Food, Beverage and Hospitality Industries Work To Protect Patrons and Workers

You own a restaurant chain and receive word that a vendor has supplied your entire nationwide system of fine-dining eateries with tainted meat. Or a large grocery chain, and hear word that your romaine may be unsafe to eat and needs to be pulled from thousands of shelves immediately. Or you run one of the world’s largest casinos and authorities tell you that they believe there is a threat of violence at your venue. You need to reach everyone quickly to keep customers, guests and staff safe from illness or harm.

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Regroup For The Food & Beverages Industry

Food Safety is of utmost importance - from the growing, processing, packaging, and shipping of a food product's life cycle, to the retail and serving phases. Today's food manufacturers, distributors and restaurant chains are faced with many challenges in keeping food safe, and a wide range of threats to business continuity and operational resilience.

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