How to Solve the Top IT Issues at Remote Locations

IT teams can run into many challenges when supporting remote office users, especially that they’re not physically able to see the problem and might not have a colleague on site to help.

This whitepaper identifies five top issues to watch for when you're in charge of offices, users and technology that you can't actually see. You'll learn how to solve challenges with remote locations like:

  • Integration issues, especially with shadow IT
  • Lack of visibility into the WAN
  • Service delays due to gaps in tech staff resources

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Application Performance Management for App-Driven Businesses

Software applications are essential in today’s business environment, where internal and external services are delivered across mobile, social, collaboration, and cloud technologies. Application Performance Management (APM) is strategically important for companies that need to ensure the performance and availability of business-critical software applications -- if an application has problems that impact customers, a business can lose revenues or incur damage to its brand.

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12 Reasons You Don’t Need to Monitor Your Apps

Still wondering what all the application monitoring hype is about? Read more to find out all the reasons why you still don't need to monitor your apps, no matter what everyone else says!

  • You already know your application is doing great and everyone loves it.
  • You can't even remember your last outage; It was probably before you were born.
  • All those nasty messages on Twitter about your app are just people being silly on the Internet.
  • APM provides no real value to you or your business: it's about as informative as tabloid magazines.

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Brocade Workflow Composer Network Automation Platform

To unleash new levels of business innovation and competitive advantage, customers are embracing digital transformation. Success depends on building an agile business. In the digital era, IT agility is key to business agility. However, IT infrastructure is only as agile as its least agile component.

The lack of network automation and the inability of the network to align with IT operations and tool chains today is the single biggest inhibitor to an organisation’s ability to capitalise on digitalisation. In fact, 75 percent of CIOs say the network is an issue in achieving their organization’s goals.

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Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform

Accelerating government innovation, supporting government missions

Public-sector leaders at every level are embracing a vision of government that is transparent, accessible, and responsive to citizen needs. However, this vision often runs up against the reality of existing IT infrastructure. Too often, legacy middleware is locked into proprietary software and systems that do not integrate well or scale effectively across the enterprise.

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Deliver Better Results for Mainframe Cost Reduction Initiatives

In this white paper, you’ll learn how you can leverage BMC’s mainframe cost optimization solution to avoid unnecessary MLC expenses and risks while focusing on projects that offer the greatest opportunity to deliver the highest ROI. What you’ll find in this white paper:
  • Understand why past cost reductions failed to deliver expected savings
  • Learn how to identify projects with the best chance of success
  • Discover how to save significantly on MLC costs
  • See how to avoid unnecessary changes to applications
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Why HCI and Why Now?

Change is happening. Are you and your organisation being left behind? Analyse the three main approaches for equipping your data centre, and see how HCI should be a priority consideration.
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VMware Hyper-Converged Software: Simplifying VDI Environments

Business mobility has become an essential consideration for organisations, but it is not without its challenges, especially where storage is concerned. Find out how VMware Hyper-Converged Software can be a simplified, affordable solution that enables organisations to lay the perfect, flexible foundation for mobility needs.
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5 Key Initiatives to Wow Your Workforce With Your Service Desk

Each interaction between your employees and your service desk affects the reputation of the entire IT and operations teams. In this report, Forrester analysts Elinor Klavens and Eveline Oehrlich explore how choosing the right automation solution can:
  • Radically improve "moments of truth"
  • Keep your workforce productive
  • Reduce costs and increase employee satisfaction
Plus, find out 5 tips on how you can own your service destiny today!

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IDC Whitepaper: NetApp All Flash FAS: Performance of Flash with Feature-Rich Enterprise Storage Functionality

ESG published white paper focusing on NetApp Flash Strategy and Offerings—a Breadth of Choice. NetApp supports hybrid infrastructures—including cloud as needed—in both principle and in fact. Within that infrastructure, it offers a portfolio of differentiated solutions—multiple all-flash arrays, and multiple hybrid flash arrays—that enable NetApp’s customers to integrate flash into their enterprises in whatever way makes the most sense for their business, needs, and options/constraints. NetApp has been a leading trailblazer in flash for some years now: it is to be applauded for thinking broadly and not just following the herd to certify an SSD or two into its storage boxes.
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