Software Asset Management

Unauthorized software, painful software license compliance audits, long fulfillment times, limited visibility, unaccountability... if these issues sound familiar, you are not alone. These are real challenges faced by many IT organizations - with serious consequences if not properly addressed. During our Software Asset Management webinar you will learn how having asset, configuration and other service management processes together in one system of record provides the control and visibility you need to overcome these challenges.
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Fall in Love with Configuration Management

A robust configuration management database (CMDB) is the heart of a successful service knowledge management system. It is the faithful source of configuration details and relationships people rely on to manage services throughout their lifecycle. Like personal relationships, building and maintaining an effective CMDB is a commitment that requires care and attention to get the best value.
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Building a Business Case for Service Management & Automation

As an IT infrastructure and operations (I&O) leader you understand the business and IT impact of service management and automation (SMA). SMA done right will improve staff productivity, increase the quality of services, reduce operational costs, and improve the overall IT organization's reputation with the business. That is why building the business case to secure funding and executive support for SMA is critical.
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Firm Foundations – Picking the Best Platform for Custom Enterprise Apps

Every enterprise relies upon multiple custom applications - to do things that you just can't get packaged solutions to do and, in some cases, to provide competitive advantage. But those custom applications can be an Achilles heel as business needs and underlying technologies evolve. One size does not fit all, and not every available platform is appropriate for every custom application. So how to choose the best platform for each of your enterprise's.
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IBM Ready Pack for Cloud: Helping SMBs Manage Growth and Costs

Virtualized infrastructure deployment has become an integral discussion within most dynamic IT environments, where shrinking budgets and overtaxed IT staff members are the norm, regardless of organizational size and complexity. A private cloud is a combination of virtualization and management software, physical servers, storage and networking hardware. Physical resources in the cloud are virtualized into pools of shared resources that IT can use to deliver capacity on demand to the business. The IBM Ready Pack for Cloud enables small and medium businesses (SMBs) to achieve operational efficiencies and faster time to market. This solution empowers small IT staff to rapidly deliver a virtualization infrastructure, manage multiple workloads across the cloud, and increase overall business efficiencies.
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Reduce costs and improve manageability with an IBM System x NAS solution

IBM® System x® servers, powered by the latest Intel® Xeon® processors, offer the efficiency, simplicity and performance that will fit both your needs and your budget. Read this solution brief to discover how System x servers, preloaded with Microsoft® Windows Storage Server, offer a complete solution that is easy to manage, reduces risk and gives you better insight into your data, so you can focus valuable IT resources on your core business goals instead of time consuming administrative tasks.

Intel, the Intel logo, Xeon and Xeon Inside are trademarks or registered trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries.
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Cloud for Dummies, IBM Midsize Company Limited Edition

Midsize companies need to understand how cloud computing is valuable to many different constituents within their organization. The benefit of cloud computing for IT leaders is that it actually is an invitation to the boardroom for the IT manager who learns how to leverage the cloud to enable the business to be more flexible and responsive to client needs and new market opportunities. This book gives mid-sized companies insights on what it means to create flexible pools of computing resources that break down silos in your company so you can perform in a smarter and more proactive manner.
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Delivering Worry-Free Storage

For small and midsize businesses, the challenge of building an IT storage infrastructure that is both effective and affordable can be daunting. The amount of information these organizations need to store is constantly increasing, while IT budgets are staying the same, or possibly even shrinking. IT managers will most likely find themselves having to do more with less. Learn how IBM's new features for
low-end storage systems can increase efficiency, protect the data storage environment and drive a lower total cost of ownership.
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Addressing The Small and Midsized Business Storage Challenge

As small and midsize businesses (SMBs) struggle with the challenge of managing more data with fewer resources and limited budget, the industry has responded with storage solutions that are either too small (low functionality and hard to deploy and manage) or too big (high capacity and performance with a high price tag). SMBs need the same storage services that the enterprise data center has become accustomed to but in a smaller, less expensive and easier to use package. IBM is announcing a new generation of storage systems that is designed specifically for small and midsize businesses: the IBM® Storwize® V3700 system, delivering efficient enterprise-level data services to the SMB market at an affordable price.
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Expect More from your SIEM

Unlike security cameras, going from installation to insight with a traditional SIEM is far from straightforward. During this session, we'll cover a few common problems with SIEM technologies, and how you can avoid them. You'll walk away with a new perspective on an old problem - reducing the cost of security visibility.
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Quick Dirty Dozen PCI Compliance Simplified

Maintaining, verifying, and demonstrating compliance with the PCI-DSS standard is far from a trivial exercise. Attend this webinar to find out how to achieve quick and dirty PCI compliance - without getting your hands dirty.
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Citrix MDX technologies—unleashing the power of mobile apps

How to empower mobile users while retaining control

Mobility is changing rapidly. No longer is it simply about making email available to users that are on the run or just
managing corporateowned devices. Today, the average employee uses three devices a day to get work done and
owns at least one of them. In this white paper by Citrix, learn how to empower mobile users while retaining control.
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Guidelines for deploying Citrix BYOD solutions

As you move from the device-centric model of the past, which locked users into a corporate-owned physical PC, to a more service-oriented BYOD model where people choose their devices and IT delivers the service (apps and data), you'll need to define the BYOD approach that's right for your organization. Citrix end-to-end BYOD solutions gives you the ability to enable, manage and secure any BYO device as you move your organization from PC era into the cloud era. Read this white paper to learn how Citrix can help you design, implement, deploy, maintain and support a BYOD infrastructure that will enable your environment for BYOD transformation and success.
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Mobility Through the Ages

In this video, Brad Peterson, Citrix Chief Demo Officer, takes a look back at how enterprise mobility has changed over the years, and demonstrates how to secure apps and data on mobile devices with Citrix.

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Delivering Enterprise Information Securely on Android & iOS Devices

A technical how-to guide-updated for Android 4.2, iOS 6.1, and Windows Phone and Surface 8.

Android, iOS and Windows-based mobile devices-including smartphones, tablets and everything in between-play an
expanding role in enterprise computing, providing new mobility and flexibility for people and IT. At the same time,
they compound the challenge of maintaining effective security and privacy of business information.
This paper describes these issues and explains how they can be addressed effectively with solutions from Citrix.
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