The Definitive Office 365 Sales Guide

What differentiates a good sales person from a bad one is often the ability to ask good questions and really listen to the answers. In fact, almost 50% of your sales effort should be put in understanding the business needs of your potential clients. Once you understand the business reality as well as the processes, problems, challenges, and goals, the sales part is quite easy.

Microsoft Office 365 provides an all-in-one modern workforce designed to provide customers with a single solution for all their end-user cloud productivity and collaboration needs.

Your Office 365 sales team has to use a systematic approach to collect the right information from your clients. Building this approach relies on your ability to:

  • Identify Office 365 selling scenarios
  • Position the right product benefits to solve the client’s top pain points
  • Address security and compliance concerns with Office 365
  • Overcome the most frequent client objections with counter arguments

Our white paper lists top questions every sales person should be ready to answer about Office 365, plus different customer buying scenarios. You’ll also find a list of the most common values that Office 365 offers an SMB and how these values are linked to 4 core business goals.

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How to Profit from Selling Office 365

The IT landscape has shifted a lot in recent years. No one would argue that Office 365 is one of the hottest products to hit the cloud market in a long time. There is definitely a great opportunity for Managed Service Providers to teach SMBs about the potential of Office 365 and the new benefits it has to offer.

But as you’re reselling Office 365, there is no guarantee that customers will be lining up to buy it from you. You have to put yourself in the client’s shoes. Why would they get Office 365 from you if they can just as easily buy it from someone else or directly from Microsoft?

As a Managed Service Provider, targeting the right market and creating an adequate sales strategy are essential to your success. We’ve identified a few topics you definitely need to master so you can make your Office 365 business thrive:

  • The differences between Office 365 licensing models
  • How to bundle and price your offer to maximize profits
  • Tips to create demand and promote your offer
  • How to identify Office 365 opportunities and handle objections

Our white paper will explore some high-level concepts to keep in mind when offering cloud services. We believe that building good offers and establishing yourself as a technology educator and integrator will improve your chances of convincing your clients to adopt Office 365.

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A CIO’s Guide to DevOps

You've heard about DevOps and digital transformation. What do they have to do with you, the CIO? How can you make sure your organization is not just current, but staying truly competitive?

Puppet takes on these questions in their guide to DevOps for CIOs, covering:

  • What DevOps actually means, and how it makes a difference.
  • Why DevOps matters to digital transformation in today's business climate and beyond.
  • How DevOps principles and practices can build your organizational muscle to deal with today's changes — and those to come.

The guide is based on survey findings and research gathered over five years from more than 25,000 IT professionals around the world. There's no bigger study of successful IT organizations and what they're doing right. Learn from the experience of others, and keep your organization out ahead of your competitors.

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Bettering Your Business: Why professional development is a pivotal factor in business success

A shocking $11 billion is lost annually due to employee turnover with the total cost of replacing an employee anywhere from 90% to 200% of his/her annual salary, but benefits like employer sponsored training programs can help to make sure you retain your staff. 46% of employees say their company’s training courses/methods make them less likely to leave. Studies show companies that offer employee-training opportunities have a lower turnover rate because staff members are more engaged at work making them more committed to their job and to the organization.

So how can you ensure you have the right training for your IT staff? Download this eBook today to get the data you need to make informed decisions for your company.

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An ITIL eBook That is Not Boring

Your pain‑free guide to ITIL and Service Strategy

Learning ITIL is not easy. Memorizing all those technical terms and processes could easily put you to sleep…or maybe make you want to cry.

No tears here, my friend. This is a different kind of ITIL guide.

Yes, ITIL can be dry, but this eBook is jam‑packed with enough playful explanations and cheesy jokes to keep you happy and awake.

You’ll learn:

  • What ITIL is and why it’s so important to keep everything running at work
  • How ITIL works in five main stages to prove you know how to facilitate the smooth delivery of IT services
  • A deep dive into the first stage: Service Strategy

Happy (tear‑free) reading!

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Legacy ITSM—Can you risk it?

