Modernize your IBM i projects with Rational Software and ARCAD-Rational Power Pack

In order to optimize the return on your investment in IBM i application development, test and support environment, you need to address the immediate requirements of operational efficiency and quality, as well as longer-term issues such as skills retention and application modernization. IBM i development teams work in a highly specialized environment, and ARCAD's intelligent tools for application analysis, integration and deployment can help serve as important elements for your overall strategy.
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Improve your productivity by using the debugger in Rational Developer for Power Systems Software

IBM Rational Developer for Power Systems Software features an integrated source-level debugger that helps you debug applications written in different languages and running on different platforms. The key feature of the debugger is that its user interface client connects remotely to a debugger engine running on a different machine. This article shows you how to use the debugger's core features, its advanced features, and its integration with the rest of Rational Developer for Power Systems and other IBM technology.
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The IBM approach

The IBM solution for DevOps helps an organization collaborate across a broad group of stakeholders that includes not only development, but also line of business, clients, and operations teams. This paper explains the IBM approach to DevOps.
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Data Center Web Apps need more than IP-Based Defenses and Next-Generation Firewalls.

Web apps have become the target of choice for cyber-criminals, "hacktivists" and government-sponsored hackers who have learned to evade conventional data center defenses by targeting application-level vulnerabilities. Read this whitepaper to further educate on two new technologies "Intrusion Deception" and "Application-level DDos Protection" which will ultimately misdirect and mislead attackers and deliver a fully automated DDoS protection system for websites and Web applications.
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Webinar-BIRT Makes the Impossible Possible

Every day developers are tasked with creating impossible applications with complicated requirements and expected to deliver results in a short amount of time.

Join us to understand why BIRT should be an integral part of your data visualization development environment. We will show you how to build "cool" content quickly so you can free up cycles to meet all of your application's requirements for presenting structured and unstructured data over the web and delivering scalable rich data visualizations.

View this web seminar to learn how to:
-Easily incorporate world-class web-centric analytic content into applications without the need for time-consuming custom code
-Use a drag-and-drop visual design environment to create information-driven content based on a wide variety of sources, including your application, live feeds and legacy data
-Collaborate with the BIRT community's 2.5 million developers

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Analyst Paper-Howard Dresner’s 4th annual Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study

Take a look at Howard Dresner's 4th annual Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence market study with in-depth market analysis, 80 charts and tables and 23 vendor rankings. Howard Dresner spent 13 years at Gartner Research, where he was responsible for the BI Magic Quadrants and conferences.

The Wisdom of the Crowds study is unique in that the findings are completely crowd-sourced from actual BI users, implementers and purchasers. This year's study shows that SaaS/Cloud, Dashboards, and Mobile Device Support have increased significantly in terms of importance. Read on to find out where BI is headed!

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IBM Rational Software for SAP

Organizations that use SAP must keep pace with constant change. IBM Rational Software for SAP offers a comprehensive suite of application lifecycle management and quality management tools to extend SAP Solution Manager capabilities and enable a holistic approach to SAP and non SAP deployment.
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Gartner on the facts and future of BYOD

This Gartner report, brought to you by Citrix GoToAssist, explores the BYOD phenomenon, outlining how to define and implement a plan that drives innovation, increases employee satisfaction and reduces costs.

Download this report to learn:
- The impact of BYOD on business
- Why it's important to establish clear policies
- How BYOD creates new mobile workforce opportunities
- 8 ways to optimise BYOD across the organisation
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The Forrester Wave: Managed Security Services: North America

Managed security service providers (MSSPs) offer clients an enhanced security environment, cost-effective security, and a scalable and flexible security platform capable of handling future expansion. Selecting the right partner for managed security services is a critical challenge. Read this white paper to learn how nine significant service providers measure up.
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