YouTestMe: Knowledge Examination Platform

YouTestMe is a Canadian company with headquarters in Toronto aiming to revolutionize the field of knowledge-testing with software for end-to-end secure online examination. It is an operational name of Malloc Inc – a company with 30 years of experience building and customizing enterprise systems for various Fortune 500 companies.

Our company specializes in delivering secure and complete e-learning solutions, whereas key features include:

  • Test management.
  • Item authoring.
  • Advanced reporting.
  • Security system.
  • Automated and Live Proctoring.

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Challenges in Employee Development

In testing and training, businesses encounter challenges with efficiency, security, and engagement. Manual methods are time-consuming and prone to errors. YouTestMe streamlines these processes, enhancing security and optimizing workforce development.

  • Automated employee training and competencies certification.
  • Company organization by departments and workspaces.
  • SSO and integrations with existing systems.
  • Skill Gap Analysis.
  • Automated and Live Proctoring.

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Self-Awareness: The Key to Becoming a Complete Leader

Leaders lead, managers manage, supervisors supervise.

More Importantly, they lead others, manage others, and supervise others.

But when was the last time they supervised or managed themselves? Is that even an area of concern for them? Or have they grown so accustomed to observing others that they had forgotten that the fundamental trait of being an effective leader is to be aware of their own behaviors?

Are they aware of how their behaviors are affecting team cohesion, productivity, engagement and more importantly, organizational goals?

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Developing a Leadership Capability Framework to Increase Employee Engagement, Retention and Productivity

Enterprises are facing multiple challenges when it comes to both employee engagement/retention and productivity. The current historical low unemployment rates mean that it’s difficult for all employers to find new, and quality, talent. Employees, understanding that they can move if dissatisfied with the leadership and/or their functional work, are doing so: one third of Australian workers are considering quitting their jobs as the “great resignation” continues to disrupt organisations in all sectors.

Meanwhile, another 30 per cent of workers are actively participating in quiet quitting. Quiet quitting describes employees that refuse to work beyond the minimum required of their job – this includes overtime and taking on additional responsibilities. Should an organisation become too filled with “quiet quitters”, the overall productivity and ability for the organisation to be nimble will be compromised.

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How To Conduct 360° Leadership Feedback Survey Debriefs

There are a few key points to note when preparing to deliver a 360 debrief:

  • The goal is to identify a maximum of four development areas that will improve leadership capability.
  • Make your feedback relevant to the individual’s role responsibilities, especially strategy, people, innovation & organizational knowledge.
  • Continually reinforce that the 360 survey measures perceptions and what you are looking for is differences in the perceptions of the respondents.

We strongly recommend printing off the report and following our structured process as outlined in this guide.

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GoStudent Success Story

The biggest challenge GoStudent had was an inability to coach and develop sales rep performance in a way that was conducive to actual growth.

"There are a lot of solutions out there that lean very heavily on policing sales reps to follow a specific sales process or approach, and we didn’t want that - we wanted something that allowed us to guide our teams toward excellence."

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The Ultimate SDR Onboarding Guide

Learn the secrets to effectively onboarding and integrating new sales hires into your team, so they can hit the ground running and drive results for your business from day one.

From setting clear goals and expectations to providing hands-on training and ongoing support, this guide has everything you need to create a smooth and successful onboarding process that sets new hires up for success.

Empower your sales team to exceed expectations and drive results for your business with the help of this comprehensive onboarding guide.

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Data-Driven Coaching Guide

We live in an era of endless data and too many companies are victims of insight overload these days to be truly effective.

Data-Driven Coaching solves this issue by combining the best functionality of Conversation Intelligence with automated tools and a clear best practice framework to identify at scale which reps need the most attention and which areas will yield the biggest return on investment.

Can you really afford to not make the jump into Data-Driven Coaching any longer?

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How To Build a High-Performing Sales Team

Twenty years ago, most sales teams worked in competitive silos. Individual sales people worked on their own deals. So the organization was reliant on the sales manager to be a taskmaster.

As a result, the initial steps of building a sales team revolved around processes.

That’s no longer the case because of how much has changed over time. Specifically, that change has been driven by three overlapping cultural factors: employees, buyers and the selling environment.

Tom Lavery, CEO & Founder shares the strategies he uses to create high performance sales teams.

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Accordant Hybrid Workplace

A hybrid workplace needs a trusted solution to manage the everyday. With a mixture of office and remote / home working it can be difficult to see how this can be put into practice in many workplaces. The CadM team take a look at some of the most common questions organisations are asking about hybrid working and demonstrate how Accordant can manage these challenges with a range of intuitive tools.

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Accordant Space

Manage your workspace with exceptional functionality in the Accordant occupancy tracking software. This powerful tool means you can effectively plan for tomorrow by identifying where vacancy is today!

We have made our system straightforward so that you can track and audit occupancy efficiently and effectively. Create documentation to share with your teams before implementing any ‘live’ changes. Occupancy tracking is simple with the power of Accordant.

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Accordant Booking

Use the power of the mydesk booking app to organize booking systems from the palm of your hand. Created with HTML5, the app can be downloaded on any mobile device to book your seat location, whether a hot desk or workspace.

The mydesk app is a standard feature within every Accordant subscription, so your staff can instantly reserve their desk of choice from any available space.

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Accordant Case Studies

CadM’s product design methodology is to produce easy-to-use software suited to all organisations with workspace problems. Our focus is to help our users save time and money, so they can reduce waste, work more effectively and plan for the future.

Accordant, the world’s most advanced workspace management system, is the preferred system for organisations of all types and sizes. Our clients range from SME’s to multinational organisations including major banks and manufacturers. We have multiple partner channels who provide workspace services or real estate and facilities systems with related products. This commitment to integration helps us to deliver ‘best-of-breed’ solutions to organisations of all types and sizes.

Take a look at some of our client’s stories of success.

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Workspace Software YOUR Way

Like all types of workspace a hybrid environment needs a trusted solution to manage the everyday. Combining office and remote / home working creates new challenges especially if you need to implement desk bookings, shifts patterns and your usual occupancy planning. Accordant workspace software can be used before, during and after the planning process to solve your space challenges.

Accordant is:

  • Affordable for businesses with 100’s to 1000’s of employees.
  • Priced by space managed instead of the number of users or modules.
  • Easy to install on-site or as a hosted service, plus quick to set up with our client support specialists.
  • Fast drawing uploads, spreadsheet templates, and 80% fewer polylines than with legacy systems.
  • Hands-on training, tailored manuals, classes, and simple ‘how-to’ sheets.

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