What to Look for in Enterprise Desktop Virtualization

Many enterprises are beginning to view desktop virtualization as a critical enabling technology for agility, mobility, security and a wide range of applications and use cases that will help to define their next-generation compute environments. Desktop virtualization gives IT organizations unprecedented control over the user experience throughout the enterprise, while at the same time simplifying many of the tasks and processes involved in supporting a wide range of workers using a variety of devices. With a successful desktop virtualization initiative, the IT department and workers across the organization can be far more productive and flexible.

But what does it take for an enterprise to successfully implement desktop virtualization, and what are some of the key features, functions, use cases and opportunities that are enabling companies to reap the many benefits of desktop virtualization? Read this whitepaper to understand some of the questions you may have.

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Top 10 Reasons to Implement Desktop Virtualization Now

IT professionals have been hearing about the potential benefits of desktop virtualization for a number of years. Despite a large number of successful deployments, there have also been projects that never left the pilot stage. The momentum is starting to shift, however, and the groundswell of demand for desktop virtualization is becoming more and more apparent.

Two factors have come together to cause this shift: (1) less-expensive and simpler-to-deploy desktop virtualization solutions, and (2) the demand on IT to manage the proliferation of new devices as part of BYOD initiatives. There are now more reasons than ever to try desktop virtualization. Read on to see the full list of 10 reasons.

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Dell DVS Enterprise Builds on Strong Momentum with Solutions for 3-D Graphics, Unified Communications and More

Desktop virtualization is now part of a converged infrastructure. It supports high-end 3-D graphics and enables simplified unified communications, which represent a series of important breakthroughs that have the potential to not only accelerate desktop virtualization adoption, but also significantly expand the use cases and user groups that can leverage its benefits. If you've been considering adopting desktop virtualization, or if you have a single pilot project and are considering expansion, now is the time to take a closer look at the offerings available from Dell and Citrix.
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Build a Business Case

When you think about many of the key challenges facing IT departments these days, you can see why there is continued excitement and pent-up demand for the benefits promised by desktop virtualization. Trends such as BYOD, the consumerization of IT, the rise of social media and increased mobility are making it more incumbent upon the IT department to exert control over what devices are attached to the corporate network and what applications users are deploying. Now, with state-of-the-art appliances such as the Dell DVS Simplified Appliance, IT professionals have a new opportunity to cost-efficiently and simply deploy desktop virtualization solutions. See how the Dell DVS Simplified Appliance can help you bring desktop virtualization into your organization.
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Inside the Brackets: Episode 1 – HTML5? Why I oughta…

Tuesday, August 27 - 8:00 AM & 8:00 PM (Pacific Time)

HTML5 Roundtable Series: Inside the Brackets - A series of roundtable discussions that explores the opportunities, challenges and best practices of cross-platform HTML5 development. Join the conversation as experts from Adobe, Intel and Evans Data discuss the opportunities and challenges of HTML5; why HTML5 matters to app developers and IT managers; and why you oughta care, too. All followed by a live Q&A.

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Linux management: Recognizing the business value of Red Hat Satellite

This was a joint webcast with IDC Thursday July 25, 2013 presenting the results of their updated Red Hat Satellite ROI study. "Based on in-depth interviews with Red Hat Enterprise Linux users, Tim Grieser, program VP of system management software for IDC, will present a quantitative assessment of benefits - including business value and return on investment (ROI) - gained by using Red Hat Satellite to reduce costs while delivering high service quality to end users."
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Linux Management with Red Hat Satellite: Measuring Business Impact and ROI

This ROI study is based on data gathered from structured in-depth interviews with representatives from 10 IT organizations that are using Red Hat Network Satellite Server to manage Red Hat Enterprise Linux environments. Based on this study, the IT organizations experienced strong positive returns on their investments, yielding an average 338% ROI over a three-year period - over three times the initial investment.
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Making Smarter Mobile Access Decisions

Smartphones and tablets are everywhere today - embraced by soccer moms, college students and employees of large organizations. But for all their user-friendly features, mobile devices can represent a significant threat to corporate data. So what do IT departments need to know before deciding on the smartphone and tablet platform that is safe, easy to configure and flexible enough to meet the needs of employees and senior executives alike? That's one of the biggest challenges ahead for IT managers.
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Effective Security in a BYOD Environment: Arming Your Organization Against the Unknown

As much as IT might like to lock down your network, BYOD is becoming the norm. Employee devices have the potential to bring more than convenience - they also enhance agility and efficiency, as well as create more productive collaboration and customer support.

The downside to a BYOD environment is more risk, since it opens new avenues for access to enterprise resources. To get ahead of threats, your IT needs to come up with a pragmatic strategy to secure data and assets from malware and theft - without impeding the flexibility BYOD can deliver for your enterprise.

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The Promises and Pitfalls of BYOD

Tech-savvy companies know that allowing employees to use personal devices improves productivity and job satisfaction. In addition, enterprises can significantly reduce costs as well as benefit from geographically dispersed talent, allowing for flexible work hours by letting workers use their device of choice - be it a smartphone, tablet or laptop - anytime, anywhere. However, BYOD presents major security and compliance challenges to IT departments. Protecting your network from unauthorized access, malware and data theft becomes much more complex when personal devices are allowed onto the network. Is there a solution for balancing BYOD and security?
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Integrate Rational ALM applications with SAP Solution Manager

IBM Application Lifecycle Management, powered by Jazz, delivers the IBM vision for a collaborative Application Lifecycle Management process. The IBM Application Lifecycle Management platform can now also be integrated with SAP Solution Manager to enhance quality throughout enterprise applications lifecycle for SAP and heterogeneous projects. Read this Technical White Paper to understand how SAP Solution Manager is integrated with IBM ALM to integrate SAP with heterogeneous applications.
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From Wow to How 4: Mobilizing the Enterprise

The flexibility users demand. The control and security you need.

Due to overwhelming demand, we have created an online version of From Wow to How: Mobilizing the Enterprise. Join Citrix, HP and Virtualization Review for this 1-hour event to discover how to enable flexible workstyles - without compromising management, security, or control. This exciting technology demo and moderated discussion will show you how you can:

-Give users device and app choice without impacting compliance requirements
-Deliver internal and third-party mobile apps directly to users' devices
-Provide self-service, single-click access to mobile, web, SaaS or Windows apps
-Increase user productivity with secure email, web browsing and data sharing apps
-Selectively wipe corporate apps and data to maintain iron-clad security

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