How to Navigate the New Frontier for Commercial Real State

Staff members are eager to return to work—they crave interaction, relationships with clients, collaboration with colleagues, a renewed sense of routine, face time with bosses or mentors that doesn’t take place over zoom, and access to their superior office workstation setup.

Other workers, however, have enjoyed the experience of working at home and are reluctant to return on a full-time basis. Companies are looking to balance these competing wishes with both compassion and business savvy. This ebook serves as a guide for companies looking to recalibrate their staffing and facility requirements in the post-COVID environment.

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Brivo Smart Security Trends Report: Physical Security Disruption in the COVID Era

The report highlights our annual survey of security and facility professionals. The insights showcase how organizations are planning to bring employees back to the office, and how access control is helping them reopen safely.

Read the report for these key trends:

  • COVID changes to physical security priorities
  • Technology integrations continue to be a primary focus
  • Cloud adoption accelerates security modernization
  • Data analytics help navigate the next era of access control

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Home Unbound: Transitioning Back to the Office After Covid

Spurred by their employers’ requirements, desire for daily human interaction, and the need to reconnect with clients and stakeholders, more than half of Americans (53%) expect to return to the workplace full time within the next six months. Businesses planning to welcome their employees back to the workplace should be preparing now to address staff concerns to maximize the likelihood of a safe and productive resumption.

Download the report to explore:

  • What office workers need to feel safe returning to the office
  • The protocols to put in place to ensure a healthy and confident return to the office
  • The proptech that can help enforce those protocols

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Build a Case for an HR System for your Business

Make the case for your company to invest in an HRIS

Let us help you create a shareable business report to make the case for using GoCo at your company.

This downloadable document will address how an HRIS can solve all of your current pain points, and highlight areas you’re looking to gain efficiency. You'll also be able to see the ROI from implementing an HRIS based on the size of your company.

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Guide: How to Pandemic-Proof Your HR Processes

Expert tips from HR pros on how HR can adapt in smart ways through digitization

Employers across the globe are learning to operate in a new digital environment. This brings many new challenges for HR departments, employees, and companies. Especially in this time of transition, managing HR for small and medium-sized businesses can be messy, painful, and complex.

GoCo recently conducted a panel discussion, “Pandemic Proofing Your HR Processes”, and got expert tips from HR professionals on how HR can adapt in smart ways through digitization.

This eBook will walk you through:

  • Pain points HR departments are facing
  • Processes HR should be digitizing
  • Best practices for automating your HR
  • ... and much more!

It’s no longer a question of when you go digital, but how. Download our free eBook for key insights that will help you navigate this changing climate with the best tools available.

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The OKR Maturity Model

Aligning Employee Execution with Business Strategy

The OKR Maturity Model will show you what a mature OKR process looks like and act as a guide to help you create this in your organization. This tool is for businesses to assess their current program maturity, in order to plan a path of upward progression. Join OKR experts and Intel alumni Howard Jacob and James Cape and Ally’s Jes Baum in a three-part series on how to develop a mature OKR program.

Each webinar in this 3-part series is geared towards one of the three phases it takes to adopt a fully mature OKR process.

Fill out the form to register for the on-demand webinar series!

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Remotely Onboard Your Next New Hire in 15 Minutes or Less

You’ve just made a great new hire and tomorrow is their first day.

What will be their first impression of your company? Will a pile of paperwork greet them at the door? Will they spend the day signing documents, poring over fine print, and reviewing HR policies?

When a new hire spends their first day mired in paperwork, it’s frustrating for the employee and unproductive for the employer. But it doesn’t have to be this way!
With the right systems and workflows, onboarding a new hire can be a simple, pain-free process for both HR and the new employee.

You will learn:

•   The components of a top-notch, streamlined onboarding process
•   How to start your new hires off on the right foot, by eliminating paperwork, and
      reducing onboarding time to 15 minutes
•   How to be compliant with various laws and regulations

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State of the HR Profession Report: How COVID-19 is impacting Human Resources in small businesses across the U.S

To illuminate the current state of the human resources industry in relation to the COVID-19 crisis, GoCo conducted a study on the challenges and priorities of hundreds of HR professionals. Download your free copy of the report today to learn exactly how the HR profession is faring amid shelter-in-place orders, emergency family medical leave (EFMLA), and hiring freezes.

