital revolution to your company's advantage
  • Real-world case studies of CIOs and senior IT execs who created a roadmap to increased agility, speed, and innovation
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