Top Challenges and Risks Associated with Legacy ITSM Systems

In the race for greater differentiation and innovation, Legacy ITSM systems are slowing businesses down in a big way. It’s becoming harder and harder for IT to serve the business with technology that is outdated, rigid and complex. Organizations intent on “getting by” aren’t doing the business any favors. In fact, the “do nothing” approach is putting the business at serious risk.

This short paper takes a look at some of the challenges businesses are facing today and what’s at stake if they continue down the legacy path, including:

  • Continued depletion of IT budget and resources
  • Inability to meet the needs of a growing millennial workforce
  • Failure to innovate and drive business outcomes
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Goodbye Manual Processes, Hello Productivity

Learn how automation is the key to saving time and boosting satisfaction

This eBook, “Accelerate Service Delivery with Automation,” will help you reclaim lost productivity with:

  • An overview of the objectives and benefits of automation
  • Best practices for transforming your ITSM into a modern, reliable experience
  • Useful measurements for gauging progress and demonstrating the success of your automation efforts

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Nucleus Research Guidebook: IBM QRadar on Cloud

In this exclusive report, Nucleus Research cites findings from interviews with IBM QRadar on Cloud customers who have adopted a cloud subscription model to access security intelligence & analytics capabilities. Download the report to read about the reported benefits, including better flexibility and agility to address a rapidly changing threat environment, increased IT productivity and access to a growing range of additional security services in the cloud.
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IDC White paper :Optimise Application Lifecycle with a Hybrid Cloud Strategy

Agility has become a mandatory way of life for businesses wanting to maintain or increase their competitive differentiation – and successfully execute on a go-to-market strategy. By implementing an application-lifecycle-centric infrastructure from suppliers like NetApp, line of business owners can successfully execute this strategy. They can better position their organization to maintain or increase its competitive differentiation in the innovation economy.
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Evaluator Group: Investing Strategically in All Flash Arrays

For customers looking to implement flash for primary data center storge, NetApp's All Flash FAS systems offer some significant advantages over competiitve offerings. Customer can deploy All Flash FAS arrays for specific applications now and later extend them to private and hybrid cloud-based applications as enterprise IT's longer term strategy dictates. Read this technology insight paper on investing strategically in all flash arrays.
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IDC Whitepaper: NetApp All Flash FAS: Performance Of Flash With Feature- Rich Enterprise Storage Functionality

ESG published white paper focusing on NetApp Flash Strategy and Offerings—a Breadth of Choice. "NetApp supports hybrid infrastructures—including cloud as needed—in both principle and in fact. Within that infrastructure, it offers a portfolio of differentiated solutions—multiple all-flash arrays, and multiple hybrid flash arrays—that enable NetApp’s customers to integrate flash into their enterprises in whatever way makes the most sense for their business, needs, and options/constraints. NetApp has been a leading trailblazer in flash for some years now: it is to be applauded for thinking broadly and not just following the herd to certify an SSD or two into its storage boxes.
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Flash-Beschleunigung und Cloud-Fähigkeit: Neue Storage-Anforderungen für Enterprise-Applikationen

Der Einsatz von Flash Storage im Datacenter ist vielversprechend: hervorragende Performance, verbesserte Zuverlässigkeit, Kosteneffizienz und erstklassiges Datenmanagement. Mit unserer Expertise und unseren Innovationen unterstützen wir Sie bei der Implementierung von Flash Storage, um eine optimale Performance Ihrer Applikationen zu erreichen. In diesem Whitepaper erläutern wir unterschiedliche Ansätze bei der Implementierung von Flash. Außerdem möchten wir Ihnen zeigen, warum Sie dadurch Ihre Entscheidungsfindung erleichtern, Ihren Kunden bessere Services bieten und Wettbewerbsvorteile erzielen können.
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3 Reasons Why the Future of Storage is Open Source and Cloud

Analysts predict massive growth in software defined storage in the coming year— and with solid reasoning. The capacity to pool storage across different arrays and applications is the latest wave in virtualization and is expected to have the same impact on the cost and upgrade cycle for storage as it has had on servers.
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