Testing SD-WAN Service Is the Easy Part

Enterprises today have many options for the testing and early deployment of SD-WAN services, including free trial programs offered by vendors or through service providers. Testing SD-WAN with a few sites is the easy part of attaining some initial knowledge about SD-WAN service. Deploying and monitoring SD-WAN service in a large-scale production environment is where many enterprises realize the value a managed SD-WAN service brings.

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GTT SD-WAN Partner Checklist

Choosing the right SD-WAN partner is critical for success. Corporate enterprises should plan to compare two to three partners in terms of reach, managed service offerings, timeline and price.

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The Total Economic Impact™ of GTT SD-WAN

Forrester Consulting provides independent and objective research-based consulting to help leaders succeed in their organizations. Ranging in scope from a short strategy session to custom projects, Forrester’s Consulting services connect you directly with research analysts who apply expert insight to your specific business challenges. For more information, visit forrester.com/consulting.

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Value Stream Management and Value Stream Mapping – A complementary approach to delivering greater value through software

The emergence of Value Stream Management (VSM) as a concept applicable to software delivery signaled a change in the winds for traditional enterprises in a tech-driven world. Finally, “non-tech” organizations have a practice available that is focussed on extracting more business value from IT.

While the two “VSMs” are different concepts, they are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they’re complementary. To understand how both practices work, we need to define what they are and what they can do.

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Software development as it should be – Rediscover your passion for building great products

Instead of reveling in their passion for building great products, developers find themselves too often wasting countless hours on non-value adding work.

Countless meetings, logging in and out of tools to copy/paste information, rummaging through emails and chat threads, filling in timesheets - - everything but coding. Meanwhile the business and their management are on their backs; “Faster! Better! More!”

Such a high-pressure environment is a surefire way to kill your passion, turning your dream into a nightmare. It shouldn’t be like this, nor does it have to.

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Integration patterns: Architecting your value stream for speed and quality

As traditional enterprises struggle to transform in the Age of Digital Disruption and compete with tech giants and startups, the need to accelerate the flow of business value through software is now a critical business priority. Leading organizations, many of whom are in the Fortune 100, have taken key steps to architect their software delivery value stream around flow to successfully reduce the time to value of their software products.

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Securing Cellular Enterprise IoT Solutions

In the first steps on the road to digital transformation of the enterprise, a billion cellular IoT devices have already been connected worldwide. Yet this transformation is just getting going – billions more will follow and growth rates will remain high. This rapid growth of connected devices is not all plain sailing – it brings with it new challenges and new risks, particularly those associated with online security. In the midst of this, Aeris is bringing to market new solutions designed to assist IoT device manufacturers and solution providers address these security issues. These are outlined later in this report.

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The Internet Of Things For Business

The Internet of Things is hitting its stride. It is a critical enabler of digital transformation efforts happening around the globe. For consumers, businesses, and governments, IoT is playing an increasing role in how we consume information to make decisions and how we interact with the world around us. More than that, IoT also is changing how we personally experience our world―our daily interactions with our connected car, smart homes, and connected wearables make us digitally linked to the physical world in a way that would seem like magic to people living just 100 years ago.

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LTE-M – Advantages of Next Gen Connectivity

Many businesses are interested in the Internet of Things (IoT) thanks to the possible benefits of implementing IoT-ready devices, including the ability to streamline workflows and cut expenses. Yet few consider how these things will connect to a network to transmit data and receive information from outside sources in order to make accurate predictions.

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Targeted Digital Display Advertising

Trusted since 1998, we help B2B marketers connect with in-market buyers through higher quality performance marketing campaigns.

Precision Targeting
End the 'spray and pray' marketing waste. Slashdot Media can help you reach individuals with pin-point granularity. Target by job titles, company size, industry, and intent to buy.

Massive Digital Audience
Tap into the Slashdot Media display network with its 30+ million unique monthly visitors comprised primarily of IT professionals and business decision makers. Our network of technology and software comparison sites will allow you to reach in-market individuals with intent to buy.

Intent-Based, Technology-Stack & ABM Targeting
Getting targeted and granular is our business. Ask how we employ ABM strategies and layer intent-data and technology-stack to further optimize campaigns delivering higher quality leads that move through your pipeline and convert.

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