IBM Business Process Manager

Simplified graphical design tools-make it easier for every team member, including nontechnical users, to collaborate on process design and analysis. Download this whitepaper and learn how to: Increase efficiency, Increase collaboration and Visibility into process performance.
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Do you Have an Enterprise-wide Cloud Strategy?

Cloud computing is experiencing strong, sustained growth across enterprises large and small. Proven benefits like flexibility, cost reduction, and rapid provisioning of new applications and services are among the drivers. But as cloud models continue to mature, IT leaders face a number of decision points as they seek to maximize those benefits. Questions like, "Where do I start?" "What's the right approach for my organization: private, public, or hybrid?" and "What about security, privacy, and compliance?"
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NetApp SAN performance and Clustered ONTAP

Storage systems today must match agility with diversified I/O performance to satisfy an enterprise's changing needs. In their review, Silverton Consulting ranks the NetApp FAS6240 Clustered SAN, as an Enterprise OLTP "Champion of Champions". Read the results of their benchmark testing and the features that impressed them the most.
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What Every Developer Should Know about XSS

This document exposes the most common remediations that you need to use when developing a web application in order to fix cross-site scripting. XSS is a complex problem with many moving parts.

Read about the most important "gotchas."
Top 3 Things to Know About XSS Mitigation
Coverity Security Library Installation & Usage
Getting it Right: 13 common locations where dynamic data can appear on in a web page
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Cognos Enterprise in Action

See what's new and exciting in Cognos Enterprise. The overview is an animated video about the Cognos family and others are demonstrations of enhanced features.
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BI and BA: Smarter Products, Smarter Buyers

Business Analytics/Intelligence have earned reputations as "difficult" and risky to implement. Applications of this sort classically required complex integration across numerous working systems and data repositories AND a (usually long) period of customization. Learn how and why your colleagues are focusing efforts to access and analyze data in new, lighter, more agile, web-oriented ways that enable self-service by experienced analysts and end users.
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Loads Better: Delivering reliable applications with confidence

There will soon be more mobile devices on the planet than people to work them. That's 10 billion devices all hooked up to the internet. More organizations than ever are using mobile and enterprise apps - people just like you check their bank accounts from their mobile up to five times a day. So your load performance testing plans have to reflect that pressure.
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Software Development Open Source Assessment Tool

"Open source software is found in nearly every enterprise nowadays and it has been proven to be a viable choice for some software development projects. But don't let it's low (or zero) acquisition cost lull you into making a decision, without first spending some time determining if it's truly the right choice for your organization or project. Take just a few minutes answering some questions to see if there are other considerations that you should investigate first. IMT Program notes: this tool is used within the ALM and Agile Buyer's Agenda in various Buyer's Journey GTM kits, also in Science of Nurture."
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The Risks of “Do It Yourself” Disaster Recovery

Are you considering in house disaster recovery management? In the last five years, many companies have. But did you know that without the proper resources in place, managing disaster recovery yourself can put a strain on your budget, your staff and your disaster preparedness? Read this IBM-Forrester global study "The Risks of Do It Yourself Disaster Recovery" to learn the critical components that make a disaster recovery strategy successful, and the key questions you need to ask before bringing disaster recovery in-house.
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