Quick Guide to Power Distribution

Rack power distribution units, also known as rack PDUs, are a key component to any IT environment . They do exactly as the name suggests and distribute power to network equipment within racks . A common misconception is that they’re just power strips, and at first glance, they even look like it, but modern rack PDUs provide benefits a simple power strip cannot . Some of the valuable features include network connectivity, environmental monitoring and remote access, but we’ll get more into that later . This guide should help you get familiar with power distribution, gain interesting insights and learn some key considerations for future IT investments . Download our whitepaper to learn more!

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The Eaton UPS and Power Management Fundamentals Handbook

From plug and receptacle charts and facts about power problems to an overview of various UPS topologies and factors affecting battery life, you’ll find a wealth of pertinent resources designed to help you develop the optimum solution.

This handbook is your one-stop source for essential information ... whether you need power protection for small, medium or large data centers; health care facilities; or other environments in which ensuring uptime and safeguarding data are critical. Download our handbook to learn more!

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