Key takeaways include:

•   Major challenges HR professionals are facing
•   How HR pros are communicating new policies and procedures to their employees
•   Steps businesses are taking to mitigate the economic impacts of the COVID-19
•   Stories & advice from your peers to help navigate uncertain times

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Hiring and Recruiting in a Crisis The Lessons of Covid-19: Online Recruitment and Post-Crisis Planning

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented upheaval across the board. Everything from the simplest task (grabbing a cup at your favorite coffee shop), to complex decisions (how and when should your company adapt new hiring strategies), has become a challenge. And many of those challenges can’t easily be overcome.

In this eBook, we cover the range of online recruitment strategies, like virtual open houses, job fairs and video recruiting, that are available today. Additionally, we walk you through some of the more difficult decisions (like layoffs and furloughs) you may have to make during a crisis. We also talk about what HR and recruiting will look like post-pandemic, and what you should do to prepare for recruiting that may never look the same.

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Hiring and Recruiting in a Crisis The Lessons of Covid-19: Urgent Hiring

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented upheaval across the board. Everything from the simplest task (grabbing a cup at your favorite coffee shop), to complex decisions (how and when should your company adapt new hiring strategies), has become a challenge. And many of those challenges can’t easily be overcome.

In this eBook, recruiters and staffing professionals share their strategies for quickly hiring and onboarding healthcare and other urgently needed front line workers, despite a national shutdown and a looming worker shortage. Many of these strategies remain as permanent parts of their hiring plans.

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Transforming Business in the Mid-Market: A Guide for Engaging with Customers

Driving growth in the face of increased competition and tighter margins is a challenge for businesses that need to cost-effectively acquire new customers while retaining existing ones. And while mid-market firms widely accept that technology is critical to achieving this goal, the key is figuring out how to best use it to drive competitive value through customer relationships. This guide discusses the technologies best able to support midmarket organizations in efficient pursuit, development, and retention of new and existing customers.

Download this paper from Dell Technologies and Intel® to learn more.

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Three Initiatives that Drive Up Infrastructure and Storage Value

As decision makers and architects grapple with these issues, they face demands on a number of fronts. The complexity of infrastructure planning continues to rise, along with the complexity of managing and maintaining resources once they are in place. At the same time, they must streamline the value they get from existing capital budgets and data center space, power, and cooling to accommodate demands for growing infrastructure. The complexity of storing, moving, and managing data also becomes more complex in cadence with its volume and diversity.

This document suggests a few initiatives as a starting point for IT decision makers as they consider how to meet these demands and position themselves and their environments for current and future strategic success.

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The Case For End-To-End Security Solutions For Mid Market Firms

In a digital business, processes are rarely, if ever, confined to the infrastructure of the company. Customers and employees engage across numerous digital channels and dozens of third-party relationships critical to operations. IT leaders must rapidly evolve to protect their firms’ brands, strengthen their reputations, and build customer trust. To do so, security and productivity should go hand-in-hand, and that means a well-defined policy framework, metrics that demonstrate business value, and a business-aligned strategy that ties all this together.

Download this paper from Dell Technologies and Intel® to learn more.

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Managing Security Risk And Compliance In A Challenging Landscape

Security leaders have been in front of boards and executive committees long enough to know that security metrics that simply portray statistics from monitoring tools, or count the number of malware attacks, add relatively little value to strategy and budget decisions. Protecting sensitive customer and company data shouldn’t be just a compliance obligation, it should be a business imperative. This is exactly why the right technology partners will help push security, risk, and compliance objectives forward.

In March 2019, Dell commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the evolving security trends and technology needed to protect and enable employees. Our study found that empowering employees while adhering to security protocols improves employee productivity. Forrester conducted an online survey of 887 senior business and IT decision makers to explore this topic.

Download this paper from Dell Technologies and Intel® to learn more.

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