Has Your Business Switched to VoIP Yet?

The telephone has come a long way since the days of switchboard operators. In many cases, however, businesses are still using plain old telephone systems (POTS) without knowing that there is a better form of telecommunication that is being adopted at an increasing rate across businesses. That technology is VoIP.

In this Sourceforge white paper, you will learn:

  • What's in Your Phone System?
  • What is VoIP?
  • How Does VoIP Save a Business an Average of 30% or More?
  • How to Switch to VoIP

So if you are considering upgrading your phone system – or are motivated by saving money and adding enterprise level services to your business – let Sourceforge compare the top VoIP providers for you! Simply select that you want to receive a quote on the following page and one of our VoIP Specialists will get in contact with you to jot down a few details in order to provide you with the best, no-obligation quote from a provider.

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How to Clean Up Your Business Financials and Prepare Your Exit Strategy

Don’t look too far ahead to the finish line when thinking about selling your company. Have you done the necessary work to ensure that you have the processes and documentation in place for that to be successful?

Two of these processes include cleaning up your small business financials and putting together a comprehensive exit strategy. The more work you can do now the faster you can spring into action if your business broker identifies a strategic buyer right away. Prospective buyers want as much transparency as possible in today’s business environment.

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The Top 5 Things Nobody Ever Tells You About Selling Your Business

So you think you are ready to sell your Tech, eCommerce or Internet Business --- or --- you have been thinking about the potential to sell your business successfully over the next 6-12 months. But you aren’t sure what the process looks like, what to expect and you cannot imagine adding even more workload to your already hectic life, balancing a family and a growing business?

Small to Medium Sized Businesses and those Businesses that are considered in the Lower Middle Market tend to be very private sales, so it is not always easy to identify what you should expect in the M&A process – the real hidden secrets are hard to find. This paper helps to lay out those hard to find secrets and lift the veil so that you know what to expect when selling a business. And a business owner that puts her blood, sweat and tears into a business should be excited and rewarded when she sells – not let down or surprised.

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Preparing a Tech or Internet Company for Sale

Website Closers has never been busier. The drive, demand and motivation for the eCommerce, Amazon, Technology and Internet Companies at the focus of our sector continues to increase at unprecedented levels.

And right along with that excitement comes increasing valuations and deal multiples. Our firm focuses on selling digital companies at the highest valuations possible, and in order to get there, our clients first need to prepare themselves and their companies for the most exhilarating day of their lives – the day they close their business.

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Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

As enterprises share, vet, and manage automation content across domains of their business, they need a foundation of an automation language that multiple people in the organization can understand. Pathways between these different domains must evolve to link multiple automation use cases, and governance and analytics become necessary to look across and manage these automation pathways.

Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform is the foundation for building and operating automation services at scale, providing enterprises a composable, collaborative, and trusted execution environment. It meets customers where they are in their automation journey, bringing them a flexible automation platform to facilitate success from multiple points in their IT infrastructure. Ansible’s simple, easy-to-read automation language has made it easy for teams across an organization to share, vet, and manage automation content. Now, Ansible Automation Platform helps create an ecosystem for sharing the best automation content across the entire IT organization.

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FreddieMac- Crawl, Walk, Run – Improve IT operations with xMatters

Over the course of the past several years, FreddieMac's IT service management needed a way to pull support staff and information from workday, the current system at the time. They needed a tool that was easy to use, worked reliably all the time, and something that was consistent and fun. Instead of updating information manually on spreadsheets, they were able to achieve IT excellence with xMatters.

Learn more about FreddieMac's journey with xMatters, and how they integrated with ServiceNow to master roster rotations, manage escalations among staff, and streamline the IT infrastructure to grow from ~100 to ~300 support groups.

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How Telefonica Reduced Complexity for MIMs Using Subscriptions & Flow Designer

A couple years ago, Telefonica teamed up with xMatters to transform the comps for MIMs. This process sought to use different tools like workplace or Facebook, to see if there could be improved communications with customers.

The team had trouble using JavaScript, and found the development environment was arcane and broken. They decided to use xMatters Help Pages to understand workflows and custom integration in order to optimize the platform. The team implemented a workplace designer and chatting integration, along with workplace and Facebook integration to streamline the communication process.

Learn more about Telefonica's journey, and how xMatters helped decrease the number of licenses needed for broadcast messages, and subsequently increased their reach of comms with ~600-700 more use cases.

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Whitepaper: Security Monitoring

Rooted in 20 years of experience and with hundreds of customers, Cygilant SOCVue Security Monitoring collects security events across your IT infrastructure, network, and applications. Our Security Analysts triage and investigate potential security incidents to give you rapid actionable recommendations.

Combining log management and security information and event management (SIEM) technology with machine learning, Cygilant helps you to proactively eliminate threats and meet compliance objectives.

Cygilant saves you time spent digging through the noise of thousands of events, or analyzing raw log files, to determine what is happening in the network.

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Whitepaper: Benefits of SOC-as-a-Service

Companies of all sizes need to improve their incident detection and response capabilities. Cybersecurity, however, is hard work. Resource constraints, including not having enough skilled staff, funding or time, combined with an ever-increasing amount of threats and compliance requirements are leaving businesses at a disadvantage and causing team burnout. A SOC-as-a-Service exists to help companies of all sizes extend both their team and their cybersecurity protections.

SOC-as-a-Service providers introduce security best practices into an organization, improve security data collection, processing, and analysis - and supplement an organization's internal skills.

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Whitepaper: Cygilant SOC-as-a-Service

Cybersecurity is hard work. Resource constraints - not enough time or limited resources - and ever increasing threats coupled with compliance requirements is leaving your business at a disadvantage and causing team burnout. Cygilant SOC-as-a-Service exists to help you.

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2020 Report: State of the CDP

In the 2020 Tealium State of the CDP Report, we asked over 300 U.S. decision makers in marketing and data/analytics how they are leveraging CDPs today, the challenges they face with current vendors and their future plans for CDP technology. The results reveal that many organizations are still searching for the right solution: 58% of respondents with CDPs said they are planning to switch to a different provider within the next 12 months.

Something needs to change for customer data to reach its full potential. Businesses need greater clarity into what CDPs do, how to select the right CDP and how to optimize the technology — or they risk missing out on enormous CDP benefits.

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