How Configuration Management Systems Deliver Change and Compliance

The fundamental capability which configuration management provides is backup and archiving of critical configuration data from network and server equipment. This along with collecting detailed inventory data provide the basis for managing change and compliance.

The ability to detect, report and alert on change in near real time improves overall service availability and reduces the time required to identify the cause of incidents and outages.

This paper is to help Network Engineers, IT Managers and Executive Leadership understand the benefits of configuration management and how it contributes to change and compliance management at the business.

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Optimizing and Automating Event Management to Support Incident Management

Opie has just arrived in the office and sat down to check his email. “Holy moly!” He yells out. He is looking at a massive influx of email messages in his Inbox from the Event Management tool, which was just configured to send out the alert notifications via email. “There’s no way the operations team will be able to respond to all those notifications in an efficient and timely manner. There has to be a better way to handle and address network events.”

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NMS Security Architecture Considerations & Approaches

The purpose of this article is to provide some practical guidance on securing Network Management systems and associated infrastructure. While it can’t make any guarantees of absolutely protecting from similar attacks in the future, implementing these approaches can make the job of an adversary significantly harder. It will also propose techniques for increasing the probability of detecting breaches, which should be a significant consideration within any security solution.

This article cannot provide exhaustive coverage. However, it will focus on delivering actionable guidance that will have a tangible impact in strengthening the Network Management’s security posture (and potentially other) Systems.

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An IT Managers Guide to Network Process Automation

This guide is designed for IT Managers looking to implement Network Process Automation in their organisation. It discusses the best approach for change management and team buy-in, provides a methodology framework to use when considering the automation of a manual task in a network environment and the Tsteps to take in order to identify an effective test case for your organization.

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Nextlink Takes Network Management to the Next Level with Opmantek

In 2019, Nextlink implemented solutions from Opmantek for its monitoring, management, data collection and other operational tasks across its network. One of the products Nextlink uses, an event manager that automates event handling through extendable policies that enrich, correlate, organize and manage all the events in Nextlink’s environment.

With opEvents, Nextlink can automate event diagnostics and leverage intelligent automation to remediate network events which has helped to streamline its workflow. Using process automation, opEvents, modelled by Nextlink’s troubleshooting procedure, automates the troubleshooting and remediation of events, reducing the mean time to resolution (MTTR) when faults occur.

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How to Navigate the New Frontier for Commercial Real State

Staff members are eager to return to work—they crave interaction, relationships with clients, collaboration with colleagues, a renewed sense of routine, face time with bosses or mentors that doesn’t take place over zoom, and access to their superior office workstation setup.

Other workers, however, have enjoyed the experience of working at home and are reluctant to return on a full-time basis. Companies are looking to balance these competing wishes with both compassion and business savvy. This ebook serves as a guide for companies looking to recalibrate their staffing and facility requirements in the post-COVID environment.

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Brivo Smart Security Trends Report: Physical Security Disruption in the COVID Era

The report highlights our annual survey of security and facility professionals. The insights showcase how organizations are planning to bring employees back to the office, and how access control is helping them reopen safely.

Read the report for these key trends:

  • COVID changes to physical security priorities
  • Technology integrations continue to be a primary focus
  • Cloud adoption accelerates security modernization
  • Data analytics help navigate the next era of access control

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Home Unbound: Transitioning Back to the Office After Covid

Spurred by their employers’ requirements, desire for daily human interaction, and the need to reconnect with clients and stakeholders, more than half of Americans (53%) expect to return to the workplace full time within the next six months. Businesses planning to welcome their employees back to the workplace should be preparing now to address staff concerns to maximize the likelihood of a safe and productive resumption.

Download the report to explore:

  • What office workers need to feel safe returning to the office
  • The protocols to put in place to ensure a healthy and confident return to the office
  • The proptech that can help enforce those protocols

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The Best Free and Open Source Tools for Vulnerability Remediation

The number of newly disclosed vulnerabilities has been growing exponentially year after year for more than a decade. With so many new vulnerabilities to fix a notable number of free and open source tools have become available to help get fix done. This white paper breaks down the most-useful free and open source tools for security and IT operations teams to make the work of vulnerability management and remediation easier at scale.

Download this white paper and learn:

  • Which free and open source tools will help your entire team get fix done.
  • Which tools are best to replace expensive, proprietary vulnerability management solutions.
  • How to identify the right tools for vulnerability scanning, for remediation intelligence, and for automating patch and configuration management.

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“Putting the “Security” in Secure Remote Access”

This white paper explores the core strengths that makes Citrix ADC, THE choice for remote application security requirements including contextual security, single sign-on across applications and end-to-end application visibility. These security capabilities empower IT to deliver secure digital workspaces to all users—on any device, from anywhere, over any network.

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Why you need comprehensive application protection across multi-cloud environments

Your applications and APIs are essential. But in modern application architectures, it’s common for applications to be distributed across multi-cloud environments. This not only increases IT complexity, but also can leave your crucial applications and APIs vulnerable to new threats.

It’s time for comprehensive cloud-delivered application protection, which offers benefits such as:

  • Simplified, centralized, and automated security for applications across environments
  • Increased flexibility to evolve application models while ensuring protection across monolithic and microservices-based architectures
  • Cost-effective consumption model to maximize budgets and increase predictability in spending

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Safeguard Application Uptime and Consistent Performance

As organizations move to a distributed, hybrid-cloud, multi-device world, they need to make sure they maintain security and IT retains control. Citrix ADC with Amazon Web Services (AWS) enables enterprises to rapidly and cost-effectively leverage world-class application delivery capabilities within their AWS deployments.

This eBook explores how Citrix ADC from AWS Marketplace:

  • Enhances security and compliance for all applications and data
  • Offers integrated WAF and SSL VPN solutions
  • Centralizes management and monitoring, and troubleshooting of your entire Citrix ADC infrastructure

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