NSS Value Map

NSS Labs' 2018 Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) Group Test evaluated twenty market-leading AEP products on security effectiveness and total cost of ownership (TCO). Results include: 100% Block Rate- Malware Delivered Using HTTP, 100% Block Rate- Malware Delivered Using Email, 100% Block Rate- Malware Delivered via Docs and Scripts, 100% Block Rate- Resistance to Evasion Techniques, 0.1% False Positive Rate- Detection Accuracy. The NSS Labs AEP Security Value Map displays where the top twenty advanced endpoint protection products placed in the results.

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Welcome to Workplace 2.0

The way we work has reached the next stage of evolution. Mobility and the cloud make it possible to bring the job anywhere. Modern technology lets workers select the computer or mobile device that makes them most productive. Collaboration tools allow colleagues to connect and create from any location. The youngest generation of the workforce has a whole new perspective on the connected workplace. Organizations need to adapt, or risk becoming relics.

Dell found 82% of workers believe a device tailored to their job would make them more productive. Meanwhile, over 80% of workers are dissatisfied with the technology they have.

Here’s what we found about how today’s workers feel about the new workplace ecosystem.

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Manage Your People and Projects

Deltek's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software supports end-to end workflow management for project-based businesses.

Deltek's ERP Software allows you to:

  • Win, manage and deliver more profitable projects
  • Manage projects, resources and financials in one central place, giving you the 360 degree view you need
  • Analyse and monitor business and project performance
  • Develop talent and support team collaboration
  • And much more.

Download this infographic to learn more about Deltek’s project-based ERP software

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