Galileo Cloud Compass

Don't Overpay for Cloud!


Galileo’s Cloud Compass will help you evaluate your servers and connected storage and compare it to the current pricing data from Azure, AWS, & IBM so you can make an intelligent cloud decision in minutes.

Cloud Compass can provide fast insight into thousands of systems and easily spot waste. (Yes, even AIX & IBM i) It consistently helps businesses of all sizes realize drastic savings on their monthly cloud bills. In this demo, you’ll see how GCC helped one customer cut $50,000 a MONTH off their cloud bill! So what kind of savings will it uncover for you? Watch the demo to find out.



Intelligently size your cloud environment based on peak workloads from your existing architecture.


Upload user-defined pricing to show cost information for ANY cloud, including your on-prem infrastructure!


See multiple cloud options
side-by-side with new pricing profile cards.


Perform in-depth cost analysis with enhanced tables that allow you to pivot, group, filter, and more.

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A Hybrid and Multicloud Strategy for Architects

The elasticity, scalability, and speed of deploying applications in the public cloud can help organizations increase business growth and reduce costs while managing data growth and improving agility. But moving to the hybrid or public cloud can present challenges. Red Hat offers a comprehensive infrastructure platform that enables compute, storage, and networking on demand, across on-premise and public multicloud resources.

Read this brief to learn more.

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux Security and Compliance

Due to the ever-increasing number and sophistication of security exploits, security built into every part of the infrastructure is critical. It's vital that an operating system (OS), as the foundation for all applications, has the depth and breadth of security capabilities to protect against vulnerabilities and meet compliance requirements.

Learn how Red Hat Enterprise Linux helps you get more secure, compliant, and audit-ready by supporting the top security and compliance requirements for an OS.

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Experience the Value of Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Your business relies on your IT infrastructure. The right operating system can help you boost performance, improve security, speed development, and prepare for the future. Red Hat Enterprise Linux delivers a consistent, intelligent operating foundation for modern IT and enterprise hybrid cloud deployments.

Read this e-book to discover the Red Hat Enterprise Linux experience in seven essential areas of IT.

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Hybrid Cloud Strategy for Dummies

Jumping onto the cloud is easy. Getting it right is somewhat trickier. Getting it right for the long term is a big challenge. A good cloud strategy helps you and your organization work things out, makes sure all the bits and pieces fit together well, and improves the odds of realizing your business goals.

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A hybrid and multicloud strategy for system administrators – DBCBA5

Delivering a consistent, secure, and easy-to-use environment across both the datacenter and the cloud can be daunting for system administrators. But Red Hat’s hybrid cloud platform offers a consistent user experience for system administrators, including a common set of infrastructure and platforms, scalable automation with a visual dashboard, and fully managed service options that allow a focus on agile app development rather than infrastructure management. Read this brief to learn more.

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Burnout in the IT Security Industry

This white paper examines how small and mid-sized businesses view IT security and the trend towards utilizing outside sources for IT services.

Topics in the white paper cover:

  • Price sensitivity and competition in the IT security industry

  • How operations are moving the cloud and what that means for IT service providers

  • Opportunities for security providers and manufacturers

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The Importance of Having a CISO Strategy for Small Business IT Teams

Avast CISO, Jaya Baloo, Discusses Cybersecurity Solutions for Today’s Businesses

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to businesses. Some may have a full IT team on staff. Others may not, and many are limited by resources and budget. With cyberattacks targeting small to mid-sized businesses at an all-time high, it’s critical for IT consultants and service providers to be having those conversations with SMBs about enterprise grade security protection, tailored exactly to their needs.

In an interview with Richard Tubb, the IT Business Growth Expert, Jaya Baloo covers:

  • The best ways to present cybersecurity to SMBs and explain its importance

  • The biggest cyber threats faced by SMBs today and the best defense strategy

  • How SMBs with limited budgets and/or IT resources can still stay protected

  • The importance of a response plan in case an SMB is impacted by a cyber attack

  • The future of the cybersecurity landscape and the role of emerging technologies

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Navigating the Evolving Network Perimeter

While legacy security applications did their part in the past, they no longer serve an increasingly cloud-powered digital world. Even encryption alone isn’t enough and has been used by cyberattackers to conceal and deliver threats.

  • Find out how and why encryption is a security measure that could easily backfire

  • Learn about the new alternative to on-premise hardware and firewalls

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Software Patches: The Seatbelt of Cybersecurity

Similar to a seatbelt, keeping software updated through patch management is a crucial security feature. However, the complications of patching in the past have led many IT managers and business owners to opt out of patching altogether. In this white paper, we’ll cover:

  • Why many experts recognize patch management's importance yet still opt out

  • How modern patch management solutions address common patching issues

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SideScanning™ – How the Engine that Powers Orca Security Works

With no on-prem environments to protect, Orca was free to create a cloud-native security platform without the constraints of agents and network scanners.

Delivered as SaaS, Orca’s SideScanning™ technology reads your cloud configuration and workloads’ runtime block storage out-of-band, giving you workload-level security across AWS, Azure, and GCP - without the gaps in coverage and operational costs of agents.

But how does this radical new approach work? Download this technical brief to gain a better understanding of:

  • Traditional methods such as agent-based, authenticated, and unauthenticated scanning, as well as cloud security posture managers (CSPMs)
  • Orca’s 5-minute onboarding process
  • The power of addressing both the control plane and data plane at once
  • The scanning process for vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, malware, lateral movement risk, exploitable keys, weak passwords, and unsecured sensitive data
  • How Orca prioritizes risk based on environmental context
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