2020 State of Hybrid Cloud Security

This infographic summarizes the annual 2020 State of Hybrid Cloud Security report which dives into how the proliferation of cloud environments is impacting enterprises and their ability to scale and protect them.

Get the insider perspective on the problems hybrid cloud environments are creating for enterprise IT and security teams.

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Don’t Let Misconfigurations Leave A Hole In Your Firewall

Your Complete Guide to Network Self-Destruction

The vast majority of security issues that lead to breaches result from human error, something you have probably experienced already—especially if you are embracing the cloud. And according to Gartner, it’s going to be that way for a while.

“Through 2023, at least 99% of cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault.”*

But it’s not all bad news!

FireMon Automation can help automate your security processes to reduce manual tasks that invite missteps and snafus.

In the meantime, find out the common errors you should keep an eye out for. Our one-page cheat sheet gives you a quick snapshot of the biggest security misconfigurations organizations make that cause data breaches.

It’s a must-read for anyone tasked with increasing security in their company.

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*Gartner, Technology Insight for Network Security Policy Management, Rajpreet Kaur, Adam Hils, John Watts, February 21, 2019.

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3 Proven Ways to Boost Your Hybrid Cloud Security

Tackle Cloud Visibility and Agility Hurdles

No matter the initiative, it is your responsibility to protect your network. Compromise is never the answer when it comes to enabling your business with agility and ensuring robust security. You can have both, and this eBook shows you how.

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Zerto Keeps City of Tyler Blooming with IT Resilience

Zerto enabled Tyler IT to quickly recover in one instance where a support technician accidentally wiped out an application and all the data associated with it.

VMs are easily created and migrated to DR, making it easy to take down and repair VMs.

IT resilience helps the city prepare for annual security audits by Criminal Justice Information Systems.

Download this case study to learn how Zerto Keeps the City of Tyler Blooming with IT Resilience.

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Zerto Bridges IT Transformation for New Canadian Blood Services Datacenter

Canadian Blood Services in Ottawa is committed to providing a steady and safe supply of blood, plasma, stem cells, and organs and tissues to millions of Canadians.

Canadian Blood Services needed a pain-free datacenter migration and rapid recovery.

Download this case study to learn how Zerto bridges IT Transformation for new Canadian Blood Services Datacenter.

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Mrs. Mac’s Achieves RPO of Seconds with Zerto

Since the late 1980s, Mrs. Mac’s has seen vast growth in distribution, new technology and products developed. Their products are sold throughout Australia and New Zealand and their range has grown extensively in recent years.

Mrs. Mac’s previous snapshot-based back-up solution couldn’t deliver the RPO/RTOs required to guarantee continuous availability for their fast-growing business. They also needed the ability to recover from ransomware and other disasters, but with both production and their DR site in the same location this would be difficult.

Find out how Zerto and Zettagrid helped Mrs. Mac’s achieve RPOs of seconds and the ability to recover in the event of an outage or disruption. “With our existing DR solution, we had an RPO of about an hour. This really wasn’t acceptable for us moving forward with our dependence on our IT systems. We are now replicating to SecondSite with Zerto and have an RPO of seconds.”

– Josh Pierre, IT Manager, Mrs. Mac’s Pies

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Workload Migration Checklist

Migrating IT infrastructure to adapt to ever-evolving IT strategies has long been a challenge for any business. Factors such as in-house knowledge of applications, the speed of technological change in the IT industry, as well as constant emerging cloud technologies means that these migrations can quickly become complex and challenging to implement.

Zerto delivers a standardized approach to handling these challenges, providing an agnostic offering capable of providing enterprises with a truly resilient IT infrastructure. Utilizing Continuous Data Protection (CDP), the traditional migration window can be reduced from days to just a few minutes, with next to no impact on the production environment until the migration is performed.

Download this checklist for an overview to help plan a datacenter migration project and ensure accountability throughout each step.

