An IT Managers Guide To Network Process Automation

This guide is designed for IT Managers looking to implement Network Process Automation in their organisation.

Key Points:

  • Focus on good operational practices.
  • Picking the right tasks.
  • Handling of common issues through automation.
  • Mapping out the automation process.
  • Time savings.
  • Checklist.

The guide discusses the best approach for change management and team buy-in, provides a methodology framework to use when considering the automation of a manual task in a network environment and the steps to take in order to identify an effective test case for your organization.

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How To Scale Network Monitoring Effectively

This guide is designed for IT Managers looking to scale their Network monitoring in their organisation.

Key Points:

  • The pros and cons of scaling by adding staff members.
  • The pros and cons of scaling by changing processes.
  • Risks of scaling your network.
  • Mean Time Between Faults (MTBF).
  • Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR).
  • The guide discusses the best approach for increasing your monitoring capabilities and increasing your capacity for revenue generation while ensuring that the costs of doing business aren’t inflated at the same rate.

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NMIS Initial Setup and Configuration

Join Mark Henry in this session as he demonstrates how easy it is to get NMIS, Opmantek’s open source solution, configured and ready to be used. Opmantek’s leading network monitoring solution, NMIS, an intelligent solution that will help you automate your problems away.

Join us for this 30-minute session while we learn:

  • What Features you need to know in V8.6.7G
  • Prerequisites (incl sizing your VM and installation)
  • NMIS Setup
  • NMIS Configuration

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NMS Security Architecture Considerations & Approaches

This whitepaper by Principal Consultant of Neon Knight Consulting Anthony Kirkham covers how organizations can increasing the probability of detecting breaches using actionable guidance that will strengthen their Network Management’s security posture.

  • How quick detection may be the difference between being able to respond quickly and effectively, or, incurring a severe business and reputational impact.
  • Practical guidance & solutions on securing Network Management systems and associated infrastructure.
  • Mitigation Strategies to Prevent Malware Delivery and Execution.
  • Mitigation Strategies to Limit the Extent of Cyber Security Incidents.
  • Mitigation Strategies to Recover Data and System Availability.
  • Tools & techniques can be used to provide high value in improving the security posture through Visibility.
  • Why Align with Zero Trust Architectures.
  • & more!

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Master Class: Getting Started with DaaS

Citrix DaaS (Desktop as a Service) solutions offer a quick and easy way to deliver cloud applications and desktops to users – without complicating IT or compromising security.

In this master class session, our experts will guide you through deploying your first Citrix DaaS solution on Microsoft Azure and provide you insights into the benefits of deploying a DaaS solution for your enterprise.

Join us, and learn how to:

  •   Provision virtual desktops with Citrix DaaS and Azure.
  •   Scale the solution up or down based upon the needs of your business.
  •   Manage and configure for the Citrix DaaS solution.

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CIO Challenges Architects Constrained by Existing Tools

What are the main concerns facing Chief Information Officers today? Orbus Software have identified 8 major issues that every enterprise is likely to struggle with when it comes to meeting the demands of the digital age.

The role of enterprise architecture is broad and has the potential to touch upon nearly every part of an organization. However, EA teams can fail to meet their potential due to being constrained by the tools they use, unable to access key information or deliver informative reports.

In this eBook, we’ll look at how the tools available to architects can prevent enterprise architecture from fulfilling expectations, and how the right capabilities can unlock their full potential.

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How To Use Saas Integrations to Supercharge Your Organisation

Today’s office is one that relies on a diverse range of software and systems which, together, create the unique ecosystem that your business needs.

Slack for your comms, Bamboo for your HR, Okta for your security.

But keeping up with them all, getting your staff to use them properly, and not losing track of license costs and renewal dates – new set of problems, right?

This eBook will teach you how to obtain all of the benefits of SaaS without the challenges.

Let’s get started.

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How To Get The Most Out Of Email Signatures In Large Organizations

Synchronizing email signatures across your organization can be a pain.

But how do you take the burden from your staff, and be confident that everything is being updated centrally and automatically?

In this publication, we’ll be sharing our expertise on the importance of email signatures, the marketing opportunities they present, how to design the best one, some of our favorite (and least favorite!) examples, and introducing CloudM Email Signature.

Management as an all-in-one solution. With half of all our customers already utilizing this tool, we’ll also share their stories on how it’s made their lives easier and their businesses better.

Let’s get started.

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Data Archiving. Finally Solved.

Cheaper. Faster. Safer. Simple.

We’ve all been there…

Budget meetings where license costs are flagged (again…).

Long and complicated processes for recovering old user data...

GDPR checks, HIPAA regulations, and FOIs, which tie everybody up in knots...

And whether they admit it or not, everybody knows that it shouldn’t be this hard.

In the digital workplace, where automation and productivity rule the roost, it seems bizarre that data archiving can be a painful, manual process...

There should be an easier way...

Welcome to CloudM Archive.

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How To Save Millions by Moving To The Cloud

(No, that’s not a typo)

It’s funny how quickly things change, isn’t it?

In the midst of a remote working revolution, for many of us it’s hard to recall the days when you had to be on-site to access your files and emails. The cloud has well and truly embedded itself within our lives, and being able to open and edit documents from home, office, or coffee shop—is part of the new normal.

But if the new normal really is going to feature a dispersed workforce, then something needs to change.

And of course, access is only one of the many issues.

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One Platform. One Workplace.

Now, more than ever, you need a digital-first organization. One equipped for hybrid working. One equipped for international collaboration. And one equipped to get the most out of a distributed workforce. CloudM sits at the heart of your business, empowering a true digital workplace

Integrating with Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and a growing list of other SaaS products, CloudM provides a one stop shop to:

  • Migrate Experience true cloud freedom, and scale your business safely and securely when you need.
  • Manage Manage your SaaS portfolio effortlessly, from one single pane of glass.
  • Protect Take control of your data and keep on top of compliance, risk, and security.

No more vendor lock-in. No more unnecessary tasks. No more spiralling licence costs.

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