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Comparison: Zerto Versus Legacy Disaster Recovery

There are many different approaches to providing disaster recovery in virtualized IT environments. This datasheet focuses on the following technologies and products:

  • Replication
  • Array-based replication such as Dell, EMC, HPE, NetApp and other storage vendors
  • Software-based replication such as VMware vSphere Replication
  • Orchestration
  • Disaster Recovery orchestration software such as VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM)

Download this data sheet for more details about the key differentiators of Zerto Versus Legacy Disaster Recovery.

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Recover from Ransomware in Seconds

Ransomware threats increased by 300% last year, and the industry is expecting it to get worse.

Ransomware victims’ greatest pains are downtime and data loss. Current DR and Backup solutions aren’t equipped to help you manage it at the speed of business.

In the webinar we heard from Zerto customer, John Hamilton, Systems Administrator from Sumter County Government, South Carolina, who has used Zerto to recover from malicious attacks on his systems. We discussed how you can transform your data protection approach to ensure you can resume operations seamlessly when facing a ransomware attack.

Gijsbert Janssen Van Doorn, Tech Evangelist at Zerto, walks through a few easy steps to rewind and recover from ransomware with Zerto in under 4 minutes!

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Spirit Airlines Case Study

Spirit Airlines is the eighth largest commercial airline in North America, operating more than 400 daily flights to 60 destinations in the U.S., Latin America, and the Caribbean. After experiencing rapid business growth and an expanded datacenter footprint, Spirit Airlines needed to simplify their data migration and disaster recovery processes to provide resilience in the face of unplanned disruptions.

Download this case study to find out how Spirit Airlines built a business strategy to ensure resilience and geo-diversity for its complex IT infrastructure and systems to withstand natural disasters.

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Five Steps to Mitigate the Risks of Privileged Accounts

Privileged accounts are a necessity in any enterprise IT environment, since they enable administrators to manage the environment. But as news reports constantly remind us, granting privileged access increases the risk of a security breach, no matter what industry your organization represents. However, your organization does not have to become the next statistic. By taking the five concrete steps outlined in this paper, you can help protect your organization from the risks inherent in privileged accounts.

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Cavium enables secure access to privileged credentials with One Identity Safeguard

The majority of headlines about cybersecurity failures center on the theft or loss of customer or citizen information, and larceny linked to money. However, for many organizations the “crown jewels” that they must protect is the intellectual property that is the true value of their businesses. Such is the case with San Jose, California-based Cavium, a processor manufacturer that services a wide range of technology solutions.

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Is Biometrics The Future of Security?

Ever have trouble remembering your password? With the rise of digital economy and social media, many people have dozens of accounts. Humans are incapable remembering strong, unique passwords for dozens of accounts. Passwords form the foundation of security from physical security such as entering a building to online security such as internet banking.

However, passwords have a fundamental flaw. They can be compromised, either stolen or in some cases, simply guessed and used to impersonate another person. Biometrics offers the possibility to recognize a person through something that is inherent to that individual.

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The Breach Prevention Playbook

It seems like every day we hear of a new, high-profile breach. No longer are we shocked when some major brand is exposed as having lost data to outside bad actors or internal enemies. The question has switched from ‘will I be breached?’ to ’when will I be breached?’ This eBook provides tactics and easily implemented technologies that can bolster your chances of not only surviving the inevitable breach but enabling your organization to emerge with minimal damage.

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Strategies for successfully managing privileged accounts

One of the most important aspects of an identity and access management (IAM) program is the securing, management and governance of the accounts belonging to superusers — privileged accounts

Like the accounts used by regular users, these superuser accounts require access management – ensuring that admins have the access they need to do their job — and governance – ensuring that there is oversight and control over that access, often for the purpose of compliance. Unfortunately, privileged accounts have some unique idiosyncrasies that make both access management and governance difficult or impossible with traditional PAM methods.

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